This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

ClinicalWP Core


ClinicalWP takes the power of WordPress & mixes it with the expert knowledge of Code Clinic’s award winning development team to create the Ultimate WordPress user experience.

Our easy to use suite of extensions combined with Clinical WP Core features over 100 options that provide tweaks to core WordPress features and settings that significantly improve the ‘out of box’ experience for novice and expert users alike.

In addition to performance upgrades, ClinicalWP can be extended to offer even more powerful features via the growing number of official extensions bring much needed security features, intuitive SEO & Social Media sharing alongside a great new admin experience, image optimisation tools, advanced settings, maintenance options, firewall, brute force protection, login screen & admin customisation and much more.


Key Features Include:

  • Set Max Page / Post Revisions (keep Database slim)
  • Set Trash Removal Period (keep Database slim)
  • Set Page / Post Autosave Interval
  • Customise WordPress System Sender Name & Email Address (Looks More Professional)
  • Create Admin / Dashboard Notification Messages
  • Numerous Admin Bar Tweaks
  • Remove hidden code from Copy / Pasted text
  • Add Featured Image Column to Page / post overview. Easily see which pages have featured images
  • Enable a growing library of time saving shortcode
  • Various quick toggle options, eg: Enable shortcodes in widgets
  • Numerous options to improve your site appearance / branding
  • Custom CSS & SCSS support
  • Login screen customisations inc replace WordPress logo with your own & set colour scheme
  • Admin Colour Schemes: Disable ability to change scheme &/or force one of the custom ClinicalWP Schemes
  • Set a default user avatar for user comments – improves site branding
  • Create a pool of images for Pages / Posts that are automatically used if you forget to add one to a published post
  • Force Server to send ‘Keep Alive’ signal to improve site connection speeds
  • Enable browser caching (various methods available)
  • Optimise Etag Header to improve caching effectiveness (selectable header types)
  • Remove QueryString from scripts & resources for better caching & improve GTMetrix / Yslow / Google PageSpeed scores
  • Cache user avatars (gravatars) for a site speed boost
  • Minify scripts & styles(css)
  • Load some WordPress core files direct from for a spped boost
  • Set a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Enable File Compression to reduce data sizes & improve load times
  • Set the memory available to WordPress pages / posts & WP Admin pages
  • Enable / Disable WordPress, theme and plugin updates by type
  • Enable automatic updating of plugins &/or themes
  • Route your WordPress system emails via your dedicated email server for greater deliverability
  • Delay publishing of RSS feeds (in case you publish a page/post by mistake, or want to keep new posts exclusive)
  • Set the custom excerpt length
  • Restrict which content types are visible in site searches
  • Ignore Self Pingbacks and prevent those annoying pingback comments
  • Enable / disable Debug mode & whether to write error to the log file, screen or both
  • Prevent direct access to your debugging log file for better security
  • Easily activate and access the WordPress Database Optimisation tool
  • Gain quick and easy access to all the data stored in your wp-options table. Make changes with ease

Key PRO Features Include:

  • Unrestricted access to all ClinicalWP Core Pro features
  • Ability to purchase ClinicalWP addons for even more power (eg Security Firewall, Anti-Spam, Caching, etc)
  • Set the name and email address that WordPress sends system emails from (better branding)
  • Create a default avatar for all users (inc anonymous) without one (better branding)
  • Build image pools for automatically adding to posts & pages without a ‘Featured Image’
  • Remove QueryStrings from assets (css, JavaScript, etc) for better caching
  • Option to load JQuery from for improved page load times
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost site loading speed
  • Optimise & arrange scripts & css files for optimal performance
  • Enable file compression (2 methods – GZIP & PHP) to reduce site file sizes
  • Control the amount of RAM available to WP-Admin and your site front-end for a speed boost
  • Route site email via your company or 3rd party server for improved deliverability & professional appearance
  • Restrict which content is included in site searches (no more listing private files & media)
  • Easily activate and access the little known WP database Optimisation tool (maintenance)
  • Quickly view & edit a table of all the data stored in the wp-options database table

Upgrades & Extensions

For even more settings, optimisations & tweaks, plus high priority support take a look at

