ExactMetrics – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Plugin)


The ExactMetrics Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you properly setup all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features without writing any code or hiring a developer.

More importantly, over 1 million users love ExactMetrics because of our signature Google Analytics Dashboard that helps you view key Google Analytics stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Our goal at ExactMetrics is to help you grow your business faster with data-driven decisions.

This is why we built the most comprehensive Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, so you can setup all the powerful tracking features that website owners otherwise miss out on when simply pasting the analytics code in WordPress.

We go beyond the simple google analytics script and add the advanced event tracking, so you can see all important user behavior in WordPress with just a few clicks (without hiring a developer).

With our dual tracking feature, ExactMetrics automatically tracks both Universal Google Analytics (GA3) as well as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), so that you can your website can be prepared for the future of Google Analytics.

Basically, we made the same advanced Google analytics setup that big enterprise companies used to pay thousands of dollars for, available to every small business owner without the high costs.

This is why even the large companies like Microsoft, Quickbooks, Pizza Hut, Delta, Pepsi, Coldwell Bankers, and many others are using ExactMetrics to properly setup Google Analytics and see the custom analytics reports in WordPress.

ExactMetrics Pro
This plugin is the lite version of ExactMetrics Pro plugin that comes with all the Google analytics tracking features you will ever need including events tracking, ecommerce tracking, custom dimensions tracking, form conversion tracking, affiliate link tracking, and tons more. Click here to purchase the best premium Google Analytics plugin for WordPress now!

We are on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses, so they can grow their business faster with data-driven decisions.

See what one business owner is saying about ExactMetrics:

This is absolutely, positively, one of the TOP plugins to install on your WP site. There is no better way to quickly gauge traffic for spikes, surges, and consistency. I installed this on over a dozen WordPress installations and counting, thank you for an outstanding app!
Daniel Monaghan

Full ExactMetrics Feature List

  • Accurate Tracking – Properly setup all powerful Google Analytics features with just a few clicks (without hiring a developer)
  • Easy Google Analytics Dashboard – See your Google analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.
  • Google Analytics 4 Support – Easily set up and send proper website tracking data to Google Analytics 4
  • Dual Tracking (Universal Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4) – Seamlessly track website data in both Universal Analytics (GA 3) and Google Analytics 4 with dual tracking.
  • Real-time Stats – See who is viewing your website, what they’re doing, where they’re coming from, how they found your site, and more.
  • Ecommerce Tracking – Setup Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, & MemberPress (with 1-click).
  • GDPR / CCPA Compliant – Automatically make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.
  • Affiliate Link Tracking – Automatically track clicks on your affiliate links with our enhanced link attribution.
  • Google Ads Conversions – Track Google Ads automatically with no coding needed. Works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LifterMLS, Restrict Content Pro, or GiveWP.
  • Meta Pixel Conversions (Facebook and Instagram Ads Pixel) – Automatically fire pageview events and purchases for or WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LifterLMS, Restrict Content Pro, or GiveWP websites.
  • Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) Conversion Tracking – automatically with no coding needed. Works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LifterMLS, Restrict Content Pro, or GiveWP.
  • File Download Tracking – Track every file download with just one-click.
  • Outbound link tracking – Track your outbound link clicks inside Google Analytics.
  • Custom Dimensions Tracking – Enable Google analytics custom dimensions tracking for WordPress events.
  • Email Summaries – Get a weekly report of your website’s traffic directly in your inbox without having to login to your site.
  • Author Tracking – See author stats and discover who’s the most popular author on your site.
  • Google Analytics for AMP – Add proper Google Analytics tracking for Google AMP.
  • Form Conversion Tracking – Track conversions for your WordPress forms. Works with all popular plugins including WPForms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, default WordPress comment form, and more.
  • Performance Addon – Adjust Google Analytics speed & sample rate, along with other advanced performance features.
  • Google Optimize Addon – Enable A/B Testing with Google Optimize and connect it with Google Analytics.
  • Custom Events Tracking – Track custom button, menu links, and banner clicks with Google Analytics.
  • Contextual Insights – Get tips on how to improve your site’s traffic and engagement based on real traffic data.
  • Referral Tracking – See your top traffic referrals so you can unlock new opportunities.
  • Page level insights – Get detailed insights for each post, page, and products, so you can see the most popular areas and sections of your site.
  • Headline Analyzer – Get instant feedback on your post titles directly from the WordPress editor to improve SEO and get more clicks.
  • Popular post tracking – See which pages, posts, and products are the most popular with Google Analytics.
  • Scroll Depth tracking – See how far users scroll on your website with automatic scroll tracking in Google Analytics.

