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Hyvor Talk is an ad-free, modern commenting platform for websites. Hyvor Talk comments system is created with a smooth, fast, and a fully-customizable design. Comments are usually installed on websites using an embed code. “Comments by Hyvor Talk” plugin installs Hyvor Talk comments on a WordPress site with few clicks.

After you install the “Comments by Hyvor Talk” plugin on your website, users will be able to comment with their Hyvor account or as guests. You can also set up Single Sign-on to allow users to comment using their accounts on your website.

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Hyvor Talk offers a generous free plan. If you are just getting started, you can add comments feature to your WordPress site for free until your website traffic grows. Hyvor Talk’s free plan includes almost every feature as the premium.

Comments Plugin Features

  • Privacy-focused. No tracking. No ads. No third party code added to your website.
  • Easy WordPress installation.
  • AJAX-based commenting plugin.
  • In-built reactions plugin. Six reactions included. Shown above the comments plugin. Any visitor can react.
  • Beautiful and modern user-interface. Uses CSS3 animations.
  • Blazing fast commenting experience. Fast comments publishing, editing, and deleting.
  • Zero impact on your site’s speed.
  • High performance and lightweight comments plugin.
  • In-plugin comment moderation. Moderators can delete or feature a comment within the plugin.
  • Improved SEO rankings and user engagement with comments. (Yes, Google indexes the Hyvor Talk comments section.)
  • Responsive. Works ideally on any kind of device.
  • Comment using Hyvor account, as a guest, or with SSO.
  • Logged in commenters can manage their comments at Hyvor Talk Home.
  • Drafts saved for logged in commenters.
  • Sorting using a special “BEST” algorithm, latest, or oldest. Best algorithm sorts comments based on time and upvotes.
  • Comment searching.
  • Upvoting and downvoting on comments. Moderate can change the voting type to both, only upvotes, or none.
  • Replying to comments.
  • No multi-threaded comments. This helps to keep comment and its replies focused on a single topic which new visitors will find useful to find an answer.
  • Limited number of replies loaded per comment, and a “More Replies…” button is shown to load more reply comments via AJAX.
  • Featured comments. One comment can be featured per page. A featured comment is shown at the top of the page and highlighted in a golden color.
  • Lazy loading comments (on scroll) is natively supported by the WordPress plugin.
  • Comments can also be loaded on button click. The default is on load.
  • Owner, admin, and mod tags shown with the comments.
  • AJAX load more button to load more comments.
  • Moderators can control the number of comments loaded at the initial and load more requests.
  • Emails sent to signed up users when someone replies to their comments or mentions them in his/her comment.
  • Multi-language support. See supported languages.
  • Close web pages for comments to disallow new comments.

PRO TIP: Hyvor Talk comments plugin’s appearance can be customized to look like a part of your website, not an external plugin.


  • Fully-functional, AJAX-based Console with numerous features to make comment moderation fast and efficient.
  • Moderate comments of multiple websites in the same console.
  • Add multiple domains per website.
  • All the colors, the font, and some texts of the comments plugin are customizable.
  • Multiple admins and moderators per website. You can invite your colleagues/team members to moderate comments using their Hyvor account.
  • Automatic spam protection. Hyvor Talk’s in-built spam detector protects you from spam comments. Spam is checked every time when any user (except moderators) publishes or edit a comment. If marked as spam, the comment will be hidden until approved by the moderators.
  • Links in comments are no-follow. This prevents unrelated links from destroying your SEO.
  • See the number of new comments when visiting the console.
  • Approve or delete comments.
  • Turn on/off reactions plugin.
  • Turn on/off emojis.
  • Turn on/off guest commenting. Choose if you need to collect the email and website of the guest commenter. All the guest commenters go through a Google Recaptcha validation.
  • Turn on/off spam detection.
  • Turn on, turn on only for guest comments, or turn off pre-moderation. When pre-moderation is turned on, comments won’t be shown until approved.
  • Easily change the language.
  • Choose default sort of the comments.
  • Choose the number of comments per request.
  • Customize owner, admin, and mod tag names.
  • Customize comment count texts for zero, one, and multiple comments.
  • User banning. Moderators can ban any user who has previously commented on their website.
  • Moderate your pages at the console. You can turn on pre-moderation only for a single page.
  • See the number of comments on each page.
  • Instant email notifications when a user comments.
  • Weekly reports for the website owner.
  • Analytics report in the console (Hyvor Talk tracks this from the server-side tracking and simple AJAX requests. No third-party services used).
  • See the number of new pages, page views, reads, and comments for 4 time periods: today, yesterday, last 7 days, and this month.
  • Import comments from WordPress and Disqus.
  • Analyze comment imports. See the number of imported pages and comments. Delete all of the imported data in a single click.
  • See monthly usage stats from the console.
  • Add SSO if needed.

Features for commenting

  • Supports markdown features: bold, italic, underline, lists, images, links, and inline codes.
  • Developers can write comments with code highlighting. 24 programming languages are supported. Codes are highlighted using highlight.js
  • Choose emojis among more than 1000 and add them to your comments.
  • Mention other users in comments.
  • Add images or GIFs to comments.
  • Preview comment while writing.
  • Auto-scaling textarea for comment writing.
  • Guided markdown comments writing (buttons are there for bold, italic, etc.).

Useful Resources


  • Comments Plugin - The Default View
  • Comments Plugin - Customized for Dark page
  • In-built Reactions Plugin
  • Console - Where you moderate the comments


Note: First, you should register your website at Hyvor Talk. If you haven’t done it yet, first visit the console’s add website section. Then, add your website and copy the website ID.

In the WordPress admin panel,

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Type hyvor talk in the search box
  3. Find Comments by Hyvor Talk by Hyvor
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Activate the plugin
  6. Go to Hyvor Talk plugin
  7. Add your website ID and click Change. (You can find your website ID at the console.)


Can I use Hyvor Talk for free?

Yes. Hyvor Talk is completely free for small websites (check the limits on the Pricing page). When your website grows, you can use our premium or unlimited plans.

Does Hyvor Talk show ads on my website?

No. Hyvor Talk is ad-free and privacy-focused. We don’t place any other company’s code on your website.

Where are comments saved?

Comments are saved on our databases and backed up frequently to an external server. So, your comments are safe!

Can I import my existing WordPress comments into Hyvor Talk?

Yes. See the official guide

Can I export my comments from Hyvor Talk?

At the moment, you can’t. But, we are discussing if we will add this feature in the future. Stay connected with us on our support group for the latest announcements.

Do you support SSO?

Yes. You can set it up with a few clicks. See the tutorial.

What happens if I deactivate Hyvor Talk on my website?

You won’t see comments plugin anymore on your website. But, you can add it anytime again. Then, you will see your earlier comments.


13 May 2020
All work very very well! Good job guys! Just a little improvement, the ability to styling load comments button!
27 January 2019
If you're looking to add commenting to your website, Hyvor Talk is a great choice. I love it! It's very customizable, plus it's free too!
26 January 2019
This plugin is just amazing, i am using it from quite long time and its UI/UX is what i loved most. It have reactions button and they update in realtime. The admin panel is so much user friendly. You can just manage everything from there.
Read all 3 reviews

Contributors and Developers

“Comments by Hyvor Talk” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • SSO ID removed
  • SSO uses the user profile as the user’s URL


  • Custom identifiers added (To support third-party importing)


  • SSO support added


  • Bug fixed in comment count
  • Multi language support added (Beta)


  • Bug Fixed in the page


  • Added comment counts support
  • Added loading modes


  • Introduced Hyvor Talk WordPress plugin.