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This plugin is for church wordpress sites and has an smartphone app too – it adds an easy to use address directory and you can email and sms different groups of people.
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Demo site:
Plugin site

  • Simple pre-booking places for services during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Event ticketing – for logged in users and others, with account setup if the customer wants (premium version allows for paid ticketing)

  • Small Groups – add, edit and delete

  • Members – add, edit and delete

  • Email- send an email to members, parents or small group leaders. Now has a template – make sure you update your settings to include Facebook page and twitter if you use them!

  • Directory syncs to Mailchimp

  • SMS – send bulk SMS to members using account (not just UK!)

  • Sunday Rota/Schedules – create and show rotas for your volunteers.

  • Kidswork – automatically sort children into their age groups, with manual override
  • Attendance tracking

  • Ministries – people can have different ministries they are involved in and be sent SMS or email by role, other functions coming soon.

  • Google map integrations for small groups and directories

  • Calendar – month to view, agenda view and nth day recurring events (eg 3rd Sunday)

  • Facilities – manage facilities like rooms and equipment and their bookings.
  • The calendar now includes that most powerful of planning tools – the year planner!
  • Volunteers – church members can volunteer online and be approved/decline by team leaders.


  • Address list display
  • Sermon podcasting display
  • Calendar display
  • Rota / Schedule display


This plugin provides 18 blocks.

Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin
Church Admin


  1. Upload the church_admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Place [church_admin type=address-list member_type_id=# map=1 photo=1] on the page you want the address book displayed, member_type=1 for members, map=1 toshow map for geocoded addresses. The member_type_id can be comma separated e.g. member_type_id=1,2,3
  4. Place [church_admin type=small-groups-list] on the page you want the small group list displayed
  5. Place [church_admin type=small-groups ] on the page you want the list of small groups and their members displayed
  6. Place [church_admin type=rota] on the page you want the rota displayed
  7. Place [church_admin type=calendar category=# weeks=#] on the page you want a page per month calendar displayed
  8. Place [church_admin type=calendar-list] on the page you want a agenda view calendar – option category and weeks options pastable from category admin page
  9. There is a calendar widget with customisable title, how many events you want to show and an option for it to look like a post-it note
  10. Place [church_admin_map member_type_id=#] to show a map of colour coded small groups – need to set a service venue first to centre map and geolocate member’s addresses by editing them.
    We recommend password protecting the pages – if it is password protected, a link is provided to logout
    The # should be replaced with which member types you want displayed as a comma separated list e.g. member_type=1,2

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9 August 2020
This plugin is simply amazing and is constantly getting updates/improvements. Having tried pretty much every other option out there, I can tell you that the plugin has everything you might need - without the crazy prices or security concerns that seem to come with other developer offerings. Until I found "Church Admin", the other plugins I tried either had some shady code embedded or they were unbelievably out of our price range. This one is highly customizable with fantastic development support. Sign up for the Andriod/IOS app to support the developer! You will not be disappointed.
7 June 2019
We were looking for something more than just using a sermon browser plugin to post our latest talks at church. Andy Moyle has created a fantastic all in one product that serves the majority of backend church administration. From displaying your latest sermons to having a fully fledged member directory this is my favourite of all plugins I've ever used. Great support from Andy and regular updates.
9 October 2018
Es un excelente plugin, muy útil para las iglesias. Lo único es que me gustaría tener la traducción en español, pero es muy útil.
4 October 2018
I am currently developing a website for my church and went looking for a back office solution to help manage the administration. The Church Admin function is very flexible and helps manage the day to day tasks of running the church. The biggest advantage is to get all the details for everyone in one place, names, emails, number, addresses etc, for us it soon turned out we didn't have this! The church admin plugin has a great import facility to help with this. The church admin plugin also has the ability to create custom fields, so if you need to store some particular piece of information you can create your own field to do so. The developer is extremely responsive to both questions on how to use the system and on feature requests. If you need an admin function for your church - for free - this is the one for you. The developer also has mobile apps for IOS and Android and charges on £7.50 a month for your whole church.
3 May 2018
Fantastic plugin to make your website handle all functions of membership & organization. Replaces expensive software programs that run outside of your church web. Andy is very responsive and helpful. Can't say enough about this great plugin.
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Change log


  • Backend editable service pre-bookings
  • Fix menu issues
  • Added booking contact phone to events booking pages


  • Fix for classes not showing on the app


  • Fix for settings sub menu not staying open when clicked


  • Add favourites to menu (right click a sub-menu item to add to favourites)
  • Fixed bubble id reseting for each service
  • Fixed Bible reading app audio links


