Read More & Accordion and popups


Read More is the best WordPress Read More plugin to help you show or hide your long content.

With the help of Read More plugin you can make website with long content more beautiful. The part of the page you don`t want to see immediately,will be hidden after inserting it in the short code and will open by clicking the button.
Use it to toggle (show/hide) blocks of text, by inserting a simple shortcode:

Read More by Edmon is a WordPress plugin that allows you include text which won’t be visible to users unless they press “Read More” button.
Its purpose is to boost your SEO and your visitors’ experience, by allowing you to include tons of data readable by search engines, without affecting your visitors in a negative way.

With the read more you can also create Accordions to show your FAQ and more. The accordion can improve your website UX.

How to create read more popup example

How to create read more button

** Read more – Features: **

  • Button type
  • Inline Type
  • Link button type
  • Link type
  • Accordion type
  • Find And Replace type
  • Button dimension mode
  • Button width – button custom dimension
  • Button height – button custom dimension
  • Button auto mode padding
  • Font size – button custom font size
  • Expand animation duration – Expand custom animation duration

** Read more – PRO features: **

  • button background color – custom color.
  • button font family – button font family from google fonts.
  • button color – button text custom color.
  • button border radius – button border radius.
  • button horizontal alignment – button horizontal alignment.
  • button vertical alignment – button vertical alignment.
  • button vertical alignment – button vertical alignment.
  • more only on mobile devices – after activating this option, Read more will be shown only on mobile devices.
  • button background color on hover effect – after mouse hover effect read more button change background color.
  • button text color on hover effect – after mouse hover effect read more button change text color.
  • Auto open
  • Popup type
  • Popup width
  • Popup height
  • Popup max width
  • Popup max height
  • Popup initial width
  • Popup initial height
  • Popup show close button
  • Popup dismiss on overlay click
  • Popup dismiss on esc key
  • Popup overlay color
  • Popup content color
  • Popup content padding
  • Login adn Registration forms

Get Read More PRO package

Shortcode example:
[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Hidden text[/expander_maker]

We do web development and if you need a developer or if you think you have found a bug in Read more plugin, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us by this email


  • Read mores
  • Read more button type options
  • Read more popup type options
  • Read more popup 1 theme
  • Read more popup 3 theme
  • Read more popup 4 theme
  • Read more popup 5 theme


Coming soon.


11 February 2024
Love the function. Did some updates one time and had a bug, reached out to support and they worked on it out and got it back up and running. Very patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend
29 October 2023
Terrible product, locks all critical features behind an obscene paywall (24$ to change the background colour?????). Created an account here just to leave this review
3 October 2023
Easy to use, edit, if necessary, the creator reacts and answers within a few hours and creates frequent updates and corrections if you have a personal problem. Great. I recommend a great experience. 💪👌👍
28 September 2023
Amazing support - I encountered an issue with a certain feature but I could immediately reach someone via the chat. Not only did they promptly address the problem, but they also fixed it on the spot. Their efficiency and dedication to resolving my issue are impressive - Thanks!
15 February 2023
I downloaded and installed the Read More plugin only to find that it was not working. After sending off an email to Edmon to ask if he could help, he very quickly went to my site and fixed the issue. Not only does this plugin do exactly what it's supposed to do, it comes with great customer service. Thank you Edmon!
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Contributors and Developers

“Read More & Accordion and popups” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Fixed multiple read mores expand conflict issue


  • Added Accordion Popup type
  • Read more content improvement


  • Fixed the read more expand first click issue


  • Added Accordion Before Content
  • Added Accordion After Content
  • Read more toggle function improvement
  • Read more Admin side improvement


  • Fixed ” Accordion Mode on Load ” option
  • Admin panel improvements
  • Code improvements


  • Fixed inline read more option “Add Button To The Next Of The Text”


  • Added possibility to add wordpress shortcodes to Accordion countent

  • Fixed the footer additional space issue


  • Fixed Read more hidden content shortcodes js init issues


  • Added possibility to hide Accordion icons
  • Fixed Countdown review banner


  • Fixed Accordion content bold issue
  • Fixed Read more content custom Script issue


  • Fixed read more list pagination
  • Fixed Accordion content HTML tags
  • Fixed Read more content HTML tags


  • Database queries improvements
  • Improved Read more defaults styles and scripts include data


  • Fixed read more shortcode button (to insert read more shortcode from HTML editor)
  • Improved multiple read mores data include on the same page
  • Security improvements


  • Fixed Accordion content image
  • Added security improvements


  • Fixed Accordion content HTML filtration
  • Fixed Read more hidden content HTML filtration
  • Fixed Admin panel some html issues


  • Added Security checks


  • Fixed Accordion icon vertical position issue
  • Fixed Accordion header font weight issue
  • Fixed Accordion content font weight issue
  • Added Accordion header text align possibility (New)
  • Added Accordion content text align possibility (New)
  • Fixed warnings


  • Fixed Import issue related to Accordion HTML content

  • Fixed video tutorials page html


  • Fixed read more export/import issue


  • Fixed find and replace delete issue
  • Fixed warnings from find and replace


  • Added options info text


  • Added Accordion header cursor


  • Fixed Multiple accordions on the same page configs conflict
  • Fixed the JS error
  • Admin panel fixed adding accordion issue


