A+ Booking System – A+ booking calendar


The 1st booking calendar compatible with Facebook and WordPress,easily turns visitors on Facebook and your website in customers.

A+ Booking System will allow you to connect with Book Everything Unlimited.
Book Everything Unlimited is a service that provides you booking services for any kind of space ( Hotels, Houses, Apartments, Offices, Motels, Pensions, Villas, Hostels, and others).
Book Everything Unlimited will implement ,in the future, booking services for other kind of business models as well.

Free PRO booking system

This PRO booking system will always be free and all PRO features will be activated.

NOTE: To use this free online booking system you need to create an account on the Book Everything Unlimited.(It’s free)


  1. Booking Calendar Demo for english version
  2. Booking Calendar Demo for french version(La démo du calendrier de réservation pour la version française)
  3. Booking Calendar Demo for german version(Die Buchungskalender Demo für die deutsche Version)
  4. Booking Calendar Demo for italian version(La demo del calendario di prenotazione per la versione italiana)
  5. Booking Calendar Demo for japanese version(日本語版の予約カレンダーデモ)
  6. Booking Calendar Demo for russian version(демонстрация календаря бронирования для русской версии)
  7. Booking Calendar Demo for romanian version(Demo Calendar de rezervare pentru versiunea romana)
  8. Booking Calendar Demo for spanish version(La demo del calendario de reservas para la versión en español)

Weekly News

The czech koruna currency ( Kč ) has been added in A+ Booking system.

Facebook Booking Calendar

A+ Booking System is allowing you to share the booking calendar on your Facebook page, website, everywhere you want.
So, your customers will be delighted because they will be able to book through our booking calendar on your Facebook page, website, our platform.

A+ Booking System has own cart which allow your visitors to reserve multiple rooms and period in same time from our free online booking calendar.

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Invoicing system for bookings

Eliminate manual errors by automating your entire billing and invoicing operations with our booking system.
For each reservation, this booking system will generate the invoice and send it to the customer by email.
You will be able to easily manage invoices in our booking system dashboard.

Online Payments in booking calendar

Your customers can use their PayPal account to pay for bookings directly in the booking calendar.
They can also pay by direct payment by credit card (without creating a PayPal account).The following cards are accepted by PayPal through our booking system: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, EnRoute …

Free promotion in international booking platforms

Each property added to our booking system will be reviewed by an expert booking advisor.
The best spaces will be published in the Book Everything Unlimited booking platform and in all our partner’s booking websites.

A+ Booking System’s Components

  • Booking Calendar
  • Booking Dashboard
  • Booking API

Booking System Features

  • Multilanguage booking system, translated into 8 languages: English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish.
  • Responsive design: Booking calendar and dashboard compatible for any device and resolution.
  • Multiple type of prices: Daily, Weekly, Weekend, Monthly.
  • Rent days or nights: Ex – Hotels will be rented per night and offices will be rented per day.
  • Book Entire space: Ex – You can book an entire pension for x price or 3 rooms for other price.
  • A+ Calendar: All available rooms can be displayed and booked from one calendar.
  • Multiple bookings: Your visitors can add multiple rooms ( for the same period or different periods )in the basket. Then, they can book and pay for everything at the same time.
  • Auto detect language option: Calendar can detects language of visitor and display in it.
  • The estimated price in local currency option: The calendar detects the local currency of your visitor and estimates the price in that currency.
  • Offers easy to create: Ex – You can create different prices for summer / winter, Sunday, x week …
  • Auto integrated payment system: you do not have to set up any payment system.
  • Auto integrated email and email system: You do not have to set up an SMS or email system. (You don’t need an SMS or email provider)
  • Sync calendar with all other platforms that provide an iCalendar link. (Ex: Booking.com, Airbnb …)
  • Shareable Calendar: you can share the booking calendar on your facebook page, and anyone can book space directly through Facebook.
  • Quick support: We also have support built into our system to communicate faster with you.

Supported currencies

  • USD ($) – United States Dollar
  • EUR (€) – Euro
  • GBP (£) – Pound sterling
  • JPY (¥) – Japanese yen ( +予約システムは、顧客が日本円で予約の支払いを行えるようにするWordPress予約プラグインです。 )
  • CHF – Swiss franc
  • AUD ($) – Australian dollar
  • CAD ($) – Canadian dollar
  • RUB (₽) – Russian ruble
  • SEK (kr) – Swedish krona
  • PLN (zł) – Polish złoty
  • DKK (Kr.) – Danish krone
  • CZK (Kč) – Czech koruna

Supported languages

  • English
  • French ( Système de réservation A+ – calendrier de disponibilité gratuit pour WordPress )
  • German ( A+ Buchungssystem – Verfügbarkeit, Kalender, Buchung für WordPress )
  • Italian ( Sistema di prenotazione A +: disponibilità, calendario, prenotazioni per WordPress )
  • Japanese ( A +予約システム-利用可能性、カレンダー、ワードプレスの予約 )
  • Russian ( Система бронирования A+ – наличие, календарь, бронирование для WordPress )
  • Romanian ( Sistem de rezervare A+ – disponibilitate, calendar, rezervari pentru WordPress)
  • Spanish ( Sistema de reserva A+ – disponibilidad, calendario, reservas para WordPress )