If you love ClinicalWP we highly recommend considering our ClinicalWP Extensions for additional Pro grade tools:

ClinicalWP Pro
ClinicalWP Extension: Security Tools Pro
ClinicalWP Extension: Image Tools Pro
ClinicalWP Extension: Data Cache Pro
ClinicalWP Extension: Spam Guard Pro
ClinicalWP Extension: Slack Notifications Pro


ClinicalWP is a must have set of tools for any WordPress website. It makes my job as a WordPress designer so much easier and gives me complete control and saves me hours of work every time I build a site. Not only does it take care of the obvious things like SEO, Caching and anti-SPAM, it also has neat feature like removing nag notices that clog-up the WordPress dashboard. Things that you don’t realise you need until you try it for the first time.

ClinicalWP is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress plugins, It really does what its team say! It replaces at least 10 other plugins, including those which are essential for wordpress admins on every site they build.

This is just too good! ClinicalWP brings together so many of the little things (and big things) that have been missing in WordPress or have required a number of individual plugins just to come close to. I’m pretty practical and not one to get to excited about glib promises or promotional hype, but ClinicalWP truly excels in delivering what it promises. I will be recommending this to my clients and WordPress users at large. Nice!

ClinicalWP is simply great! There are some brilliant options you can make use of on every WordPress website. Everything is very easy to find, and the options make configuration a really easy thing to do. I also love the fact that it makes debugging code really easy with it’s maintenance features. It also does unique & useful things like integrating into slack, notfying me when my site needs updating.



  • English (default)
  • German
  • .pot file for translators is also included
  • Your translation? – Email it to us
  • For translating we recommend the awesome premium but affordable “Poedit”.


  • Dashboard overview panel
  • General settings
  • Preformance settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Maintenance settings
  • Nag Notices Options1. ClinicalWP dashboard overview panel


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles everything itself. To do an automatic install of ClinicalWP, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

Click \”Upload Plugin\” button to enable the upload field. Select the zip file containing the ClinicalWP plugin that you wish to install, then click \”Install Now\” to have WordPress complete the installation. Once this is complete simply activate your plugin. You should now see ClinicalWP is available via the WP admin menu on the left of the screen.


Does ClinicalWP work well with all platforms?

We build ClinicalWP and all the extensions to work specifically with all recent major Apache versions. We’ve tested it extensive on Apache & Ubuntu systems. It’s also had some testing on Windows Server 2016 and therefore IIS, but not as extensively as we would like. Unfortunately we can’t test every Operating System or Web Server, but we are open to feedback. If you spot an issue, let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.

Does ClinicalWP support my language?

ClinicalWP uses UK English as the default language, we also include translation in German formal. If you are able to provide translation in another language or dialect, please get in touch. We may be able to trade your translation for a ClinicalWP Pro license.

Is multisite supported?

We haven’t done any in-depth testing of ClinicalWP or any of it’s extensions on a multisite setup. However, we are not currently aware of any issues that would prevent it from working with multisite. If you do see any unexpected bahaviour, please let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue.

Do I need to upgrade to Pro?

No! We 100% believe in Open Source software, hence this plugin will always remain free of cost. However, there are some additional advantages to upgrading ClinicalWP Pro via range of Extensions/add-ons. For just a few $ you get access to numerous extra options, tweaks and optimisations plus High Priority Support. Pro Extensions: offering Security, anti-Spam, Image Optimisation, Caching & much more.


26 July 2019
We created this plugin to make it easier for them to optimise, maintain and secure their WordPress site. They seem to love it, so we released it to the public.
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Contributors and Developers

“ClinicalWP Core” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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Change Log

1.0.5 (Released 2019/08/06)

  • Minor fixes

1.0.2 (Released 2019/07/30)

  • Admin release – no noteable changes

1.0.1 (Released 2019/07/30)

  • Minor code optimisations
  • Fixed issue with removal of .htacess file rules causing overwriting main .htaccess

1.0.0 (Released 2019/07/26)

  • Minor code optimisations

0.9.9 (Released 2019/07/25)