  • If service prebooking is full, user is offered a waiting list form which is email to admin email (configurable)
  • Service-prebooking new shortcode option days=7 to specify how far in advance services are shown (default is 7) [church_admin type=”service-prebooking” service_id=# days=# mode=bubbles/individuals max_fields=# admin_email=NULL] adjust # and bubbles/indiividuals as appropriate, also can change admin email for copies of booking and waiting list
  • Make sure “Create user accouts” checks which member types
  • Fix issue where non head of household sometimes becomes head of household when edited
  • Option for service pre booking to be alphabetical by last name
  • Only active services show in back end Service booking dropwdown menu


  • “Create user account” fixes broken user account connections


  • Old Style Calendar jQuery issue fixed
  • Adding service pre-booking to app


  • Service changes bugs fixed


  • Service prebooking can be done by maximum number of households/bubbles or max individuals by adding mode=”bubbles” or default mode=”individuals”
  • Podcast will play in some browsers


  • Filter results have a display household link
  • Classes view in backend shows in descending end date order
  • People in class view shows whether inactive or active
  • Active link in display household to activate/de-activate person


  • Fix date not showing on Service Booking PDF
  • Front end register confirmation email now uses GDPR email template set in Church Admin>Settings
  • Fixed calendar first save not updating to allow service prebooking


  • Fix for household table last updated error


  • Import CSV landlines not saved after first row bug fixed


  • Fix annual recurring calendar event
  • Grammar correction on re-subscribe message


  • Small groups inserted for CSV import
  • small group clean up added to menu
  • Fixed issue where map is wrong when no small group assigned to a person (even unattached)


  • Clarify need for separate custom post type backup
  • Expired app subscriptions shows message in app
  • Reset church added to not yet setup app menu


  • Fix small groups maps centreing issue – centres on first site now.
  • Add phone call permission to filters


  • To receive phone calls added to privacy permissions


  • Adjust address links on the app
  • App content post type made compatible with elementor themes


  • Added Bible passage to Bible readings custom post type listing


  • Fixed buggy behaviour if more than one service prebooking on a page


  • Fix address links on app
  • Autocomplete no longer shows inactive people
  • Fix active/inactive not working in filter results


  • Phone list shortcode [church_admin type=”phone-list” people_type_id=”#” member_type_id”#”] use comma separated values instead of # to change who is shown


  • Show preselected service in doprdown for Service Pre-bookings


  • Removed old redirect code for email cache
  • Fixed MailChimp YouTube URL error


  • Volunteer shortcode bug fixed
  • SMS Settings


  • Service edit screen updated to allow for connecting current calendar events


  • Service prebooking module with [church_admin type=”service-prebooking” service_id=”1″] shortcode. Edit service and use add to calendar to activate
  • added as preferred SMS partner
  • Admin area search address bug fixed


  • Service calendar bug fixed
  • Delete service clears calendar too from the day deleted


  • Sermon notes title added
  • Services – add to calendar option
  • Delete all households link for admins on People submenu


  • Address/No address filter added
  • All filter options now checkboxes
  • Admin area search shows individual people rather than households for each row
  • Change Sermon podcasting title text in Podcast settings
  • MailChimp tag update when MailChimp subscribed user is sync’d with Church Admin


  • Logged in only persists for editing a sermon file
  • Show ministry id in list of ministries for use in shortcodes
  • Show member type id in list of member types for use in shortcodes
  • Change embedded vided to a link to the video when emailing [church_admin type=”video” url=”#”] shortcode
  • Sermon media play updates for download clicks
  • Tidy up first install Sermon Podcast page in admin area and shortcode


  • App users selecting NIV,ESV,NASB,NVI,NVI-PT, Bible translations will get audio links for whole chapters.
  • Fixed bugs for Schedule Gutenberg block


  • Restricted shortcode [church_admin type=”restricted”], now allows nested shortcodes inside it
  • CSV of filtered people results download added
  • Schedule PDF bug fix


  • Schedule shortcode displays services from today, rather than start of the month
  • Show schedule shortcode on Services list


  • Fix for email sending where server doesn’t have mbstring functions


  • Email formatting fix


  • Edit household bug fix


  • Posts have a checkbox to stop push notification going out for App subscribers
  • Bible reading plan available in settings menu


  • Prayer request form fix for Omega theme


  • Shortcode for displaying daily readings where a spreadsheet has been uploaded [church_admin type=”bible-reading”]
  • Shortcode to welcome returning logged in user [church_admin type=”hello”]


  • Sort back end sermons by title, speaker, series and play
  • Youtube views shown in video shortcode and backend sermon media


  • Back end sermon search
  • New shortcode for displaying responsive video player at normal aspect ratio [church_admin type=”video” url=”#”]


  • Fix no email issue when using filter
  • Fix address missing on certain admin address list pages
  • Fix for user issues on displaying household in admin
  • Show how last updated a people/househol record (from now on!)
  • Fix CSV export issue


  • Front end register uses initial email given in form
  • App content custom page button code added to the list of posts for use in the app


