This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BibSonomy/PUMA CSL – Publications & Tag Cloud Widget


Plugin to create publication lists based on the Citation Style Language (CSL). Allows direct integration with the
social bookmarking and publication sharing systems BibSonomy ( or PUMA (

BibSonomy is a social bookmarking and publication-sharing system. It integrates the features of bookmarking
systems with team-oriented publication management. PUMA offers the same features and additional means for science groups and universities.
PUMA and BibSonomy provide to their users the ability to store and organize their bookmarks and publications online. Further features include
the integration of scientific communities through user groups as well as the collection, management, exchange, export and display of literature lists.

With this plugin you have the possibility to render a list of publications, which you can filter by user or group.

In addition you can filter the list by using tags or free text search. So it’s possible to render your own
publications by selecting your own BibSonomy user and filtering the list with the tag ‘myown’. It’s also easily possible to integrate
your BibSonomy Tag Cloud.

To use this plugin, you need your PUMA/BibSonomy user name and API key.

A extensive description about the plugin is available at


  • Rendered publication list from BibSonomy of group 'kde' and filtered by tag 'bibsonomy'
  • 'Add BibSonomy Publications' MetaBox to integrate a publication list in a post
  • Decorated tag cloud


  1. Unzip the
  2. Upload the folder bibsonomy-csl to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Activate the ‘TagCloudWidget’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Insert your API Settings through General Options on the BibSonomy CSL Options Page (find the latter on your settings-page in BibSonomy)
  6. On ‘new article’ or ‘new page’ page now then you find a meta box ‘Add BibSonomy Publications’. Here you can enter your settings for selecting the publications to display
    6.1 Choose your content type (user/group/viewable) and enter the user id or or the group id
    6.2 If you want filter your selection with tags (e.g. myown) or free text search
    6.3 Choose a style from the given list or enter a custom url of another style
    6.4 Customize the look and feel of the list, by changing the CSS
    6.5 Save the post and take a preview/final look.
  7. To add a tag cloud go to Design => Widgets and drag the ‘BibSonomyTagCloud Widget’ to your preferred place and fill out the form.

PHP Extenstion Requirements

  • dom
  • mbstring
  • json

Make sure you have the listed extentions in your PHP settings.


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28 November 2016
This plugin is super handy for people with need to display publication list, such as academic users. I found it extremely professional and powerful at the same time. In addition, the support team is ultra-patient and helpful when I communicated with them regarding my needs.
3 September 2016
This plugin just spared me adding all my publications to my website manually. Just added bibsonomy account and it worked out of the box. thx!
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Contributors and Developers

“BibSonomy/PUMA CSL – Publications & Tag Cloud Widget” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Clean up unused code fragments/comments
  • Added requirements to plugin descriptions
  • Added composer.json
  • Added option to filter duplicated publication by intra/interhash


  • Remove option to enter own publication host
  • Added option to select pre-defined publication hosts via dropdown


  • Fixed empty tag cloud widget


  • Better label for links to publication’s host
  • Fixed DOI links not working, if a full link is provided in the BibTeX
  • Fixed bug, where attributes from previous publication were copied, if empty


  • Upgraded to new RestClient version, fixed sizeof() error
  • Option for DOI-Link and for publication in host
  • Fixed admin panel for pages not working with wrong host or wrong api user/key
  • Cleaner error message, not breaking shown pages


  • See Version 2.1.14


  • Fixed a bug where only 20 publications per page were rendered


  • Using BibSonomy’s PHP RestClient instead of CURL requests now
  • Added a feature to place publication list at top, bottom or somehwhere in the middle of the other WordPress content
  • Fixed bug with disabled settings not being displayed correctly in the settings
  • Fixed missing images for certain entrytypes
  • Support for wordpress up to version 5.2.1


  • Plugin is now disabled by default, when making a new post or page in WordPress


  • Reverted content source type settings
  • Added option to disable the plugin for certain sites/posts


  • Fixed issue with generated publication list, even though no user/group is specified


  • Added optional inline-search for publications
  • Added more options for sorting of publications, instead of a static one
  • Fixed BibTeX and Endnote view
  • Fixed defaults for required selections
  • Fixed help urls for plugin settings


  • Added the possibility to override global username/api-key settings
  • Updated HTML markup


  • Fixed notices from WordPress, when in debug mode


  • Fixed installation error on latest WordPress version (4.9.8)
  • Beautify enqueuing of scripts and styles
  • Using smart-loading for jQuery scrips


  • Fixed invalid markup of publication lists


  • Fixed error preventing usage with PHP7 (CurlHttpRequestProxy)


  • Fixed missing urlencode for download and preview URLs


  • Uses a new Version of CiteProc CSL. Have a look at


  • Ability to offer download links of documents, show links to EndNote export, and render thumbnails of documents
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Support for WordPress 4.0


  • Small bug fixes


  • Bug fix for error “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class BibsonomyHelper in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/bibsonomy-csl/BibsonomyHelper.php on line 31” while installing the Plugin.


  • Limiting the number of tags for TagCloudWidget
  • Grouping by publishing year with or without jump labels
  • Select with a checkbox if you want to output the URL link and BibTeX link


first stable version. Screenshots added and readme.txt changed.


Initial version. Have a lot of fun 🙂