Cevoid – UGC & Customer Photos of products for woocommerce


Let your customers and users promote the best side of your business through UGC

With Cevoids service for User-generated Content your customers will, after their purchase, be invited to share pictures of their products on to your Woocommerce Store.
Turn to your new and prior customers to generate user-generated content from their purchases. As a shop owner you can easily manage and display the content you want to be visible on your website through collections and product pages. It’s fully controllable and customizable so that you are in control of your brand.

Key Features

  • Instagram Shoppable Feeds, Galleries and Sliders
  • Best design and user experience of any UGC integration apps
  • Create social media proof on your website
  • Email customers after purchases to request photos of purchased products
  • Create collections of user-generated content to display on different parts of your website
  • Automatic product widgets for your product pages
  • Tag products on photos
  • Multi-lingual
  • Get started for free (forever)
  • Full integration onboarding. We will help you get set up on your website for free so that you can leverage Cevoid to the max!

Review pictures before publishing

All incoming user-generated content is not published directly onto your store. You first get to review which content should and should not be displayed. This to make sure no inappropriate pictures are shared to your store. Don’t let bad reviews or photos get in the way of your success!
To review content, simply log in to app.cevoid.com to accept or decline uploaded photos before they are published.

Generate more sales through customer photos

We want your customers to stay on your website when they browse social media and user-generated content. That’s why we let you and your customers tag the products they have purchased on their photos. So that you can display which products are showcased. This way, your users never have to leave your store, which leads to better conversion and more sales.

Display the content however you want

Once the photos are approved and tagged, they will automatically appear on your product pages in the photo format that suits your store the best. Photos can be presented in the following feed formats:

  • Slider
  • Feed
  • Collage

Be creative with Collections

We allow you as a store owners to create your own photo Collections with all uploaded photos. Mix and match product categories, colors and much more to create a stunning photo Collection for your start page, or a special campaign. Photo Collections can be presented in the following formats:

  • Slider
  • Feed
  • Collage

Share on social media

During the uploading process your customers are asked if you can share the picture on social media. If your customer answers ‘Yes’, the photo will be marked with a “shareable icon” on app.cevoid.com and you then have consent to share it directly to your companies social media channels!


To use Cevoid plugin you need to have a cevoid.com account. This is because all handling of customer photos and user-generated content is managed in app.cevoid.com, not WordPress.
The data that is sent to app.cevoid.com is product information so that we can keep track of products and tag them in photos from the user. We also need information about your store, such as URL to verify your store so that no other store can connect to your Cevoid account.

Please visit our website: https://www.cevoid.com
Please visit our Privacy Policy: https://cevoid.com/privacy-policy
Please visit our Terms of service: https://cevoid.com/customer-terms-of-service


  • Showcase real photos of your products
  • Display shoppable feeds and widgets
  • Easy moderation of user-generated content (edited)


Follow the below steps to install the plugin.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Cevoid settings page located at the bottom of the admin panel menu.

Connect your store

Start connecting your store by pressing the purple ‘Connect’ button.

  1. Login to your Cevoid account if you already have an account. If not press the register link above the login form to register for a new account.
  2. On app.cevoid.com/register enter your email to create a new account and follow the instructions in the sign up process.
  3. After your account is created. Return to the Cevoid plugin page and enter your credentials to login to your newly created Cevoid account.
  4. In the next step create a new account by entering a username for your store. The username will be displayed in an instagram like fashion so we recommend using the same username you use on instagram. (if you already use Cevoid you can choose which Cevoid account you want to connect to your store here instead.)
  5. When your account is connected you should see a green checkmark that says ‘You are connect to username’.
  6. Your store is now connected!

Sync products and start collecting content

When your store is connected to your Cevoid account you can start collecting user generated content from your customers.

  1. To sync your products to the Cevoid platform simply press the purple button ‘Sync products’ and a syncing process will start. Cevoid scans through all of your products so that you can use them as tags in your users photos.
  2. All synced products can be found at app.cevoid.com/products. You can also visit the Cevoid dashboard straight from wordpress by clicking the top right button ‘Go to Cevoid dashboard’. From the dashboard you can manage all of account information, settings for your store, collections and all user-generated content.

Implement Widgets on your website and store

To display Cevoid Widgets on your website all you need to do is to enter our shortcodes into website page templates. There are three different shortcodes which are all listed on the Cevoid plugin page.


16 August 2020
We needed a plugin to collect images from our users and visitors in our online store. Works like a charm! We have managed to collect multiple photos for our products in only a few days. Amazing!
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