WordPress in the Metaverse: Create an Immersive VR Experience
Discover a revolutionary new media channel for your WordPress site—the Metaverse. With the GOTOVIAR plugin, you transition into this unprecedented digital dimension where your website is not just viewed, but fully experienced in Virtual Reality (VR). Specifically designed for standalone VR headsets like the Meta Quest, and accessible via VR browsers such as the Meta Quest Browser, GOTOVIAR opens the door to a whole new audience. This not only enhances engagement but elevates your product presentations to a new level in an immersive VR environment. The GOTOVIAR plugin also intelligently recognizes users accessing your site via a VR browser, activating a dedicated button that allows them to seamlessly enter the virtual environment. Make your website accessible at the forefront of digital evolution and connect with users on a deeper, more interactive level.

A new dimension of product presentation awaits you with GOTOVIAR. Imagine a VR menu where your content comes to life; 3D objects become tangible, and visitors can view your products from every angle as if they were actually holding them. But it doesn’t stop there. GOTOVIAR enables you to seamlessly integrate both VR video content and traditional 2D video content. This means your storytelling and product demos gain unparalleled depth and engagement, immersing users in the experience as if they were there in person.

Our advanced multi-user tool revolutionizes how you interact with visitors by allowing you to present yourself as an avatar. This enables real-time communication and active participation, significantly enriching the user experience. By adding this interactive dimension, you engage visitors on a deeper level and strengthen the connection with your website. Welcome to a new reality where communication and presentation seamlessly merge into an impressive virtual experience.

The Power of the Metaverse! A Missed Opportunity?
Webmasters, did you know your website is already accessible via VR browsers? This untapped potential awaits your action. GOTOVIAR unlocks the full power of this accessibility by not only making your site visible in the Metaverse but also transforming it into a destination that attracts new visitors and generates deeper engagement with innovative product presentations. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your website shine in a new dimension.

After Installation – Your Next Steps:
Immediately after installing the GOTOVIAR plugin, it’s time for a crucial step to make your website fully VR-ready. Each website has its unique structure and design, necessitating personalized tuning for the implementation of the GOTOVIAR plugin. That’s why it’s important for you to contact our professional support team. We will assist you in correctly linking your website to the desired virtual environment and ensure a smooth activation of the plugin. This step guarantees flawless integration and maximizes the VR experience for your visitors. Contact us at and make the leap to an impressive presentation in the Metaverse.

Choose Your Starting VR Environment:

Standard VR Environment:
For a very accessible investment, we offer a selection of ready-made VR environments. These environments are designed to immediately captivate and engage your visitors, regardless of the niche or industry you’re in. For a preview of what to expect, we invite you to visit our examples page. Here you’ll find a diverse collection of VR environments we’ve already developed, each with unique elements that will undoubtedly enrich your website. Discover the possibilities and be inspired by what is possible within the world of Virtual Reality. Visit our example page at to see more.

Custom VR Environment:
For those who want to carry their brand identity into the smallest details, we offer the possibility to develop a fully customized VR environment. Together, we will explore your vision, after which our team creates a unique VR world that reflects your values and message. To discuss the possibilities for a customized VR environment and how it can strengthen your brand, we invite you to contact us directly. Our team is ready to work with you to design the perfect virtual environment that not only exceeds your expectations but also provides an unforgettable experience for your visitors. Contact us today at to schedule a conversation and take the first steps towards your unique VR experience.


GOTOVIAR is an innovative plugin for WordPress sites that enables users to transform their website into an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience, specifically designed for standalone VR headsets like the Meta Quest and accessible via VR browsers such as the Meta Quest Browser.

How can GOTOVIAR increase engagement on my website?
GOTOVIAR enhances engagement by placing your website within a fully immersive VR environment, where visitors can experience your content in a more interactive way, including viewing products in 3D and participating in real-time communication as avatars.

Is GOTOVIAR suitable for all types of WordPress websites?
Yes, GOTOVIAR is designed to work with all types of WordPress sites, regardless of the niche or industry. It offers a unique way to present and promote products and services in VR.

How do I install the GOTOVIAR plugin on my WordPress site?
You can install the GOTOVIAR plugin by downloading it from the WordPress plugin directory and then uploading and activating the plugin via the WordPress dashboard.

Can I use GOTOVIAR without technical knowledge?
Yes, GOTOVIAR is designed to be user-friendly. However, for initial setup and customizations, it may be useful to get support from our team, especially for tailoring your VR environment to your specific needs.

Does GOTOVIAR support both VR and 2D video content?
Yes, GOTOVIAR supports the integration of both VR video content and traditional 2D video content, allowing you to offer a rich and diverse user experience.

How can GOTOVIAR develop a customized VR environment for my website?
To develop a customized VR environment, you can contact our team at Together, we’ll explore your vision and needs to create a unique VR experience that reflects your brand identity.

What are the costs of using GOTOVIAR?
GOTOVIAR offers various options, from ready-made VR environments to fully customized solutions. Costs vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Contact us at for a detailed quote.

How does GOTOVIAR distinguish itself from other VR platforms?
GOTOVIAR stands out in the market with its innovative approach in transforming traditional web experiences (Web 2.0) into immersive VR environments (Web 3.0). While other VR solutions focus on separate aspects of VR experiences, GOTOVIAR offers a unique, integrated experience that not only makes websites visible in the Metaverse but also transforms them into fully interactive VR environments.

Can visitors interact within the VR environment?
Yes, GOTOVIAR supports multi-user functionality, allowing visitors to communicate and interact in real-time as avatars within the VR environment.


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