WPGlasgow this August

We are currently reviewing our schedule and will be meeting only once this month.

Easy Introduction to HTML and CSS, by Derek York

Thursday 28th August, 18:00 at the Garment Factory, 10 Montrose Street, G1 1ET

This workshop goes ‘back to basics’ to give you skills to amend your webpages.

WordPress has great ‘page builder’ tools like the new Gutenberg editor or plugins like Divi or Elementor. They help you put together blocks into a page layout. However, sometimes you may want to do something different that doesn’t have a setting in your page builder or editor. Then it can be handy to know what webpages are built on – HTML and CSS.

After a brief introduction, we’ll use a basic text editor and a browser to write a wee bit of code and build a simple web page.

Then we’ll write a stylesheet to change how it looks.

We’ll finish by seeing how you can use the WordPress code editor and developer tools to make edits to the code of your pages.


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