Enjoy Instagram feed with Widget and Shortcode on WordPress website


Enjoy Instagram allows to display Instagram feed based on hashtag and public Instagram account with carousel and grid view.

Only one plugin to publish, with widget and shortcode, Instagram pictures and Instagram videos in your pages, posts and sidebars.
Each Instagram photo can be shown in Carousel and Grid mode with Lightbox effect.
Enjoy Instagram is responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

Once you have installed our plugin Enjoy Instagram, thanks to the presence of Enjoy Instagram icon on the editor, you are able to use shortcodes to embed feed in just one single line.

Here is Live Demo for Enjoy Instagram:


Enjoy Plugin for Instagram basic allows Instagram video visualization for browser supporting HTML5

Enjoy Instagram Basic Features

  • Hashtag-based Instagram feed to show photos by Instagram hashtag
  • Profile-based Instagram feed to show photos by Instagram profiles
  • Instagram video visualization
  • Instagram Widget for sidebars to publish Instagram feed with carousel and grid visualization
  • Instagram Carousel feed and Instagram Grid feed to add with Shortcode
  • Shortcode button in the editor page and post

  • Pictures Transition for carousel: one picture / more pictures at a time

  • Option for activating Navigation in carousel view (yes/no)
  • Customization for Number of Instagram pictures to see in the same time

  • Number of columns and rows customizable

  • Fade In Effect for Instagram Grid View

  • Standard resolution in Lightbox view

  • Lightbox with media caption and navigation arrow
  • HTML 5 video support in Lightbox view

  • Touch

  • Completely responsive and Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Instagram pictures with squared format supported

  • One click set up.

  • Php 7 compatible

Very Simple Installation and Configuration for Enjoy Instagram



Enjoy Instagram is the only WordPress plugin with a MODERATION PANEL which allows you to display or not the images in the pages, posts and sidebars.
The last plugin version now supports multi hashtags and profiles, pictures with square format, grid view with a border between pictures.

Features supported in Enjoy Instagram Premium version

  • More shortcodes in the same page or post to display multiple instagram feeds
  • More shortcodes for different hashtags or profiles in the same page or post
  • Display photos from Multi hashtags in the same feed
  • Display instagram feed for public Instagram profile
  • Customize the margin/space between photos of Instagram feed
  • Instagram pictures with squared format supported
  • Instagram grid view with border between pictures
  • Instagram video visualization for browser supporting HTML5
  • Instagram Carousel, Instagram Grid, Instagram Polaroid, Instagram Album and Badge view
  • On click, Pictures of different views can be redirected to Instagram page, to a particular website or opened in a Lightbox
  • The Lightbox displays Instagram pictures as a slideshow with media caption
  • NEW – Performance improved
  • NEW – Cleaned and optimizated code
  • NEW – Improved css and js loading
  • NEW – Better management of loading Instagram images for Grid view
  • NEW – Better management for a big number of Instagram pictures in line with the latest Instagram guidelines

For Lightbox you can set:
* delay to Hide bars
* delay to Hide bars on Mobile
* to Show Likes Count
* to Show author

Instagram Widget feature
Instagram Widget is one feature of Enjoy Instagram plugin for WordPress.
Once you installed it, you will be able to use Carousel and Grid widget in the dedicated Section.

You will have only to drag the widget “Enjoy Instagram” in the sidebar you want to customize. To arrange the Widget within the Sidebar, click, drag and drop the widget in the order you want.
DEMO for Instagram Widget on website WordPress

For Instagram Carousel feed view you can set:

  • images displayed at a time
  • animation in / animation out
  • show different number of images for different screen resolution
  • customize text of navigation button
  • customize slide speed / loop / autoplay / stop on Hover / timeout autoplay / speed autoplay

DEMO for Instagram Carousel feed on website WordPress

For Instagram Grid feed view you can set:

  • the number of rows and columns for the different shortcodes
  • the number of images that are replaced at the same time
  • interval the images will be replaced
  • images switch when mouse over
  • animation speed / animation type

DEMO for Instagram Grid feed on website WordPress

For Polaroid Instagram feed view you can set:

  • to show info (caption) on back
  • color background, border width, border color

DEMO for Polaroid Instagram feed on website WordPress

See Also demo for:
* Album Instagram feed on website WordPress



Other features:

  • Instagram Album View to show your pictures organized for Instagram username and or Instagram hashtags
  • Instagram Badge View that will help you link to and promote your Instagram web profile
  • Autoreload Stream of Instagram Photos
  • Moderation Panel: In real time you can moderate new Instagram photos and decide to approve and to publish or to rejected (Watch how it works:
  • Autoplay
  • Loop
  • Possibility to choose what link on the photo: Lightbox, Instagram, Custom URL or nothing.
  • Custom CSS: edit CSS, set border, margin, background and much more
  • Custom Transition Effect
  • Custom JS: set time to autoplay and speed, set name of prev and next buttons and much more.
  • Possibility to choose if show photo’s author, caption and likes number.

and many others features..



