This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BuddyPress XML-RPC Receiver


This plugin allows remote access to BuddyPress networks through an XML-RPC API.

A client application is required to connect to this BuddyPress XML-RPC plugin.
This could be anything from a standalone WordPress plugin to an iPhone or
Android app.

An Android app designed for use with this plugin is available on Google Play:

For more information on using this plugin, please read the FAQ and About Page.

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  1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  3. Adjust settings via the WP-Admin BuddyPress XML-RPC page


How does it work?

Allow your BuddyPress members to access certain BuddyPress features via XML-RPC.
You may restrict settings on a wp_cap level.
You can select which RPC commands to allow as well.

How do members retrieve data?

A client is required to send XML-RPC commands. You can build one yourself or try
an existing one. For Android, there is BuddyDroid that works with this plugin.

What commands and data are returned?

Available methods:

  • bp.updateProfileStatus: send an activity_update

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘status’] )

    returns: array (activity_id,message,confirmation,url)

  • bp.postComment: submit a comment on a given post

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘comment’], $data[‘activity_id’] )

    returns: array (activity_id,message,confirmation,url)

  • bp.deleteProfileStatus: delete an activity_update

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘activity_id’] )

    returns: array (activity_id,message,confirmation,url)

  • bp.getActivity: get various activity stream items

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘scope’,’max’,’user_data’,’action’,’action_id’,’action_data’] )

    returns: array (activities,message,confirmation)

    sending the ‘scope’ parameter allows you to filter the results as per the plugin’s presets (favorites, friends, groups, mentions, sitewide, just-me, my-groups, following) or by a specific BP action type (e.g. activity_update)

    sending the ‘action’ parameter makes it perform a specified action on an activity id (‘action_id’), viz. ‘delete’ or ‘comment’ (put comment text in ‘action_data’).

    sending the ‘user_data’ parameter makes it include a list with the user’s notifications, etc.

    returns: array (confirmation, message)

  • bp.getMemberInfo: get info for a given user id

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘user_id’,’action’,’action_id’,’action_data’] )

    returns: array (confirmation, message)

    sending the ‘action’ parameter makes it perform a specified action on a user id (‘action_id’) (not yet implemented).

  • bp.deleteMember: deletes member for given user id (must be admin, or it does nothing)

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘user_id’] )

    returns: array (confirmation, message)

  • bp.updateExternalBlogPostStatus: send an activity stream update filed under blogs

  • bp.deleteExternalBlogPostStatus: delete the activity update related to an already posted activity record (ie, if unpublishing a blog post)

  • bp.getMyFriends: get a list of friends

  • bp.getGroups: get a list of groups

  • bp.getNotifications: member adminbar notifications (new message, new friend, follower, etc)

    params: array ($username, $password)

    returns: array (confirmation, total, message)

  • bp.getMessages: get latest message in each thread

    params: array ($username, $password, $data[‘box’,’type’,’page_num’,’pag_page’,’search_terms’,’action’,’action_id’,’action_data’])

    returns: array (confirmation, total, message)

    sending the ‘action’ parameter makes it perform a specified action on a thread id (‘action_id’), viz. ‘delete’, ‘read’, ‘unread’, or ‘reply’ (put reply text in ‘action_data’).

  • bp.verifyConnection: check if connection works

    params: array ($username, $password)

    returns: array (confirmation, message)

How do I use this plugin to redirect users?

Direct them to the following url:

where is one of the following:

settings (user settings)
stream (main site activity stream)
site (site home page)

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Contributors and Developers

“BuddyPress XML-RPC Receiver” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • added ability to post to groups


  • minor notification fix


  • added friendship withdrawal
  • group creation
  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • new admin layout, ability to allow per user
  • bug fixes


  • added active component info call


  • added friend info to users
  • standardized output (may break old clients)
  • bug fixes


  • register redirect
  • fixed escaping


  • tweaked member info, added delete member


  • added get member info, removed show hidden


  • don’t show hidden by default


  • switched to use password instead of api key – now incompatible with older clients that use api key


  • message retrieval, delete, reply, mark read/unread
  • ability to perform actions before refreshing stream / messages


  • new redirect method using query_vars


  • added user info to stream update
  • various bug fixes


  • Added comment, delete methods
  • Various bug fixes


  • fixed int casting
  • fixed max stream entries
  • removed need to access plugin directory


  • Updated for WordPress 3.4 compatibility


  • First [BETA] version (originally created by nuprn1, unmaintained)