WordPress London Meetup #WPLDN – April 2024

Join the WordPress London Meetup #WPLDN this month, where we’re presenting two great speakers, one from Amnesty International and the other from a well-established, fast-paced WordPress agency.

Join us for an evening of networking, community, and learning. Register today to save your place, as numbers are limited.

✍️ – Built with humanity
Find out about Amnesty’s (Web Ops at the international secretariat to be specific) journey into WordPress from when we launched our first WordPress site in 2018 to now shipping changes to the 46 + sites that use our open-source theme. Most importantly you can find out how you can get involved and help build humanity!

🗣 – Presented by Austin
Austin works at Amnesty International and the Humanity Open Source WordPress theme and a number of website running the theme.

✍️ – Byte-sized Impact: A greener future for your WordPress website
Details will be released soon.

🗣 – Presented by Louise Towler
Louise has been building websites for over fifteen years and enjoys helping businesses and organisations make the most of their online web presence and deliver a return on their investment. She started freelancing from her spare room and now runs Indigo Tree with multiple employees.

If you’re interested in featuring as a speaker at an upcoming event, we’d love to hear from you at https://wpldn.uk/speak. Sessions can be delivered both physically in-person and virtually.

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