Extensions For CF7 (Contact form 7 Database, Conditional Field and Redirection)


The Extensions for CF7 is an excellent WordPress plugin that extends the features and functionalities of the Contact Form 7 plugin to make it more convenient and user-friendly. This all-inclusive WordPress plugin comes with three main features which will help you transform any contact page into a well-organized, interactive tool for getting in touch. The key features include saving submissions made through Contact Form 7 in your database, redirecting users to any page you choose once their message has been successfully, and enabling conditional logic so that you can configure fields on the form as either visible or hidden based on input from visitors.

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Free VS Pro CF7 Extension

  1. Contact Form 7 Database, Save contact form submission data and handle it through the dashboard.
  2. Contact Form 7 Conditional Field, Easily apply conditions to any field to show or hide.
  3. Contact Form 7 Redirection, redirect to any page after form submission.

Pro Version

  1. Trigger a notice, if the form is already submitted.
  2. Repeater Field.
  3. Show validation and success messages with a nice popup messages.
  4. Telephone input field with country code and flag.
  5. GDPR Field to take permission to save the submitted data.
  6. Drag & Drop File Upload

Why You Should Choose Extensions for CF7 Plugin

The contact form is undeniably one of the vital elements for any website since it lets visitors fill out the web-based form and submit it to send a message to the site owner, therefore helping site owners boost interactions with visitors. As the site owner, you get the messages instantly and securely on your email without even revealing your email. Thus, the chance of receiving spam emails gets reduced as your email address isn’t disclosed to spambots, and so they cannot scrap your email address from the website.
If you are creating contact forms through Contact Form 7 plugin and looking for extensive features to make your contact form more organized, you have come to the right place. There are certain functionalities, which are not available by default in the Contact Form 7 plugin. That is where the Extensions for CF7 plugin comes into play.

Firstly, this versatile contact form extension plugin captures form submissions through contact form 7, saves them to your WordPress database, and presents them right before your eyes! You can also import and export data to a CSV file. You can search the contact form submissions by the users based on time and date range. Besides, you can delete the submission data if you want.
Secondly, this fantastic CF7 extension plugin allows conditional logic to be added in the contact form so that you can create complex conditions or simply show or hide fields based on user selections. It would work very well as an ideal contact form 7 conditional fields plugin.

Lastly, you will get the feature of redirection for Contact Form 7. This amazing Contact Form 7 extension plugin redirects users to any web page after successful submission of the contact form. You can choose where visitors go once they finish submitting their messages filling out all the required fields. Users can also be redirected to a new tab. Moreover, the plugin allows you to add specific JavaScript actions.


Once you install the plugin, you will have three options listed under Plugin Area named CF7 DB, CF7 Conditional, and CF7 Redirections. Let’s take a look at what each of these options has to offer!

Contact form 7 Database

  • Save contact form submission data and handle it through the dashboard.
  • Export and import CSV files easily.
  • Search the contact form submissions time and date wise.
  • Delete Submission Data.

Contact form 7 Conditional Field

  • Easily apply conditions to any field to show or hide.
  • Add multiple AND conditions.
  • Easily apply conditions with the exact value.

Contact form 7 Redirection

  • Easily redirect to any page after form submission.
  • Redirect the page in a new tab.
  • Add specific JavaScript action.

Extension for CF7 is an extension for Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin.

To Wrap up

The Extensions for CF7 is a multi-faceted and modern plugin that enriches the features and functionalities of Contact Form 7, making it easier to organize your contact form usages. By installing this contact form 7 extension plugin, you can manage your contact form pages and make them more user-friendly!


  • Contact Form 7 Form List.
  • Contact Form 7 submission list.
  • Contact Form 7 submission Details.
  • Conditional fileds global settings.
  • Conditional fileds form tag.
  • Use of Conditional filed tag in Contact Form 7 Editor.
  • Conditional fields settings in field mode.
  • Conditional fields settings in text mode.
  • Redirection global settings.
  • Redirection options in the contact form editor tab.


This section describes how to install the Extensions For CF7 Plugin for WordPress get it working.

1) Install

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Extensions For CF7 “.
  3. Install, then Activate it.


  1. Unzip (if it is zipped) and Upload ‘extensions-for-cf7’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

2) Configure

  1. Go to the Extensions For CF7 Settings Options.
  2. Use the Extensions.


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Contributors and Developers

“Extensions For CF7 (Contact form 7 Database, Conditional Field and Redirection)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log

Version: 1.0.3 – Date: 2021-07-13

  • Solved Redirection issue.

Version: 1.0.2 – Date: 2021-07-12

  • Add Settings menu to visible ip address and referer link.
  • Enable cross domain csv import.
  • Add pro feature banner in extensions menu.

Version: 1.0.1 – Date: 2021-05-31

  • Add Recommendation Sub Menu.
  • Implement plugin install manager.

Version: 1.0.0 – Date: 2021-05-19

  • Initial Upload.