Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce


The plugin makes it possible to sell Products as whole or in parts: 0.5 1.5 etc.
(Piece of Product). Min, Max, Step & Default preset Quantity. Variable Products Supported.

For example:
Pizza. You can sell 1.5 Pizzas, or a quarter. With the price set for 1 piece.
Liquids on tap. For example, Kerosene or Olive Oil. You can sell 1.5 liters, with the price set for 1 liter.
Bulk materials. For example, Tobacco or Golden Sand. You can sell 0.1 g at a price quoted for 1 g.


  • You can set the Minimum product Quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own Minimum Quantity value.
  • You can set the Step of Changing the Quantity of goods for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own value for the Change in Quantity Step.
  • You can set the Default – Choice product quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own Default – Choice Quantity value.
  • You can set the Maximum product Quantity for all Products by default. But at the same time, each Product can have its own Maximum Quantity value.
  • Works correctly with Variable Products.
  • Auto correction “No valid value” customer enters to nearest valid value.
  • Auto correction considering with “Maximum allowed for Product”.
  • Column “Quantity” on Products List.
  • Update Cart Automatically on Quantity Change (AJAX Cart Update)
  • You can set a “Value Label” for each individual Item. Individually or as a whole for the Category. For example: “Price per Meter”, “Price per Liter”.
  • Works with WooCommerce specifics from v3.4.8 & more

    PRO Version Features:

  • You can set separate Minimum Product Quantity, Step of Changing the Quantity & Default preset Quantity – for each Variable Product Variation.


  • screenshot-1.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> Decimal Quantity. Here are the all Options: "Defaults for all Products" and Setup.
  • screenshot-2.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> Decimal Quantity. Validation Settings.
  • screenshot-3.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> All Products. Column "Quantity".
  • screenshot-4.png Admin page | Product -> General. Here are the Fields: "Minimum cart Quantity", "Step change Quantity", "Default preset Quantity", "Maximum cart Quantity" which override the "default" values. And "Price Unit-Label".
  • screenshot-5.png Front page | Product page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value and "Price Unit-Label".
  • screenshot-6.png Front page | Cart page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value. Subtotals / Totals are recalculated.
  • screenshot-7.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> Categories. "Price Unit-Label" for all Products in this Category.


  1. Upload ‘decimal-product-quantity-for-woocommerce’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings: Products -> Decimal Quantity. Set: Min cart Quantity, Max cart Quantity, Step change Quantity, Default preset Quantity (default preset = 1).
  4. If you have any problems – please ask for support.




22 May 2023 1 reply
We have been using this plugin for a while and we are very impressed by the quality and functionality of it. It does exactly what we need and it is very easy to set up and customize. The developer is amazing, he responds to any questions or issues promptly and always provides helpful solutions. He is constantly updating and improving the plugin, adding new features and fixing bugs. He is one of the best plugin developers we have ever encountered and we highly recommend his work to anyone looking for a reliable and professional plugin.
9 May 2023 1 reply
I have a store that sells a handful of products by meter, and I want the customer to be able to choose the exact length they need down to de decimeter. I installed this plugin and tested the settings and it didn't take me long to get the function I needed. Very intuitive and easy to use and understand. I would add an extra + if the price of the product updated accordingly on the products page, but the price is correct in the basket so I am happy anyway. 🙂
17 May 2022
Everything is working fine! WP 5.9.3, Woo 5.1.3.
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Contributors and Developers

“Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


* Fix Fatal Error (Filter 'woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link') for "Pice Unit-Label". In some cases, some users.
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.7.0


* Add Option "Cost Marker" (Pice Unit-Label).
* Tested to WP: 6.2.2
* Update Screenshots.


* Fix Options Page. $Errors_Msg.
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.6.1


* Add Option "Update Cart Automatically on Quantity Change (AJAX Cart Update)": On/Off (Defaul = Off).
* Update Screenshots.


* Global Settings "Quantity" moved from: DashBoard -> WooCommerce -> Setup Page -> Products -> Inventory to: DashBoard -> Products -> Decimal Quantity.
* The "Quantity" settings for each Product have been moved from the Tab: Product -> Inventory to Tab: Product -> General.
* Add Column "Quantity" on Products List.
* Validation Options Settings.
* Add Option "Browser Console-Log Debuging": On/Off (Defaul = Off).
* Add Option "Delete Quantity-MetaData with Uninstall Plugin": On/Off (Defaul = Off).
* Update Screenshots.


* Add Checking: Default Quantity < Min Quantity
* Fix Check Max Quantity


* Tested to WP: 6.2
* Fix show test-debug msg.


2023.03.30 (Thanks Ady DeeJay for Testing)
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.5.0
* Fix Auto correction.
* Fix Incr/Decr for some Browsers.
* Fix Variation Product processing.
* Warning! Possible incompatibility with the active functions of "Ajax Update Cart".


* Add Option: "Auto correction Quantity": On/Off  (Defaul = On).
* Auto correction considering with "Maximum allowed for Product".


* Fix Auto correction


* Auto correction "No valid value" customer enters to nearest valid value. (Request: Ady DeeJay)


* Tested to WP: 6.1.1
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.4.0
* Fix "Undefined array key "input_name" / "input_value" - as a possible error with some configuration of other Plugins and Themes.


* Add Option: "Max Quantity" for Product. (Set Max Quantity - Default for All Products / Set Max Quantity for Any-One Product)
* Fix "add to cart message" when Quantity is < 1
* Tested to WP: 6.1
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.0.1


* Change the internal structure.
* Fix Default Quantity in Cart.
* Tested to WP: 6.0.3
* Tested to WooCommerce: 7.0.0


* Fix Save "Min/Step Quantity" for Edit Order (Edit/Refund).


* Automatic conversion of previous set values for Products from the previous version.


* Fix Save "Min/Step Quantity" for Product.
* Tested to WP: 6.0.2
* Tested to WooCommerce: 6.8.2


* Fix Quantity in Cart.


* Fix Save "Step_Quantity_Default" for Product.
* Add Option: "Default preset Quantity" for Product. (Set Default for All Products / Set Default for Any-One Product)
* Tested to WP: 5.9.3
* Tested to WooCommerce: 6.2.0


* Fix Uninstall.
* Fix view Placeholders Step/Min on Product Page.
* Fix Decimal Quantity in Message about adding product to Cart.
* Tested to WP: 5.8
* Tested to WooCommerce: 5.5.2


* Fix Quantity in Cart.


* Fix Min. Quantity for Variation.


* Initial release