  • an attempt to make [church_admin_register] foolproof
  • App menu changes saved automatically
  • Check duplicates menu item


  • Added send test email to Communications menu


  • Delete site fatal error fixed
  • Address upload image not showing issue fixed where smaller than 300×200
  • Adult and Child people types can be edited (but not deleted)
  • Currently saved Parent ministry shown on Ministry form
  • App initial content fixed when app not yet set up after subscribing


  • Show total sermon plays
  • Address list no longer shows inactive people
  • fix for login redirect setting not showing in form


  • Fix for event booking bug


  • Fix events date picker not working


  • App visits graphs for each page viewable at Church Admin>App>App Visits


  • Add video embed to app podcasts


  • Ministries fix for editing people


  • Finally fixed random disappearing people from address list if they have edited themselves bug
  • Fixed people order corrupted when people edit their household
  • Calendar list shortcode shows links


  • Plays fix on some sites


  • Fix sermon share link bug


  • Fix sermon series information bug


  • Fix for Vcard download error on some installations


  • Fix Sermons series (click to show)
  • Only show Plays when there is an audio file


  • Fix prayer requests login redirecting to last entry


  • Fix for when there is a video and an mp3 on the podacast entry


  • Sermon Podcast display converts FB, Vimeo and Youtube URLs to correct embed format for display


  • Fix podcast xml file not validating
  • Removed livestream commenting shortcode – overloading my test server


  • Fixed Video embed on sermon podcasting


  • Filter bug fixed for SMS sending


  • Livestream file included


  • New shortcode for live commenting on live-stream [church_admin type=”livestream” url=”YourEmbedURL” comments_title=”Join in”]


  • Fix for SMS failing where no mobile stored for one or more entries


  • Calendar links now showing
  • Bible Version menu available for non app users


  • Last name prefix added where necessary to filter PDF


  • App privacy address list fix


  • Improved Address list display on the app (App version > 6.3)


  • Fix for sites not showing plays


  • Correctly handle login only for prayer requests if set to login only
  • Make groups an editable app menu item
  • Settings option to turn of push notifications and email send when publish prayer requests, bible readings and posts
  • App shows whole address list


  • Fix pagination for sermon plays in backend
  • Always show number of sermon plays if not explicitly excluded


  • Add title to Schedule PDF


  • Fixed issue for sharing sermons with double quotes in the title and links not working
  • Sermon plays counters added to Sermon Podcast back end.
  • Bulk move member type fixed (Church Admin>People>Member Types)


  • Audio player only shortcode [church_admin type=”player” file_id=#] – replace the # with the file id on the media back end page.
  • Add member type menu item added to People section
  • Download mailing labels made clearer in menu
  • Allow longer length cell and landline phone numbers


  • Fixed rota PDF always defaulting to current month


  • Added pdf=FALSE option to calendar shortcode if PDF’s not wanted
  • Added SMS link to sermon podcasts
  • App users – share links for sermons provided ready for app v6.2 (BUT you must edit and save your normal sermons page for it to work!)


  • Click chain link on sermon podcasts copies the link to the clipboard
  • Audio player full width of container
  • Privacy settings form fields tidied up
  • Fixed Vcard download for App users
  • Schedule PDF link updates withdate dropdown


  • Rota PDF neater output


  • Schedule CSV and PDF menu options added


  • Fixed follow-up shortcode bug (no of entries same as posts per page from Settings>Reading)


  • Fixed SMS settings and tidied up how SMS sent
  • Added Classes to filter


  • Fixed email not validating bug in sermon podcast Spotify submission


  • Fix play counter
  • Add home phone to filtered address pdf


  • Fixed search struggling to find names
  • Improved app signup – instant on Paypal subscribe
  • Improved podcast settings setup for iTunes


  • Sermon search shows first time


  • Sermon podcast publish time now editable
  • Sermon podcast display display tidying
  • Sermon series image remove button


  • New calendar design – hope you like it! Table version still available as style=old in the shortcode.
  • Initital map location for address forms defaults to site location if set


  • Rota shortcode title can be overriden with title=”TITLE”
  • Translations now only in wp-content/languages folder


  • Sermon upload db bug fixed


  • Fixed choose facility dropdown
  • Facility booking next & previous buttons fixed
  • Sermon search added to podcast


  • Edit household map fixed
  • Share buttons for sermon podcast (if you don’t want them use exclude=sharing in the shortcode)
  • Sermon podcast CSS fixes
  • Fix GDPR letter
  • User accounts filter section


  • Church Admin Gutenbergs blocks have their own category
  • Fixed VCF card download link from website
  • Fixed people photo not being saved
  • Improved family photo PDF – normal aspect ratio & on the right, so neater for households with no photo
  • Recent activity shortcode now allows member type ids to be specified and allows for restricted access
  • Small groups admin display and edit map bug fixes
  • Rota/Schedule email sent copy to parent if a child is scheduled!