Custom Analytics Reports

  • Overview Report – See the most important Google Analytics data in an easy to understand report, right inside your WordPress dashboard (Save 5 minutes each day).
  • Publisher Report – See exactly which content gets the most visit, which affiliate links are performing the best, what new partnership opportunities you should pursue, and more.
  • Ecommerce Report – See all your important online store metrics in one place such as total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top conversion sources, and more.
  • Search Console Report – See how well your website is ranking in Google, so you can optimize your SEO to grow your traffic.
  • Forms Report – See your conversion stats for various contact forms and lead forms on your website to improve conversions.
  • Custom Dimensions Report – See useful stats like most popular authors, best publication times, popular categories, tags, Yoast focus keywords, SEO score, etc.
  • Real Time Report – see who is online on your website in real-time, right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Customizable Google Analytics Dashboard Widget – Our dashboard widget allows you to have quick access to your most important stats at the moment you login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Page Insights in Admin Bar – Easily view analytics for each individual page and post from the ExactMetrics menu in WordPress admin bar while browsing your website.
  • Email Summaries – Get the most important metrics delivered to you and/or your client’s email inboxes weekly with our brandable Email Summaries, allowing you to keep up to date on your website’s Google Analytics results even without needing to login to the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • PDF Exports – Easily take your ExactMetrics reports with you or send them to clients or colleagues by exporting all ExactMetrics reports as a brandable PDF.
  • Site Speed Report – helps you improve your website’s performance by displaying key metrics and actionable tips to improve those based on WordPress-specific solutions.
  • Popular Posts – Display popular posts in your post content automatically or using Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes. Show off your top posts to your visitors using sidebar widgets, Gutenberg blocks or shortcodes


  • WooCommerce Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for EDD.
  • MemberPress Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for MemberPress.
  • WPForms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for WPForms.
  • Formidable Forms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Formidable Forms.
  • Gravity Forms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Gravity Forms.
  • YouTube Google Analytics – Automatically track video starts, stops, and watch progression of video plays of your YouTube videos.
  • Vimeo Google Analytics – Automatically track video starts, stops, and watch progression of video plays of your Vimeo videos.
  • HTML5 Video Google Analytics – Automatically track video starts, stops, and watch progression of video plays of your Vimeo videos.
  • Exclude from Tracking Google Analytics – Disable loading of Google Analytics tracking on specific pages or posts.
  • Contact Form 7 Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Contact Form 7.
  • Yoast Google Analytics – Automatically setup SEO score tracking for Yoast SEO with custom dimensions.
  • Pretty Links Google Analytics – Automatically setup affiliate link tracking for Pretty Links.
  • Thirsty Affiliates Google Analytics – Automatically setup affiliate link tracking for Thirsty Affiliates.
  • AffiliateWP Google Analytics – Automatically setup affiliate link tracking for AffiliateWP.
  • User Journey Orders – See which pages visit before becoming customers with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LifterLMS, Restrict Content Pro, or GiveWP.
  • Google AdSense + Google Analytics – Automatically setup banner ads tracking for Google AdSense.
  • Google Optimize + Google Analytics – Easily enable A/B testing in WordPress with Google Optimize and Google Analytics.

After reading this comprehensive feature list, you can probably imagine why over 1 million websites use ExactMetrics as their preferred Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Give ExactMetrics a try.

Want to unlock more features? Upgrade to our Pro version.

Love this plugin! It’s got powerful customization options, it’s easy to use, there’s good documentation, and if all that’s not enough, ExactMetrics is quick to provide support. Thanks for this wonderful plugin!
Julie Dupuis

Note for Beginners

Like all WordPress plugins, Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress by ExactMetrics is only available for self-hosted WordPress sites. This means you will need to switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org if you want to use this plugin on your WordPress site.

