This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest three major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

FontMeister – The Font Management Plugin


FontMeister lets you preview, add and use fonts from the most common sources of fonts on the web. The plugin supports fonts from:

Using FontMeister is easy. Enter your details for the individual providers in the “Font Sources” section of the plugin. Then go to the “Fonts” section, and pick the fonts you want to use. You can add your own selectors to the fonts, and the plugin will include them on your site.

Bonus Features

FontMeister has been written keeping themes in mind. Currently fonts selected in FontMeister are added automatically to font selection drop-downs in the Suffusion theme. If you are a theme author and you wish to have the capability to do the same for your theme, contact the plugin author for instructions.


  • A menu is created for FontMeister with 2 pages - one for setting up your sources and the other for picking the fonts.
  • Enter the details for the sources you want to pull fonts from.
  • See the list of fonts available from each source in the Fonts section.
  • Preview individual fonts. Vary the weights and the base font size to pick the right mix for your site.
  • Fine tune your selections by picking a smaller set of variants or subsets, and assign selectors to each font.


You can install the plugin through the WordPress installer under Plugins → Add New by searching for it, or by uploading the file downloaded from here. Alternatively you can download the file from here, unzip it and move the unzipped contents to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation. You will then be able to activate the plugin.


What about other font providers?

Support is planned for and other providers. If you have specific suggestions do post them.

Can the fonts defined in FontMeister be added to the font list in my theme?

FontMeister provides a function add_more_fonts that can be used by the theme authors to augment their list. Alternatively they can define their own hook and provide it to me and I can add the support natively in the plugin.

Are there any known issues?

Yes, unfortunately there are a handful.

  • For Font Squirrel, in some cases while downloading a font from the resultant zip file is empty (0KB). In most cases this happens for larger zip archives. The issue resolves itself if a download is reattempted after an interval of time. Alternatively you can manually download the zip file and unzip the contents to the “fontmeister” directory in your “uploads” folder.
  • Another known issue for is the nature of unannounced changes in Font Squirrel, that can often cause the API to break. If this happens, please let me know.


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Contributors and Developers

“FontMeister – The Font Management Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Fixed fatal error for some Font Squirrel setups


  • Made modifications to account for current WP version changes
  • Made modifications to account for FontSquirrel directory structure changes
  • Switched to using the File System API across the board
  • Changed the previewer to use Thickbox instead of Colorbox


  • Made modifications to account for current WP version changes that cause issues with including Google Web Fonts
  • Removed Fontdeck connector, as Fontdeck no longer exists.


  • Made changes to account for inconsistent folder structure put in by Font Squirrel.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing previews of Typekit and Font Squirrel from working correctly.
  • Previously all kits from a user’s Typekit account used to get loaded. Now only the kits corresponding to fonts on the user’s stack are loaded.
  • TinyMCE dropdown had stopped working. This has been remedied.
  • Updated Colorbox for font preview.
  • Fixed issues to adapt to changes in Fontdeck API.
  • SSL compatibility fixed for all providers apart from Font Squirrel.


  • Fixed a bug with Font Squirrel fonts that had only one variant. The CSS selector for them was not showing up.


  • Added support for Font Squirrel.
  • Made a change to the TinyMCE module so as to append to the CSS if it already exists, instead of overwriting it.


  • Added TinyMCE support – fonts now show up in the TinyMCE font dropdown.


  • Fixed a minor problem that was affecting some users, preventing them from adding new fonts.


  • New version created.