WordCamp London Meetup Organisers’ Meetup

Following chats on the UKWP Slack Meetups channel, a few of us decided to get together during the Sunday lunchtime at WordCamp London in March 2017. We expected a handful of us but so many turned up that we had to move to bigger space!

Thanks to Jenny Wong for guiding and encouraging us to get together at WCLDN 2017 – we ended up with the following ideas and thoughts, plus what could turn into another level of support network for organisers everywhere.

The focus was very much on how to build a successful Meetup:

General tips and thoughts

  • Don’t do it alone. Find someone to work with you on organising.
  • Read the Make WordPress Community pages
  • Most of the successful Meetups took a while to get going. Bristol, for instance, took a while and did not have a steady venue. With just 3 people involved, as soon as they secured a regular venue, people started turning up. This year they hold their first WordCamp.
  • Does it have to be monthly? The feeling was that a regular date is ideal and sticks in the mind of attendees more easily.
  • Be realistic with your measurement of success. This may not be numbers of attendees. If just a few people come along and have a really useful time, that is success.
  • One way to encourage more people to come is to fake the appearance of numbers. Get people you know to sign-up and say they are attending, then the event appears more attractive and more people want to come and so it really is attractive.
  • So get your attendees to sign up for the next meetup on the night, too!

This raised the question “How do you find people to turn up?“.

  • Use the official Meetup platform. This is provided by WordPress as long as you agree to their code of conduct. Then local people are more likely to be made aware of your Meetup and more may come along.
  • Contact all the local agencies and invite them in case any are keen enough on WordPress to join in with the community.
  • Get some cards printed up to hand out to anyone interested.
  • Say that it is an official WordPress Meetup.
  • Find a professional venue – WordPress.org will pay for this.
  • Bring in good speakers
  • Set a structure – perhaps a talk then a clinic. Work on different formats to find what works for your area.
  • Getting speakers is useful but you can also hold workshops or Q&A sessions.
  • Tweet it like mad, get people to share.
  • Any likely Facebook groups and pages? Invite them.
  • Same for LinkedIn and any other online platform that may have likely attendees.
  • Mix up the topics at each meetup – some geek, some business, some user. Make it about learning and growing.

Speakers and Topics 

  • Show and Tell
  • Goldfish Bowl – 3 chairs, 3 people disucssing a topic and anyone can come in to replace someone at anytime.
  • Posts-it and Pens – Lean Coffee
  • Write onto the post it what you want to know.
  • Use WordPress.tv if a speaker drops out. You do not need permission to use anything on wp.tv
  • Slide Karaoke – pick a Slide Deck and select an attendee to talk through the slides without having seen them.
  • Ask people who’ve downloaded slides of a favourite speaker why they liked that talk – for ideas or perhaps to encourage them to do a slide karaoke.
  • Questions for the speaker – find what works for your group’s dynamic and the speaker but usual is to keep them until the end. State up-front what the preference is so everyone knows what to expect.
  • Have a card that says “repeat question”. Also have a time keeper with cards, to keep things on track.
  • Videoing – when you get to this stage, get the speaker’s permission and of anyone that may be included in the video.
  • Share experience of failures and how they were resolved.
  • Panel discussions
  • Choose a topic then do 5 mins max to share a tip/trick
  • Share speakers and ideas with other meetup groups.

Other bits

We came away encouraged and with the idea to meet again at another WordCamp. We certainly will keep the community alive and build on the positive feeling from this meeting.

What did I miss? Add notes below, please. Sharing is good.

Thanks to Carme Mias for help with links.

WordPress London Meetup #wpldn – 30 March 2017

If you’ve come away from the excellent WordCamp London this weekend wanting more…then you’re in luck!

The team at Beaver Builder have given us a Pro licence for one of the attendees at #wpldn to win this month.

Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.uk

Plugins Uncovered.

We all have our favourite go-to plugins, often using them repeatedly on our client projects.  We may have plugins we’ve used for years, or sometimes we come across handy plugins by chance.

Let’s spread the word about these great little plugins available to us.  Let’s find those hero plugins that will get us hooked!

In this session, Mike Pead will demonstrate two plugins he regularly uses, which are useful for all levels of abilities.  He’ll also open the session to the floor, so if you have any favourite plugins that could be useful to others, please share your suggestions!

Presented by Mike Pead.  Mike runs Primary Image, based in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, and designs, supports and hosts WordPress websites for clients.  Primary Image specialises in the transport sector, with Mike creating websites for Transport for London, National Express and Network Rail, amongst many others.  Follow him @primaryimage

#A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client.

We have all heard the term #A11Y and know we should be doing something about it, but how and why?  In this talk Mik will explain the reason why it is so vital for all working it the field of WordPress to ensure their output is accessible.  But more importantly he will explain how to sell this to potential clients, and why it is so vital for them to invest in #A11Y.

Presented by Mik Scarlet.  With over 30 years in the media Mik was one of the first well known disabled people to appear on TV in the UK, working on shows such as Beat That, From The Edge, The Travel Show, BBC News and C5 News.  Alongside his media career he is one of the UK’s leading access and inclusion experts.  He advises major companies and government bodies on how to create and maintain systems that ensure disabled people, and all other protected characteristics as described by the Equality Act 2010, are fully included in society.  Follow him @MikScarlet

The Themers Guide to WP-CLI.

WP-CLI is a useful tool for automating tasks and optimising developer workflow in WordPress. WP-CLI is commonly used for maintenance and can be put to good use in the initial site build process. Learn how WP-CLI can help improve your themeing process and make it faster to perform common site building tasks.

