Two WordPress Glasgow meetups in March

Here’s what we have planned for this March:

  • WordPress Community Workshop – Thursday 8th March 2018, 6:30pm at CitizenM’s ground floor lounge
    Our very popular and relaxed get-together where we help each other get better at WordPress. We all sit around the big table and talk about the WordPress projects or conundrums we are working on at the moment. Bring your laptop or tablet, as well as questions and answers for your co-members.

  • My Take on WordPress Security, by Nigel Pentland – Tuesday 27th March 2018, 6:00pm at iCafe Sauchiehall St.

    This will be a eclectic yet technical analysis of the security of a WordPress site using anecdotal case studies to illustrate the importance of a couple of aspects which are often subject to complacency.It will be an interactive talk, facilitating discussion throughout the evening.

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