Healomax Stress Assessment Plugin


The Healomax Stress Assessment plugin allows users to take a stress assessment on your WordPress website. The plugin calculate stress level and provides a recommendation based on the user’s responses to the questions.

Healomax Stress Assessment plugin Features

1.Easy to use: The plugin is easy to use and can be set up and configured quickly, allowing users to start assessing their stress levels in no time.

2.Convenient: The plugin allows users to assess their stress levels from the comfort of their own home with usage instructions in the form.

3.Accurate: The plugin includes a questionnaire that has been designed to accurately assess stress levels, providing users with their stress levels and recommendations.

4.Customizable: The plugin includes options that allow the administrator to add their services and contact details (phone, eMail, physical address) in the result.

5.Automated: The plugin includes a system that shows the report to the user’s screen on your website.

6.The stress assessment plugin can be a useful tool for individuals and organizations to assess and manage stress levels.

7.Cost-effective: The plugin is a cost-effective solution for assessing stress levels.

8.Provides recommendations: The plugin provides recommendations to the user based on their stress level, which can help them take steps to manage their stress more effectively.

9.Can be used by organizations: This plugin can be used by organizations to conduct stress assessments among their employees and take steps to create a healthier work environment.

10.Can be easily integrated: The plugin can be easily integrated into an existing wordpress website and is compatible with most WordPress themes.

11.Unlimited assessments: yes, unlimited assessments are allowed.


Upload the healomax-stress-assessment.zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Use the [stress_assess] shortcode on any page or post to display the stress assessment form.

Getting Started

Go to settings

=> Stress Assessment

=> Add optional details:

Services and Contact details

Save Changes


Check out the Stress Assessment demo of this plugin at: Stress Assessment



  • Add plugin.
  • Upload and Install.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • For Settings.
  • Admin Settings
  • Add details


Q: How do I install this plugin?

A: You can install this plugin by uploading the .zip file through the WordPress plugin uploader or by extracting the files and uploading them to your WordPress plugins directory via FTP.

Q: How do I use this plugin on my website?

A: To use this plugin, you can add the [stress_assess] shortcode to any page or post on your website. This will display the stress assessment form on that page.

Q: How do user view the results of the stress assessment?

A: When a user submits the stress assessment form, the results will be displayed on the same page.

Q: Can I use the plugin on multiple websites?

A: Yes, you can use the plugin on multiple websites. Simply install the plugin on each website where you want to use it, and activate it. There are no additional fees or licenses required to use this free plugin on multiple websites.


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1st January 2022
* Initial Release.


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