This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

FindOnSite for WordPress Lite


FindOnSite for WordPress ( packages a robust site search engine into an easy to use WordPress plugin. FindOnSite for WordPress is unlike other search engine plugins currently available in that it functions in the same way as classic search engines, through the use of a crawler and intelligent page ranking algorithms to display relevant results to your website visitors. This is in contrast to both the default WordPress search function as well as other search engine plugins that typically use customized database queries to locate and filter page results.

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  1. Install FindOnSite for WordPress Lite either via plugin repository or directly by uploading the files to your server
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Navigate to FindOnSite in the WordPress sidebar
  4. Register via, copy and paste the API key into WordPress
  5. Your site will automatically be crawled within 24 hours and the default WordPress search results replaced with live results from FindOnSite


How do I register my plugin?

You can register FindOnSite for WordPress Lite here.

How much does FindOnSite for WordPress cost?

The Lite version of FindOnSite for WordPress is free. For more information, visit the product page.

What do the different status messages that I see on the FindOnSite plugin settings page in WordPress indicate?

Following is a description of the various status messages that you might encounter:

Register your plugin to get an API key – Once you have successfully activated your plugin, the next step is to register it with us so that we can issue you a unique key. The key that you receive should be pasted into the “API key” field on the FindOnSite plugin settings page in WordPress.

Your site will be crawled within 24 hours – After you have successfully registered your plugin and received an API key, the next step is for us to crawl and index your site so that it may then be searched. This message indicates that your plugin is setup properly and your site will be searchable within the next 24 hours.

Last crawled / Next crawl – This message means that your site was crawled at the date and time specified as “Last crawled”, and is scheduled to be crawled again at the date and time specified by “Next crawl”.

There was a problem accessing the FindOnSite API – Your site configuration, server configuration or a network error has prevented the plugin from communicating with our servers. The most common cause is an incorrect SSL configuration.

How often will my site’s search results be updated?

With the Lite version of FindOnSite for WordPress, results are updated daily.

I lost/forgot my API key, how can I recover it?

There is currently no way to recover lost or forgotten API keys, you will need to register your plugin again in order to generate a new key for your site.

When will the Pro version of the plugin become available?

We are currently planning on releasing the Pro version of FindOnSite for WordPress in early 2019. Please check back for updates.

I am using WooCommerce, is there any way to use FindOnSite for WordPress Lite to search the products on my site?

Yes. Included with the plugin is a file called product-searchform.php in the woocommerce folder, if you copy this file to yourtheme/woocommerce/product-searchform.php it will override the default WooCommerce product search.

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