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Alt Text AI – Automatically generate image alt text for SEO and accessibility

Alt Text AI – Automatically generate image alt text for SEO and accessibility


AltText.ai automatically generates alt text for your images.

Automatic: Every uploaded image is analyzed and alt text is automatically added to the image properties.

Optimized SEO for WooCommerce: Our Ecommerce Vision system intelligently includes your product name in the generated alt text.

Keyword-rich alt text: Incorporates focus keyphrases from popular SEO plugins using natural language.

Chat GPT: Use your own custom ChatGPT prompt to automatically modify the generated alt text.

Multiple Languages: Over 130 languages for alternative text. Support for WPML and Polylang translations.

Bulk Actions: Use our Bulk Generate tool or bulk action dropdown to add alt text to existing images in your library.

Review and Edit: See what was processed and manually edit the generated alt text if desired.

Try for FREE: No credit card needed to start on a trial plan.

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  • Alt Text is automatically added when you upload an image.
  • WooCommerce product images have alt text optimized with the product name.
  • Add your API key on the settings page. You will see your current plan and usage.
  • The Bulk Update tool can be used to generate alt text for images already in your library.
  • Use the History page to review the generated alt text.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Alt Text AI”
  3. Install and Activate Alt Text AI from your Plugins page
  4. Visit https://alttext.ai to sign up for a free trial or paid plan.
  5. Link your account by copying your API key into the Alt Text AI plugin settings page.
  6. Upload an image to have alt text generated automatically!


See our FAQ for answers to our most common questions.


18 July 2024 1 reply
I have been a subscriber with Alttext.ai since August The developers of this service and plugin have been very focused and committed. The only 1-star review that is here would be correct back in August 2023, and I even shared with them my disappointment at the time with what felt like missed potential. They promised they would stay focused and it would be a great program, and they did not disappoint! Hands down – alttext.ai is pretty much a no-brainer for anyone with a website – especially with large visual images. The quality of the output and the automation it now has is incredible and doesn’t just save time – it saves the impossible if you have a site like ours were with thousands of images without a decent alt text and description. I’d also argue we are seeing its effect almost instantly with our ranking, too. Great job guys, really glad I supported the app and plugin early and stuck it through! Get this plugin!
15 July 2024 1 reply
Hey there! So, here’s the deal: I’m the “default web guy” at PawPADs.org (yeah, that’s me!). And guess what? The “Alt Text AI” plugin has swooped in like a superhero and totally changed my game. Here’s why it’s getting a high-five stars from me: Easy Peasy Setup and a Dash of Fun:Installing it? Piece of cake. Seriously, I was sipping my coffee, clicked a few buttons, and boom—I was in business.The interface? Not your typical tech headache. It’s like playing a game—alt text edition. No confusing twists or turns. Alt Text Magic, Courtesy of AI:AltText.ai—we’re tight. It churns out top-notch descriptions for our images.Sure, I trust it, but hey, I’m no robot. I still give it the ol’ double-check. So far, it’s batting a thousand! SEO Vibes and Accessibility Hugs:Accessibility? Non-negotiable. Alt text makes sure everyone’s in the loop.And guess what? Search engines love well-described images. Our SEO is about to do a happy dance.Now, let’s talk coinage: Affordability FTW:“Alt Text AI” won’t drain your wallet. It’s like finding a unicorn in the budget forest.I snagged credits on an “as needed” basis. As a nonprofit (PawPADs.org), we heart cost-effective solutions.In a nutshell, “Alt Text AI” proves that greatness doesn’t need a gold-plated price tag. It’s all about leveling up accessibility and making Google proud. Two thumbs up!
12 July 2024 1 reply
Before I discovered alttext.ai I did not want to do my alt texts, as it’s booring and in visual sites, with many images it creates another job. After I have alttext.ai that’s no longer the case, and it works flawlessly.
11 July 2024 1 reply
I had a minor conflict with my theme and the Alt Text AI plugin and reached out to support. They were very responsive and updated the plugin in a matter of days to resolve my issue. Fantastic team behind this time-saving plugin.
8 July 2024
I upload thousands of photos onto my photography blog every year, and adding alt text is a time-consuming pain and to be honest, a bit boring.I tested this plugin on my Wordpress site and was blown away at how good it writes descriptive text in a way that is informative and realistic. I highly recommend this plugin if you value your time and have other more important tasks to address. Great customer service, too!
25 June 2024 1 reply
It’s really amazing what AI can do now. I had 8,500 images to add alt-text to and this plugin was able to write the text for me. The description are surprisingly accurate. I am going through everything to make sure the descriptions are correct as occasionally something is misinterpreted, but this is a huge time saver.
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