For more details, see this infographic on self hosted WordPress.org vs free WordPress.com


This plugin is created by Chris Christoff and Syed Balkhi with sponsorship from WPBeginner.

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You can translate Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics on translate.wordpress.org.


  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Dashboard Widget (shown in small mode, can be configured to full size or hidden; can also customize reports shown)
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Overview Report
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP eCommerce Report
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Settings Page (super simple to use and configure as needed)


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • ExactMetrics - Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Plugin)
  • ExactMetrics - Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Plugin)


  1. Install Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress by ExactMetrics either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate Google Analytics for WordPress by ExactMetrics.
  3. Navigate to the Insights tab in your WordPress admin menu and configure the plugin.
  4. Want more features? Purchase ExactMetrics Pro!


Does ExactMetrics support Google Analytics v4 (GAv4)

Yes, we fully support Google Analytics v4 (GAv4) properties as well as GAv3 (Universal) properties. In fact, you can track your site to both at the same time using our exclusive dual tracking feature.

Where can I find lite support?

Lite support is provided exclusively on our website.

How can I suggest a new feature, contribute or report a bug?

You can submit pull requests, feature requests and bug reports on our GitHub repository.

Documentation, Tutorials and FAQ

For documentation, tutorials, FAQ and videos check out: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics documentation.


23 November 2022 1 reply
I had used the old plugin forever. Now suddenly with "ExactMetrics", a simple plugin that worked perfectly to link sites to Google Analytics has become something messy, that requires me to "link" all sites to ExactMetrics... Arrgh. As if it is not enough to have everything linked to Google, now suddenly your information has to be linked to a different company as well. Plus, it has a constant bombardment to upgrade to the "Pro" version. You guys do realize that you are "upselling" and wanting to charge people merely to replace something that is really only a tiny, tiny snippet of code that anyone, even the most non-technical person, can find on the Google Analytics site for simple cutting and pasting? Making a business out of inserting that tiny, already free, snippet of code from Google is really merely preying on innocent WP site owners. This plugin is immediately removed from all my sites. No way am I linking myself and my sites to yet another company, trying to overcomplicate something already exceedingly simple, just to make a buck. If ExactMetrics wanted to create a business out of pasting in that snippet, then start with a new plugin and try to sell your "services". Don't overtake what WAS a nice plugin with a very simple purpose just to have a "free" door into Wordpress sites through all the sites already using the original plugin.
8 November 2022 1 reply
This plugin does autoupdates even when "Auto-updates disabled" marked in the plugins list of WP and at the settings page the option "None - Manually update everything." is selected.
22 October 2022 1 reply
I finally got rid of this plugin. It has the most transparently greedy marketing strategy. The free version gives you minimal data, less that the great and free Google SiteKit. Basically it is a shameless marketing tool to sell the pro version. Almost every link is useless if you don't want to cough up money. Over and over you click and all you get are links to the purchase pro version. The dashboard panel is ridiculous. The giant ads below are larger than the data panel! Why would anyone give away so much valuable real-estate on their dashboard to a shameless advertiser? It is such a turnoff, i never even considered the pro version.
10 September 2022 1 reply
I use the Pro version for more than two years now without any problem, with support voor G4. Last week I had a problem and the support from Exact Metrix replied within a couple of hours. After some conversation it seems the problem was with Google not with EM. I would recommend EM, it does a very good job, so 5 stars from me ....
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Change Log

7.15.3: May 22, 2023

  • Enhancement: We updated and tweaked some settings with our Site Notes feature.

7.15.2: May 03, 2023

  • New: Site Notes allows you to record important website events right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Update: Fix EDD integration.
  • Update: Mobile screen optimizations.

7.15.1: May 02, 2023

  • Fix: Fixed a critical error.

7.15: May 02, 2023

  • New: Site Notes allows you to record important website events right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Update: Fix EDD integration.
  • Update: Mobile screen optimizations.

7.14.2: Apr 11, 2023

  • Fixed: We fixed a PHP warning error and added additional security hardening.

7.14.1: Mar 29, 2023

  • Fixed: We fixed the Addons page UI.

7.14.0: Mar 27, 2023

  • New: Our New PPC Tracking addon allows you to effortlessly track sales inside Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta.
  • Enhancement: We updated and tweaked lots elements to make our dashboard easier to use

7.13.1: Mar 21, 2023

  • Fixed: We fixed the admin menu text.

