WordPress Glasgow October 2018

WordPress Glasgow October 2018

The current meetup organisers are super busy at the moment so we’re scaling down to one get-together a month, instead of our usual two. But we are very proud of the quality of the talks we’ll have on offer!

Please get in touch if you would like to join the team or have a proposal for an event you’d like to organise!

This month’s talk is of special interest for anyone who uses, or is thinking of using, their WordPress blog and social media to grow a following.

Luna Carmona's talk, WPGlasgow October 2018

“Build a Community with WordPress and Social Media”, by Luna Carmona

Tuesday 23rd October, 18:00. Venue TBD.

“At Achieve More Scotland, we have utilised WordPress as our platform to build the community.

We believe it is very important to keep a strong connection with our audience to establish a long-term relationship that can keep us growing and allow us to increase the support of our cause and activities.”

Luna Carmona will share some of the tips and knowledge that she has gained during the journey on how to improve your blogging skills, how to make your platform more interactive and engaging and how to make your audience feel ownership of it.

At the same time, she believes this is really useful for many people who navigate the online world as a business but with the intention of having a bigger impact. The objective being to create content that builds that ‘community feeling’ and also makes a social difference.

As Social Responsibility becomes more and more an essential element for many companies, we need to improve the use of our online platforms and experiment new ways of activism even when the first intention might be to just increase the audience.

No matter what your sector is, building your online community has an incredible effect on your organisation. For Achieve More Scotland it has been a complete game-changer.

Luna Carmona at WordCamp Brighton 2018
Luna Carmona at WordCamp Brighton 2018

About the speaker:

Luna Carmona has been working in Communications and Social Media over the last five years specialising in the Third Sector. She currently works for Achieve More Scotland, a Glasgow grass-roots NGO that provides free sport activities.

Her role as a Marketing expert and Social Media Manager goes from fundraising events to digital communications including public relations and corporate management.

Luna is a member of the External Relations Committee of the Alliance for the European Voluntary Service where she supports international volunteering of multiple charities across the world building their communications strategy and developing multiple campaigns.

Her personal passions are books, travelling and good vegan food.

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