Presented by Edmund Turbin. Edmund is a London based Solutions Engineer at WP Engine originally from New York.  He has been building CMS based websites for over 10 years and has been involved in the media, publishing and ad tech industries.  His recent development work has contributed to the success of websites for Columbia University, the University of Surrey and Coty.  Edmund is passionate about front end development, making it easier to manage complex tasks via automation and building out next generation scalable systems for high traffic web properties.  When the laptop is closed, Edmund enjoys producing Tech House in the studio, cycling and traveling the globe with his family & kids…… Follow him @spicecadet

Follow #wpldn on Twitter for all the latest and join the Facebook Group to take the conversation further.  Have a talk you’d like to present?  We’d love to hear from you: speakers@wpldn.co.uk

WordPress London Meetup – March.

Thursday, Mar 30, 2017, 6:30 PM

Location details are available to members only.

61 WordPress Community Members Went

If you’ve come away from the excellent WordCamp London this weekend wanting more…then you’re in luck!The team at Beaver Builder have given us a Pro licence for one of the attendees at #wpldn to win this month.Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.ukPlugins Uncovered.We all have our favourite go-to plugins, often using them repeatedly …

Check out this Meetup →

Connect with Dan or the team at assisted.by to find out more about getting involved with the WordPress London meetup.

WordPress Bristol – WooCommerce and Building complex layouts using CSS’s flexbox – April 4th

This month we have arranged two speakers to cover two very different topics to do with WordPress. First up we’ll be talking about WooCommerce, one of WordPress’s most popular e-commerce plug-ins. Following that we’ll cover how to use the flexbox features in CSS to build more complex layouts for your pages.


WooCommerce – from idea to sale in 30 mins
Ronald Gijsel – Web Designer at Webbees

Ronald has several years of experience with WooCommerce, with around 25 WooCommerce stores created/managed/customised plus many clients trained in managing their WooCommerce site.

In this talk, Ronald will touch on the basics of WooCommerce from installation to making the most of the standard settings, plus some extra tips on setting up WooCommerce including:

• Ideas, Planning and Installation

• What are Product types, Attributes and Variations?

• Postage and Shipping Classes

• Checkout and Payment Status’  Customisation, shortcodes, UX improvements, tracking settings on Analytics

• Q&A

Level: Beginner +


Building complex layouts using CSS’s flexbox
Hannah Smith – Multi-skilled tech freelancer in Bristol

Ever wondered how to go about making beautiful multi-columned theme templates? In years gone by, this was really hard to achieve – you needed to be a CSS ninja to get great results across all browsers. These days, us mere mortals can use the power of CSS’s flexbox to make great layouts that work in all supported browsers.

In this talk, Hannah will cover:

• The basics of how to use CSS flexbox

• Different ways of using it in your WordPress site

• How to change your layout according to the size of device it’s being viewed on (responsive layouts)

Level: Intermediate + (we will be talking about code)

Check out the event on meetup

You’ll be welcomed on arrival by our friendly and knowledgable volunteers where you can grab your name badge and get settled in. We aim to get started at around 7pm so give yourself plenty of time to get a drink as the bar downstairs can get busy.

We usually start the night off with some updates about what’s happening in the local and national WordPress community and members are welcome to add their own update. Just speak to one of the organisers before we start if you’d like to say something.

After the first talk we take a break before our second talk. Following that if you want to stick around a few of us usually hang around for another drink and chat.

We will be upstairs in the function room, here is a handy video showing you how to get there…


Leeds WordPress meetup – Tues. 28th March. 2017

The next WordPress Leeds Meetup is on Tuesday 28th March at our usual venue, Futurelabs in Leeds.

This month’s theme is security. Tim Nash will be giving a talk full of practical security tips, and we’ll be following that with a Q&A and open discussion around security. Security is always a popular topic at our meetups, so we’re  expecting a good turnout and plenty of questions.

A big thank you to FutureLabs who let us use their fantastic venue for free! Thanks to the lovely folks at Delicious Media, there will be pizza for everyone at the start of the event.


6:00pm: Doors open for pizza and drinks
6:15pm: Introduction and welcome
6:20pm: WordPress news from Tim Nash
6:30pm: WordPress Security practical tips
7:10pm: Break for refreshments
7:20pm: Session 2
8:00pm: Q&A open discussion
8:30pm: Event finishes & Social

After the event, we will be heading to Headrow House for further discussion and drinks.

Full details are on the WordPress Leeds website. The event is, of course, free to attend but we’d appreciate it if you could let us know you are attending via our Meetup group so we can arrange for food and drink.


Two WordPress Glasgow meetups this March

This month we have our usual two monthly meets:

  • Thursday 9th March, 6:30pm at the CitizenM’s ground floor lounge –
    Our very popular co-working meet where we all sit together with our laptops working on our own projects and help each other with whatever technical query we may have.
  • Tuesday 28th March, 6:00pm at iCafe, 315-317 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3HW –
    This is a more structured meet where normally have a topic of the month (in the shape of a talk, short workshop or “show and tell”, for example).
    This month’s topic is geared towards backend developers with a talk by PHP developer Kat Reeve on the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Check out our WPGlasgow meetup page for all the details.

Looking forward meeting you there!

P.S. (Note from April 2017) You can now watch Kat Reeve’s talk on the Advanced Custom Fields plugin on our YouTube channel.