7.13.0: Mar 13, 2023

  • Enhancement: We enhanced the notifications user experience.
  • Fixed: We fixed the PDF reports header.
  • Update: We applied additional security hardening.

7.12.1: Jan 12, 2023

  • Fix: We made updates to authentication

7.12.0: Jan 12, 2023

  • Enhancement: We updated and fixed some UI/UX elements to make ExactMetrics easier to use
  • Enhancement: We optimized our Javascript code to work better with minification plugins
  • Enhancement: We optimized our Javascript code to work better with minification plugins
  • Enhancement: We optimized the Javascript code to work nicely with minification plugins
  • Enhancement: We optimized our code to work better with PHP8

7.11.0: Dec 12, 2022

  • New: With our limited-time-only Year in Review report you’ll be able to see how your site performed in 2022 and how to improve in 2023. This report will be automatically available from January 1 to January 14, 2023, inside the Reports section of ExactMetrics.
  • Enhancement: We optimized our media addon events.

7.10.1: Nov 09, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed a bug in our auto-update logic when it encounters double digit version numbers.

7.10.0: Nov 07, 2022

  • New: We created a new Media report available right inside WordPress Admin dashboard to view video plays and engagement
  • New: We added file download support for Pretty Links
  • Enhancement: We enhanced some UI elements within the plugin
  • Fix: We updated User Journey to work with older versions of Easy Digital Downloads

7.9.1: Oct 11, 2022

  • Enhancement: Our UserJourney addon works with sequential orders
  • Enhancement: We updated some language inside the WordPress Admin area for GA4 reporting
  • Fix: Headline analyzer now understands queries better
  • Fix: We updated our Ads addon to work with Easy Digital Downloads 3.0

7.9.0: Sept 20, 2022

  • New: You can now show an ExactMetrics badge on your website!
  • Enhancement: We updated and tweaked many UI elements to better help with onboarding and plugin usage.
  • Enhancement: We now include our dashboard fonts locally.
  • Fix: We updated support for PHP 8 with our headline analyzer tool.

7.8.2: Aug 26, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed the headline analyzer issues reported by our lite users.
  • Fix: We fixed the PHP errors reported by WordPress 4.8 users.

7.8.1: Aug 24, 2022

  • Fix: Updated eCommerce session tracking for GA4 properties.

7.8.0: Aug 22, 2022

  • New: We added UserJourney for Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LifterLMS, Restrict Content Pro, and GiveWP.
  • Enhancement: We enhanced the PageInsights addon to better support query strings
  • Enhancement: We optimized the reports cache.
  • Enhancement: We optimized the LearnDash integration.
  • Enhancement: We optimized reports data for eCommerce integrations.
  • Enhancement: We optimized report queries for certain timezones.
  • Enhancement: We updated some of our error messages to provide better direction.
  • Enhancement: We optimized the code for PHP 8.1.
  • Enhancement: We optimized our onboarding wizard to include all GA properties.
  • Fix: We fixed non zero data in eCommerce reports.
  • Fix: We fixed the purchase events for LifterLMS.
  • Fix: We updated the report URL for all downloads button inside the WordPress dashboard.

7.7.0: Jul 11, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed the logged-in sessions data in our dimensions report.
  • Fix: We fixed the test mode detection PayPal Express Payment method when Smart Button is used.
  • Enhancement: We optimized our plugin’s backend javascript.
  • Enhancement: We optimized the membership levels tracking for Restrict Content Pro integration.
  • Enhancement: We optimized the integration with EDD latest versions.
  • Update: License validation now checks to ensure active license exists.

7.6.0: Jun 13, 2022

  • Enhancement: We updated the User Journey display
  • Enhancement: We optimized the plugin activation process, popular posts, userID tracking, and onboarding

7.5.3: May 18, 2022

  • Fix: We optimized the user ID custom dimension for GAv4
  • Fix: We optimized the affiliate events for GAv4
  • Fix: We optimized the Easy Digital Downloads purchase events for GAv4

7.5.2: May 06, 2022

Fix: We fixed an error reported by users using older versions of PHP.