  • Fixed Added new accordion item issue


  • Added shortcodeURL attribute for the button lik type to make URL dynamic
  • Added shortcodeURL attribute for the button a lik type to make URL dynamic


  • Added Accordion Scroll to Active Item
  • Stability update


  • Added accordion new icon
  • Added accordion size new option


  • Added accordion icon change position
  • Fixed accordion header color issue


  • Added Accordion content Max Height possibility


  • Added Accordion new Icon
  • Added possibility to insert post content as Accordion content


  • Added Accordion header padding
  • Added Accordion header font wight
  • Added Accordion content font wight
  • Added Accordion content padding


  • Added Accordion open/close new icon
  • Added Accordion border Width change possibility
  • Added Accordion border Style change possibility
  • Added Accordion border Color change possibility
  • Fixed Accordion sizes issue


  • Added accordion open/close icons
  • Rendering improvements


  • Added Accordion fields ordering
  • Fixed accordion icons style issue
  • Fixed js errors in accordion


  • Read more inline type text decoration line type
  • Read more inline type text decoration line style
  • Read more inline type text decoration line color
  • Code optimizations


  • Accordion Custom CSS (new Feature)
  • Accordion Custom JS (new Feature)
  • Accordion Content background color (new Feature)
  • Accordion Content color (new Feature)
  • Accordion Content Font size (new Feature)
  • Accordion Tab color (new Feature)
  • Accordion Tab Background color (new Feature)
  • Accordion Tab Font size (new Feature)


  • Accordion Animation Behavior (new Feature)
  • Accordion Animation Duration (new Feature)


  • Keep expanded others (new Feature)
  • Fixed Accordion icons showing issue


  • Added Accordion Activate event


  • Added Accordion Settings section in the Admin panel
  • Added Possibility Accordion First Tab Open
  • Added Possibility Accordion All Tabs Open
  • Added Possibility Accordion All Folded


  • Fixed accordion type delete issue
  • Fixed accordion type icons showing issue


  • Allow possibility hide accordion menu
  • Fixed hide find and replace menu issue


  • Added Accordion menu


  • Accordion type
  • Code improvements


  • Tested up with WordPress 6.0
  • Code improvements


  • Improved read more text size issue (now you can set font size 14px or just 14)
  • Improved read more paddings issue


  • Fixed read more shortcode insert popup close issue
  • Fixed read more shortcode insert popup styles


  • Added read more icon alignment new option
  • Admin side design improvements
  • Code optimization


  • Added Hide media button settings (Inside settings section)
  • Settings save improvement


  • Read more hidden content loading improvement


  • Added read more gutenberg new block
  • Read More Tooltip livepreview improvement
  • Read more admin side improved colorpicker
  • Read more button backgorund color opacity possibility
  • Fixed Read more button box shadow conflict with the inline type read more


  • Code optimization
  • Security improvements


  • Admin side improvement


  • Read more types pages improvement


  • Enable button tooltip (new option)
  • Change tooltip text (new option)


  • Added info about Animation speed
  • Minor improvements


  • Auto close new option
  • Include data improvement


  • ADDED read more more attribute possibility in shortcode modal
  • ADDED read more less attribute possibility in shortcode modal
  • Minor fixes


  • In Admin pages tinymce added read more shortcode button


  • Added possibility replace HTML in Find and Replease type
  • Admin side improvement of Find and Replace type


  • Admin side tabs toggle improvement


  • Added Read more saved messaged on admin side
  • Fixed Find and replease title show in admin table
  • Added saved message for Find and replace type


  • Fixed gradient hidden issue for multiple read more button


  • Read more main view improvements when does not exists any read more
  • We added max with 100% to prevent page scroll when read more width was set to large
  • Admin side inputs improvement


  • Added video link how to use read more button
  • Fixed bug read more updated message remove


  • Admin side bug fixed


  • Inline type read more JS bug fixed


  • Read more shortcode copy bug fixed
  • Fixed some styles include issue
  • Tested with WordPress 5.7


  • Improve read more loading
  • Fixed warnings in the read more types section
  • Fixed warnings in the find and replace options section


  • Read more subscription new extension
  • Code improvement


  • Read more animation behavior live preview improvement
  • Read more button hover effect live preview improvement
  • Admin side improvement


  • Content include duplicate id
  • Inline, aLink type border bottom new feature


  • Live preview bug fixes


  • Improved Read more admin panel table (Added table type column sortable)
  • Added hidden content line height new feature


  • Bug fixed of the option ‘ By default show hidden content ‘
  • Compatibility with the WordPress 5.6


  • Multiple read more delete possibility
  • Read more subscription type coming soon
  • Code improvement


  • Fixed Find and replace menu name
  • Labels improvement
  • UI improvement
  • Code optimization


  • Find And Replace new menu icon
  • Hide Find And Replace Menu Option Inside Settings Section
  • Find And Replace Extension


  • Bug fixed related to the ” User role who can use plugin “
  • Fixed warning related to ” Find and replace type”
  • Find and Replace type architecture improvements


  • Find And Replace type


  • Deactivation Survey improvement
  • Added Demo Website
  • Styles include improvement


  • Deactivation …