F.Prestipino, F.Di Pane Masi, A.Nucita and F.Micali


  • Enjoy Instagram settings page
  • Enjoy Instagram settings page2
  • Your Instagram Profile
  • Control Panel for Grid View and Carousel View Settings
  • Front End View Example
  • Front End View Example
  • Front End View Example
  • Front End View Example


Installation and Configuration are very simple :

  1. After you have installed and activated the plugin , go to Settings – > Enjoy Instagram and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. To add shortcode to editor click on the Enjoy Instagram icon and choose where include a Carousel View or a Grid View.
  3. Configure the display of your shortcodes from the plugin settings page
  4. To add to the Sidebar Enjoy Instagram go to Appearance – > Widgets and configure to your liking widgets Enjoy Instagram


“Important: “Instagram has changed its API. You need to install the latest version of our plugin and then, necessarily, you’ll have to disconnect and then reconnect your Instagram account (from the “settings” page) in order to keep your Enjoy Plugin Instagram functioning after the 1st of June “.


How to Install Enjoy Instagram WordPress Plugin


My profile disappeared. What’s happened?

Sometimes, when you upgrade the plugin you need also to hook again your Instagram profile. So repeat the step that you can see in slide 4 of this presentation https://www.mediabetaprojects.com/enjoy-instagram-premium/install-enjoy-instagram-wordpress-plugin/

Where can i find ShortCodes ?

The shortcodes are automatically generated by clicking the “Enjoy Instagram Button” that you can see on text editor of posts and pages.
If you do not see the button of shortcodes, ​you can use these ​shortcode​s​ to:

[enjoyinstagram_mb] -> Instagram Carousel View
[enjoyinstagram_mb_grid] -> Instagram Grid View

In the Setting section yon can customize grid and/or Carousel view


September 6, 2019
I had purchased this plugin and it didn't work out of the box. I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting to no avail. It eventually started working on its own but after i had already spent a few hours fiddling with it. In addition, I tried to contact customer support for a billing issue and they took over 1 week to respond. They resolved my billing issue but gave me some attitude about it. I'm giving this plugin 3 stars because it functions. I took away two stars because it didn't work out of the box, support was slow, and they gave me attitude. see the quote below- " I explained your situation to the administrative office. It applied,extraordinarily, for you a non-standard procedure to repay half of your payment. I hope that you'll appreciate it. Good work "
September 3, 2019
Really bad support. Sends to broken links. Nearly no answers or really short ones. Was asking for something specific and it doesn't make it. Be aware when you pay because easely you pay double. It nearly happened to me. It happen to other people. Just read the free support. Now, thinking how I get my money back Not worth it.
May 24, 2019
Had an issue with it due to a conflict with another plugin, the plugin developer patiently help me identify it.
April 17, 2019
Definitive 5 stars ***** A perfect way to handle Instagram - support is *VERY* good. This is very important due to de way Instagram/Facebook change the rules...
March 5, 2019
Works great and did so first time, no messing no fuss, just does the job perfectly. Well Done!
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Contributors & Developers

“Enjoy Instagram feed with Widget and Shortcode on WordPress website” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log


  • Removed useless param scope from authorization url


  • Fix missing overlay icons


  • Fix App authorization url


  • Fix carousel auto play


  • Support to WordPress 5.0
  • Support to new Instagram API


  • Missing closing tag on carousel-widget.php


  • Bug fix for user access token
  • Add default option value to avoid empty shortcodes


  • Code rewritten and optimized
  • Code Ready for localization
  • Javascript errors fixed
  • Compatibility fix for Beaver Builder


  • Bug fix


  • Hot Fix for Instagram feed update


  • Bug Fix


  • NB: Enjoy Instagram feed on website WordPress is Php 7 compatible


  • Bux fixing: Instagram feed on website WordPress full compatibility with DIVI theme


  • New: Video Instagram feed visualization for browser supporting HTML5
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • New: Enjoy Instagram feed with squared format supported
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • New: Enjoy Instagram feed on website full compatible with New Instagram Api Implementation


  • Add Shortcakes Info


  • Banner Removed


  • Hashtag mode fixed


  • Small Bug Fixed


  • Small Bug Fixed


  • Bug Fix


  • Bug Fix


  • Bug Fix


  • Bug Fix


  • Fix hashtag mode


  • Add support for https protocol


  • Support for swedish specific characters on captions of Instagram feed on website


  • Bug for utf8 4-byte (mobile emoticon) Fixed


  • Bugs Fix


  • Fix shortcode use and setting saving – Instagram feed on website


  • Fix warning for empty hashtag value on Instagram feed on website


  • Bux Fix


  • Bux Fix


  • Bux Fix


  • Bux Fix


  • Initial Version of Enjoy Instagram feed on website