  • Volunteers sub-menu item fixed
  • Date picker loading for add attendance
  • Improved usability for adding attendance


  • New shortcode [church_admin type=”my-group”] shows the people in the small groups you are in
  • Auto rota send, sends out reminders for all services in the next 7 days
  • Fixed auto rota email send setup
  • Fixed cloned people form privacy settings not saved
  • People order protected on editing person
  • Head of household set when moving someone to a new household


  • Safeguarding display fix
  • App logout everyone has warning!
  • CSV import now works with diacritics
  • Fixed backup file download link
  • Added delete all backup files
  • Harden church-admin-cache directory
  • nth day events fixed for non English installs
  • GDPR reason cloned people now saved


  • Fix App licence check
  • Previous and next post buttons on the App
  • Bulk make everyone not private link added


  • Calendar display stylesheet fix
  • Date and time added to non day specific service schedule
  • Date of birth fixed where non given and default became 1st Jan 1000
  • Replicate roles menu item re-added


  • Clean up html errors for edit people form
  • Fix birthdays days choice for display
  • Option to choose which filters are available
  • Rota email fix for non day specified services


  • Birthdays shortcode show_age=FALSE no longer shows year
  • Push notifications for app users finally sorted properly for Android and iOS13
  • Improve address list search by whole name, email, cell
  • Mailing Labels PDF bug fixed


  • Fixed calendar events not saving for some users
  • Show calendar event where category not saved


  • iOS Background Notifications fixed for iOS 13
  • Facilities calendar using [church_admin type=”facilities” facilities_id=#] where # is the facility_id


  • UTF-8 support for PDFs – accents finally work properly!


  • Improved Schedule/Rota CSV


  • Fix event ticketing when tickets not yet available


  • Fixed single date calendar event pop up date issue
  • Add ticket price and total to Premium events CSV and PDF


  • Make everyone visible in the directory button added


  • Removed database engine specification for fresh installs
  • Inline rota editing apostrophe slashes removed
  • App Content delete and reset to default button if it all gets corrupted


  • Fix for some sites address list not working
  • Fix for event title editing
  • Fix for add a ticket in the admin area
  • Delete ticketed events if no bookings added
  • Add privacy options – email send, mail send, sms send photo permissions to CSV upload.
  • Import database backup option for site administrators


  • Events section with ticketed booking system
  • Added photo permission
  • Fixed upcoming birthdays under People Tab
  • App menu item names are editable by clicking on them.
  • fixed first sync on MailChimp issue


  • Fix address list output for smaller devices


  • create PDF from filter results
  • Fixed issue where [church_admin type=”restricted” member_type_id=”#”]Some content[/church_admin] block other short codes working


  • Migrate sermons from Sermon Manager plugin into Church Admin plugin (without deleting anything!)
  • New shortcode [church_admin type=”small-group-signup” title=”Title” people_types=”Adults”] and Gutenberg block allows logged in users to signup for small group
  • Description field added to small groups


  • Sermon series more detail bug fixed


  • Series image persistent on editing series


  • App menu can be set so different menus shown for logged in and not logged in users
  • Blur names and address option for demo purposes


  • Add CSV download of schedule on the Admin schedule page
  • Fixed date picker issue where dropdown stuck
  • Services can be made inactive to remove them from schedules


  • Fixed inline rota editing


  • Only active directry entries shown in birthday widget
  • CSV export of birthday gender bug fixed


  • Fix error thrown if no MailChimp API key in use
  • Add Address links added to filter results where no address is stored yet


  • My Rota Gutenberg block fix
  • Birthdays shortcode now can be limited by people_type_id and member_type_id


  • App my rota time fix


  • Layout bug for single sermons fixed.
  • Podcast shortcode & Gutenberg block optionally exclude items exclude=”seriesName,seriesImage,seriesDescription,fileDescription,bible,speaker,date,notes,nowplaying”


  • Added Push Notification message broadcast for App users
  • Removed debug messages from Calendar event edit
  • Added “How many occurrences” for daily event editing


  • Fix Copy rota error


  • New shortcode for follow up funnel [church_admin type=”follow-up”]


  • Editable time for services when editing schedule
  • Schedule/rota allows for editing of a particular service time for added flexibility


  • Batch geocoding addresses fixed


  • Rota PDF improvements
  • Allow for service & schedules not fixed to a particular day (e.g. funeral) – create a service with “As arranged” for the day and use that create schedules for that kind of service.


  • App page update for non subscribers to add major currencies
  • Fix missing lat and lng for new installs on small group page.


  • Fix diacritics issue for small group maps.
  • Fix for app users unable to login when WordFence and Google ReCaptcha plugins are active
  • Fix class attendance issues.