This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BuddyPress Courseware


A BuddyPress GSoC 2010/2011 project.

Here’s the features list:

  • Class Dashboard
    • Progress Indicator
    • Overall status
    • Student evolution (based on received grates)
  • Courses / Curriculum
  • Lectures
    • Handbook/Tree style for content organization
    • Bookmarking of lectures
  • Bibliography
    • Web API’s integration with WorldCat/ISBNdb
    • BibTex Import
  • Assignments
    • Responses
    • Quizzes/Tests form builder with automatic grading and response evaluation
    • Forum/bbPress integration
    • Gradebook
    • CSV Import
  • Schedules
    • Calendar
    • Month, Week, Day view
    • Integrates with Assignments due date
    • iCal export/feed
  • Customization using an external CSS
  • Notifications/Emails
  • Activity Streams
  • Localizations

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Plugin page header banner stolen from SMBC#1092


Before asking questions, please check the BuddyPress Courseware Handbook.


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Contributors and Developers

“BuddyPress Courseware” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Fixed form builder select option uniqness.
  • Fixed teachers dashboard count.
  • Fixed typo not adding teacher role response capabilities.
  • Updated jquery.fullcalendar.
  • Fixed typo in jquery-ui css dependencies/version.
  • Removed obsolete js dependencies. Now provided by WordPress core.
  • Fixed jquery selector typo.
  • Fix submenu, after removal of BuddyPress page.
  • Small fixes after merge. Updated links.
  • Fix use of deprecated function “add_contextual_help”
  • Fixed a deprecation warning.
  • Fix typos in readme.txt
  • Finish renaming of the project. Remove scholarpress links, names.
  • Fixed plugin directory banner.
  • Updated translation for pt_BR (credits to Dianakc).


  • Added pt_BR translation, huge thanks to Ruan Barbosa.
  • Added banner image.
  • Introducing COURSEWARE_PRIVATE_UPLOADS constant for disabling private uploads.
  • Fixed a couple of typos.
  • Added German localization. Huge thanks to @chaoti
  • Fix a typo with inversed check of return in new response screen. Props @mattvogt.
  • Add jquery-ui datetimepicker. Fixed the regression.


  • Removed pass-by-reference calls. Props @mercime closes #69.
  • Fixed the js issue on schedule pages. Closes #71.
  • Public comments are now visible in assignment pages.
  • Append the private message wit the grade notification.
  • Skip notifications when grade is not updated. Closes #72.
  • Cleaned-up the schedule forms.
  • Updated to latest jquery.formbuilder, minified version.
  • Fixed jquery ui sortable regression.
  • Celebrating new home:


  • WordPress 3.3 BuddyPress 1.5(six-ish) compatibility
  • Fixed dashboard date/time issue
  • Fixed a some warnings, code cleanups
  • Switched to wp_editor()
  • Pot file updated, translations welcome
  • Group course pre-creation #61.Props @imjjss
  • Search now checks through lectures too
  • X-mas release! Happy past birthday to the WordPress core guys and galz!


  • Another maintenance release
  • Fixed ::is_response() regression. Closes #56. Props @enkerli
  • New assignment screen now alerts if no lectures are available


  • Fixed formbuilder regression. Props @enkerli


  • Updated query var for taxonomies
  • Make sure some objects are treated right.
  • cleanups for every BPSP_C=::is_
  • Cleanups in post types and taxonomies
  • Fixed another typo
  • Fixed some typos, improved formbuilder loading
  • Fixed a typo not showing member take quiz button. Closes #55


  • Major codebase changes!!!
  • Assignments reworked (including quizzes, automatic grading)
  • Lectures
  • Cleaner UI/UX
  • Progress indicator and bookmarking
  • 3.2, 1.5 compatibility including distraction free writing mode
  • Lots of security improvements
  • Bookmarking tool
  • Progress indicator tool
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Proper MS support
  • French localisation from Albert Bruc
  • Full changelog


  • Updated wording, @props mrjarbenne. Closes #27
  • Importer should work now with php5.1. Closes #31
  • Close image now loads on response screens. Closes #35
  • Courseware is now compatible with MS admin menu, @props djpaul. Closes #36
  • Fixed the user search according to wp 3.1 changes. Closes #37


  • Fixed the issue with aliens can post responses.
  • Added options to make responses private. Closes #18.
  • Removed due_date field as required from assignments. Closes #23.
  • Fixed screen permissions for assignments,courses and schedule.
  • Added datatables to schedule delete screen.
  • Fixed the Teacher persmission for course editor screen. Closes #26
  • Added error handling for assignments, fixed the late profile sync issue that closes #25
  • Added datatables for schedule listing.
  • Added titles for schedules. Closes #16
  • Fixed assignment due_date typo.
  • Updated jquery.timepicker to 0.7
  • Updated jquery.fullcalendar to 1.4.8
  • The “bábú” release.


  • Added Italian translation, thanks to Luca Camellini
  • Fixed the issue with STYLESHEETPATH | stylesheet_directory
  • Updated the contextual help with plugins recommendations and handbook info, thanks to Kyle
  • Fixed the extended search functionality to work properly on no queries
  • Fixed the MS issue, where do_not_allow was fired by obsolete capability edit_file
  • Final stable release for branch 0.1, dedicated to Moni


  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Fixed critical query bug in get_objects_in_term() with term_id, props boonebgorges and ebar
  • Fixed localization paths


  • Fixed courseware dashboard and header permissions issues
  • Fixed limited size listing of courses/assignments/schedules
  • Fixed the issue where schedule end_date was reset by a js file
  • Added pot file
  • Celebrating my twenty-three 🙂


  • Minor bugfixes, mostly permissions related issues in courses.
  • The calendar now shows the assignment due_dates, even if no schedules exist.


  • First stable release.