7.5.1: May 03, 2022

  • New: We launched a new User Journey addon to easily see which pages and for how long each customer visited before making a purchase from your WooCommerce store.
  • Enhancement: We enhanced Page Insights to show stats right in the WordPress sidebar while editing public post types.
  • Enhancement: We enhanced our Headline Analyzer tool.
  • Fix: We fixed the URL query string parameters in reports.
  • Fix: We fixed anchor tag targets to enhance user experience.
  • Fix: We restricted excluding page tracking only for public post_types.
  • Fix: We fixed console errors reported by a few customers on the admin homepage.

7.5.0: March 31, 2022

  • Tweak: We enhanced and optimized the backend styles.
  • Fix: We fixed a few PHP warnings when no add-ons are installed.
  • Fix: We optimized the filters to add dynamic attributes in all frontend script tags.

7.4.0: February 28, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed the plugin requirements for Forms Addons version 2.2.1+
  • Fix: We optimized the popular posts widgets display in edit screens
  • Fix: We fixed console errors for users who have CookieYes enabled
  • Fix: We fixed custom dimensions for all single post types.

7.3.4: February 10, 2022

  • Fix: Resolved a PHP Notice message some users received after upgrading to 7.3.3

7.3.3: February 09, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed the PDF reports format.
  • Tweak: We optimized the Ajax requests for notifications.

7.3.2: January 25, 2022

  • Fix: We fixed the fatal error that occurred due to a generic class name conflict.
  • Fix: Fixed errors some users were having with our Exclude from Tracking feature.

7.3.1: January 24, 2022

  • New: With our new Exclude from Tracking Feature admins can now exclude any page or post from tracking.
  • Fix: We fixed the local gtag.js where it didn’t work with only the GAv4 connection.
  • Fix: We fixed the messages in the plugin settings based on the Media Addon activation status.
  • Tweak: We categorized and enhanced the plugin notifications.
  • Fix: We fixed Javascript errors when the CookieBot plugin is active and the Forms addon is not.
  • Fix: We fixed UTM parameters in tracking links.
  • Fix: We remove the type attribute from the script tag if the current theme supports html5.
  • Fix: We fixed GA4 eCommerce missing events.
  • Fix: We fixed the incorrect numbers for Year In Review average page views.
  • Fix: We fixed the integration with Enfold theme Ajax forms where conversions were not being tracked.
  • Fix: We fixed the backward compatibility for AffiliateWP versions below 2.7.

7.3.0: December 14, 2021

  • New: From January 1 to 14, 2022, a limited time only Year In Review report will appear in the Reports section to reflect on your site’s analytics in 2021 and offer insights and suggestions for improvement.
  • New In Pro: We’ve released a new integration with AffiliateWP to make it super simple to see how your affiliates are impacting your eCommerce stores.
  • New In Pro: We’ve released our ExactMetrics Media addon which makes it easy to track YouTube, Vimeo and media-library-uploaded videos.
  • Tweak: We’ve ensured all links to our documentation will open in a new tab to make them easier to use.
  • Fix: An issue with the headline analyzer has been fixed that could have caused it to unpin in Gutenberg when another plugin’s item was unpinned.
  • Fix: A bug that caused the bounce rate box to sometimes show twice on the GAv3 dashboard widget has been fixed.

7.2.0: November 3, 2021

  • New In Pro: 7 day traffic Email Summaries
  • New In Pro: Compatibility for the Complianz and CookieYes cookie notice plugins.
  • Tweak: Cleaned up the outputting of the GA compatibility layer feature.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with dual tracking that could cause bounce rate to be off for GAv3 properties.

7.1.0: September 29, 2021

  • Tweak: We’ve updated some of the GAv4 report labels to be more accurate.
  • New in Pro: We’ve added Google Ads conversion tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress.
  • New in Pro: We’ve added a new integration with EasyAffiliates for users using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress.

7.0.2: September 21, 2021

  • Fix: We fixed an issue with the dashboard widget that caused the bounce rate box to appear twice.

7.0.1: September 14, 2021

  • Fix: We fixed an issue that caused certain 404 pages to return an invalid page title.