Next languages available soon

  • Chinese ( Simplified ) ( A+预订系统-可用性,日历,预订日历,WordPress预订 )
  • Chinese ( Traditional ) ( A+預訂系統-可用性,日曆,預訂日曆,WordPress預訂 )
  • Dutch ( A+ Boekingssysteem en boekingskalender – Beschikbaarheid, kalender, reservering, hotelboeking voor WordPress )
  • Polish ( System rezerwacji A+ i kalendarz rezerwacji – dostępność, kalendarz, rezerwacja hotelu dla WordPress )
  • Portuguese ( Sistema de reservas A+ e calendário de reservas – disponibilidade, calendário, reserva de hotel para WordPress )
  • Turkish ( A+ Booking System ve Booking Calendar – WordPress için müsaitlik, takvim, otel rezervasyonu )
  • Persian ( A+ سیستم رزرو و تقویم رزرو – در دسترس بودن ، تقویم ، رزرو ، رزرو هتل برای وردپرس )
  • Swedish ( A+ Bokningssystem och bokningskalender – Tillgänglighet, kalender, bokning, hotellbokning för WordPress )
  • Arabic ( A+ نظام الحجز وتقويم الحجز – التوفر والتقويم والحجز وقاعة حجز الفندق لـ WordPress)
  • Czech ( Rezervační systém A+ a kalendář rezervací – Dostupnost, kalendář, rezervace, rezervace hotelů pro WordPress )
  • Vietnamese ( A+ Hệ thống đặt phòng và lịch đặt phòng – Sẵn có, lịch, đặt phòng, đặt phòng khách sạn cho WordPress )
  • Danish ( A+ reservationssystem og bookingkalender – Tilgængelighed, kalender, reservation, hotelbooking til WordPress )
  • Hindi ( A+ बुकिंग प्रणाली और बुकिंग कैलेंडर – उपलब्धता, कैलेंडर, आरक्षण, वर्डप्रेस के लिए होटल बुकिंग )
  • Finnish ( A+ varausjärjestelmä ja varauskalenteri – WordPressin saatavuus, kalenteri, varaus, hotellin varaus )
  • Bulgarian ( A+ Система за резервации и календар за резервации – Наличност, календар, резервация, резервация на хотел за WordPress )
  • Korean ( A+ 예약 시스템 및 예약 일정-WordPress 예약, 일정, 예약, 호텔 예약 )
  • Hungarian ( A+ Foglalási rendszer és foglalási naptár – Rendelkezésre állás, naptár, foglalás, szállodafoglalás a WordPress számára )
  • Indonesian ( A+ Sistem pemesanan dan kalender pemesanan – Ketersediaan, kalender, pemesanan, pemesanan hotel untuk WordPress )
  • Norwegian ( A+ bestillingssystem og bestillingskalender – Tilgjengelighet, kalender, reservasjon, hotellbooking for WordPress )
  • Ukrainian ( A+ Система бронювання та календар бронювання – Наявність, календар, бронювання, бронювання готелів для WordPress )
  • Slovak ( Rezervačný systém + a rezervačný kalendár – Dostupnosť, kalendár, rezervácia, rezervácia hotelov pre WordPress )
  • Greek ( A+ Σύστημα κρατήσεων και ημερολόγιο κρατήσεων – Διαθεσιμότητα, ημερολόγιο, κράτηση, κρατήσεις ξενοδοχείων για το WordPress )
  • Thai ( A+ ระบบการจองและปฏิทินการจอง – ห้องว่าง, ปฏิทิน, การจอง, การจองโรงแรมสำหรับ WordPress )


  • /assets/screenshot-1.png
  • /assets/screenshot-2.png
  • /assets/screenshot-3.png
  • /assets/screenshot-4.png


Upload the folder a-booking-system from the zip file to “wp-content/plugins” and activate the plugin in your admin panel or upload a-booking-system.zip in the “wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add new” section.


Is A+ Booking System free?

Yes! A+ Booking System’s features are and always will be free.

Should I purchase a paid plan?

Not necessary. We have also a PRO plan but you need it only if you have more than 5 spaces ( hotels, pensions… ) or 500 rooms for booking.

Why do I need a Book.eu.com account?

Since A+ Booking System is using booking services which are provided and hosted by Book.eu.com, a Book.eu.com account is required for A+ Booking System to function.

How to create a Book.eu.com account?

You can click on this link and create one.

How to connect your wordpress website to Book Everything Unlimited
How to add a space and publish it on your wordpress site


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Contributors & Developers

“A+ Booking System – A+ booking calendar” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log


  • The czech koruna currency ( Kč ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The danish krone currency ( Kr. ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The polish złoty currency ( zł ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The swedish krona currency ( kr ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The russian ruble currency ( ₽ ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The canadian dollar currency ( CAD ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The australian dollar currency ( AUD ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The swiss franc currency ( CHF ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • The japanese yen currency ( ¥ ) has been integrated in the booking calendar.


  • +Space: Replacing own upload photo function with the WordPress Media Upload function.
  • +Space: Autocomplete.
  • Register: Autocomplete.


  • Initial Release.