  • Fixed issue causing Data Cache warning when Object caching not available
  • Improved Titan Framework integration for greater reliability
  • Minor tweaks and optimisations

0.9.7 (Released 2019/07/23)

  • Minor fixes
  • Fixed potential install failure issue

0.9.6 (Released 2019/07/23)

  • Improved contrast of button text on dashboard widget
  • Restored & resolved comment removal from admin bar
  • Removed Code Clinic RSS Feed widget
  • Removed Customised ‘Welcome Panel’
  • Restored WP Default ‘Welcome Panel’
  • Various option description improvements

0.9.5 (Released 2019/07/23)

  • Fixed issue causing some dashboards not to load correctly
  • Temporarily disabled removed comment node

0.9.4 (Released 2019/07/20)

  • Updated Description
  • Renamed Visual Composer to WP Bakery in nag options

0.9.3 (Released 2019/07/17)

  • Fixed missing files in repo

0.9.1 (Released 2019/07/11)

  • FREE version now includes all PRO Features
  • Removed PRO version upgrade path
  • Updated SDK initialisation
  • Improved readme
  • Added ‘Personal Bundle’ as default upgrade path
  • Improved notifications of missing extensions & added direct purchase links
  • Removed some deprecated functions
  • Refactored old plugin version detection to simple string output
  • Replaced deprecated ‘login_headertitle’ with ‘login_headertext’

0.9.0 (Released 2019/07/09)

  • New Feature: Instant.Page – Preload bages in background for instant visual load times
  • Revised dev folder name of free version
  • Corrected contributer names in readme.text
  • Refactored fix for ensuring ClinicalWP visible in admin left panel

0.8.9 (Released 2019/07/05)

  • Fixed missing overview image in free version
  • Added screenshots to WP Repo listing
  • Backwards compatibility fix for GeoLocation blocking

0.8.8 (Released 2019/07/03)

  • Fixed issue ClinicalWP menu not showing in Dashboard

0.8.7 (Released 2019/07/03)

  • Fixed issue with post activation redirect
  • Added missed revisions to changelog

0.8.6 (Released 2019/07/03)

  • Fixed issue with post activation redirect
  • Minor readme changes inc screenshots

0.8.5 (Released 2019/07/02)

  • Updated plugin header info

0.8.4 (Released 2019/07/01)

  • Added multisite SDK (Beta)
  • Changed slug in SDK registration to match WP directory SVN name
  • Converted several features from Pro version to Free version
    [including: General > System Email, Appearance > Default User Avatar, Performance > WP Core CDN]
  • Fixed missing ClinicalWP logo in free version
  • Removed hard coded asset url
  • Improved Readme & WP Directory texts for clarity

0.8.3 (Released 2019/06/27)

  • Added dashboard notice panes for new Security Pro extension features( Geo Location tracking & blocking)
  • Several backend integrations & optimisations for Security Pro features
  • Visual improvements of settings interface

0.8.2 (Released 2019/06/25)

  • Added controls for new Security Pro extension features( Geo Location tracking & blocking)
  • Improved WAF / Brute force lockout log display

0.8.1 (Released 2019/06/10)

  • Improved ClinicalWP Core activation redirect

0.8.0 (Released 2019/06/10)

  • Patch: workaround to fix issue with titan causing no ClinicalWP menu in admin
  • Fix: corrected link to peity library for dashboard stats

0.7.9 (Released 2019/06/09)

  • Minor changes to meet WordPress directory requirements

0.7.8 (Released 2019/06/08)

  • Minor changes to meet WordPress directory requirements
  • Serve Peity library locally
  • Updated Freemius framework – v2.3.0

0.7.7 (Released 2019/05/20)

  • Fixed several minor spelling mistakes

0.7.6 (Released 2019/05/20)

  • Updated Freemium licensing
  • Removed free trial
  • added better SDK integration to create distinct Free & Pro versions
  • Several small bug fixes

0.7.5 (Released 2019/05/14)

  • Removed EDD licensing
  • Limited number of functions to free version

0.7.4 (Released 2019/05/01)

  • Integrated Freemius
  • Fixed typos
  • Improved desciriptions on several options