7.0.0: September 1, 2021

  • New: Full Google Analytics v4 support! After working very closely with the Google Analytics team for many months, we’re excited to unveil full support for Google’s newest version of Google Analytics. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google’s web analytics platform, and it can track both websites and apps in the same property. It also has some new reporting features and can give you better, more in-depth insights into how users are interacting with your website. We’ve taken the time to ensure that users who run GAv4 can do so effortlessly, for example by ensuring your events from GAv3 will work the same in GAv4 without having to touch any code or configuration. You can learn all about GAv4 and ExactMetrics on our announcement blog post.
  • New: GAv3 + GAv4 Dual Tracking support. We’re also excited to announce our exclusive dual-tracking feature. This feature lets you to track your site visitors to both a Google Analytics v3 (Universal) and a Google Analytics v4 (GAv4) property at the same time, which allows you to take advantage of the new GAv4 features without having to sacrifice your historical data. You can learn more about this ExactMetrics exclusive feature on our site.

6.8.0: July 13, 2021

  • Tweak: The main tracking script added by ExactMetrics is now loaded asynchronously to improve the page load performance
  • Tweak: The plugin’s assets used in the WordPress admin area are now better optimised for a smaller plugin size and better loading times in the settings area.
  • Tweak: We improved the way the options we store in the database are loaded and considerably reduced the size of the largest objects to reduce overall load in the WP admin.
  • Tweak: The Google Analytics compatibility script we added with the gtag.js transition now supports virtual pageviews.
  • Fix: We adjusted the image size used in the Popular Posts widgets for better image size handling to improve loading times when the widgets are used.

6.7.0: March 18, 2021

  • New: See exactly what report or setting is mentioned in the contextual education message with our new highlight feature.
  • Tweak: The Popular Posts Widget curated posts are now randomly displayed.
  • Tweak: The method used for sending server-side events now prevents preloading plugins from creating false events for more accurate stats.
  • Tweak: The Popular Posts styles are now loaded only when needed on the current page.
  • Tweak: A new filter to disable the random order of the posts in the Popular Posts widget was added.
  • Fix: The loading prompts in the reports area are now more consistent to avoid confusion.
  • Fix: Our compatibility layer for analytics.js was missing some parameters that could interfere with the bounce rate.

6.6.2: February 22, 2021

  • Tweak: Our gtag.js compatibility layer now supports custom trackers used in some integrations loaded by other scripts.

6.6.1: February 17, 2021

  • Tweak: We improved our gtag.js to analytics.js compatibility layer for better support on events added by other plugins.
  • Fix: Our link tracking feature was interfering with certain lightbox scripts when using externally hosted images.

6.6.0: February 9, 2021

  • New: We’ve updated the plugin to use Google’s Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking solution for a futureproof setup combined with our exclusive compatibility layer that enables existing analytics.js events integrations to continue to work seamlessly.
  • Tweak: We updated some CSS styles on our admin panel for improved compatibility with other plugins.
  • Tweak: We adjusted the order of some parameters to improve compatibility with upcoming PHP8.

6.5.1: January 27, 2021

  • Fix: We made an adjustment to fix an issue with the cross-domain tracking for the gtag.js tracking option.

6.5.0: January 19, 2021

  • New: We added support for Google’s global site tag (gtag.js) with a seamless upgrade experience for all your existing events or integrations with analytics.js. Upgrading to this version will give you the option to manually opt-in to gtag.js that will become the standard tracking code in a future version.
  • Fix: We added an extra check to prevent a potential error on older PHP versions from our Popular Posts feature.

6.4.0: December 16, 2020

  • New: With our new, limited-time only, Year in Review report you’ll be able to see how your site performed in 2020 and how to improve in 2021.
  • Tweak: Our contextual notifications are now more efficient when using report data.
  • Tweak: Selecting the “no styles” option in the Popular Posts settings now also prevents any inline styles from being output.
  • Tweak: Our campaign URL tool now encodes values better.
  • Tweak: We removed a JavaScript dependency in the Popular Posts Widget settings.
  • Tweak: We added a limit to the number of dismissed notifications for better storage usage.
  • Fix: We added a value for the alt parameter of the images used in the Popular Posts widgets.
  • Fix: Our Popular Posts widgets had a potential infinite recursion error in certain situations so we added a check to prevent that.

See our changelog for previous releases.