WordPress Bristol – Building a plugin as a business and speeding up WordPress – 7th March

This month we have two talks: Building a plugin as a business by Jack McConnell and Speeding up WordPress by our very own Simon Pollard. They should be two interesting topics in which you’re sure to learn a lot about WordPress.


Running a WordPress Plugin as a Side Business
Jack McConnell – Web Designer & Front-end Developer at Made with Fuel

In my talk I’ll cover the following subjects:

• Giving Back to WordPress
• Plugin Idea, Research, Roadmap
• Providing Excellent Support (and dealing with cross people)
• Creating a Website for the Plugin
• Documentation
• Automation
• Revising Readme / Website Wording
• Releasing & Pricing Add-ons
• Transparency Reports

Level: Intermediate


Speeding up WordPress
Simon Pollard – Lead Web Developer at SHIFT Active Media

I’ll be looking at ways to speed up your WordPress site and reduce load times for pages. I’ll cover things like minification of css and javascript, caching and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Believe it or not I will actually recommend some plugins as well!

Level: Beginner / Intermediate


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