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IconPress is the world’s first icon management interface for WordPress, an innovative tool for managing icons straight into your dashboard, redefining the standard of icon use, as the best alternative for font icons.

It all happens through an easy interface that’s capable of inserting icons into your website’s pages, through most of all major popular page builders and native WordPress super powers.

Check out the demo walk-through (7 mins)


IconPress is the inevitable result of an improperly used technology. Fonts are not quite designed to host icons. They’re monochrome, they’re huge and most importantly they’re loaded as entire packs which really do slow your website.

IconPress is taking advantage of SVG technology, combining ONLY the icons you are using throughout your website, into a sprite. That’s really, really cool!!

Absolutely gorgeous icons, no http requests, no painfully large libraries of fonts resulting in a performance boost of your website.


IconPress plugin is hosting some of the most popular icon libraries, such as Web & Mobile Icon Bundle, Typicons, Vivid Icons, Entypo, Open Iconic, Linecons, Font Awesome, Material Icons, IcoMoon, Meteocons, Devicon

Upgrade to ICONPRESS PRO to access over 100.000 icons (and possibly much, much more) from IconFinder, straight into your WordPress dashboard or right into your page builder’s elements.


That’s right. It’s so easy to find an icon and add it. IconPress’s interface is fast (built with React) and intuitive.

See it in action


Upon saving, your chosen icons will be saved into your own collection. This collection is the only part that’s loaded into the frontend. No other icons, fonts or whatever, just those icons.

Support for page builders, Gutenberg & shortcodes

IconPress currently supports all major page builders, such as WPBakery Page builder, Elementor and Beaver Builder. Others very soon!

Also, we’re part of WordPress’s future by having our very own Gutenberg block.

See builders elements in action


Any icon can be accompanied by special, unique and creative decorations, with powerful customization options that will enhance your icons display.

See decorations gallery

Customize icons and generate various codes

Customize icons color and size, and generate a code that fits your needs. Currently supporting SHORTCODE, SVG (both inline and embed) and PHP. We have built in functions that will easily inset any icon based on its id.

See it in action

Upload your own SVG icons

Available in ICONPRESS PRO .

You’re able to upload your own custom .svg icons and use it inside your website’s Media Library, Page builder elements, or everywhere in your website where you can paste a shortcode.

See uploading in action

SVG code editor

Available in ICONPRESS PRO .

If you’re planning on customizing your icons by changing some of their colors, or just adding or removing certain shapes, simply edit their code.

Code editing in action

WordPress Editor friendly

When creating a new page you’ll always find the IconPress iconshort code button right above the editor.

WordPress Customizer

Theme developers can use IconPress app control, right into the WordPress’s Customizer.

System locked icons

Term given to icons that are hardcoded throughout IconPress, but mostly as a tool for theme and plugin developers, to include icons that cannot be removed by users.

Entrance animations

Make your icons enter in style with custom animations when scrolling into view. See demos.

Support for Demo import

You can bundle IconPress with your theme and include system icons, but mainly, you can safely export your sample data of a theme demo, using simple hooks. One Click Demo Import plugin supported!

SVG Support into WordPress

IconPress adds the posibility of viewing SVG thumbnails and uploading into Media Library, as well as inserting svg’s into the editor.

Built with React

React is used for the JavaScript foundation of this plugin, making it fast and responsive.


Knowledge base is available on IconPress website.


  • Main icon browser interface
  • Icon browser's load more collections
  • My collection section
  • Customization and custom code generating
  • Icon Information
  • Item toolbar with options
  • SVG Code editor
  • Upload icons (PRO Feature)
  • Options page
  • WPBakery Page builder IconPress elements
  • WPBakery Page builder IconPress element opened
  • Browsing and inserting icon in WPBakery Page builder IconPress element
  • Elementor IconPress widget options
  • Beaver Builder IconPress element options
  • WordPress editor Insert icon button


  1. Upload and install IconPress Lite in the same way you’d install any other plugin.
  2. Read the geting started articles.


Please visit our Knowledge Base


25 May 2020
Unfortunately, elementor widget doesn't work anymore, and there is no reply on the support forum, would love to see a fix for this, and update the rating to 5 stars again as it is what the plugin's working version deserves. Thank you.
29 December 2018
I absolutely love the possibilities that this plugin offers.
23 December 2018
Easy access and usage to nice & huge collection of free icons and premium ones. It saved me from many hours of searching and downloading entire libraries.
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Contributors & Developers

“IconPress Lite – Icon management in WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log

1.4.9 – 26 May 2020

  • Fix for Elementor;

1.4.8 – 16 Apr 2020

  • Updated SVG library’s allowed tags;

1.4.7 – 15 Apr 2020

  • Fixed fatal error;

1.4.6 – 19 Oct 2019

  • Fixed WPBakery Page builder elements (were not showing in Elements list);
  • Improved: Loading extra Gutenberg CSS stylesheet;
  • Improved: Checks and conditionals;

1.4.5 – 21 March 2019

  • Added posibility of disabling system icons to be loaded in frontend (disabled by default);
  • Added Ajax loading method;
  • Tweaked Elementor size control to support responsive;
  • Fixed Multisite uninstall hook;
  • Fixed missing stylesheet notice;

1.4.4 – 9 january 2019

  • Added Multisite support;
  • Added Decoration options into IconPress Icon for Beaver builder;
  • Added option to disable importing icons into media library;

1.4.3 – 19 December 2018

  • Fixed Bug with Gutenberg IconPress block

1.4.2 – 14 December 2018

  • Fixed conflict with Post SMTP plugin

1.4.1 – 7 December 2018

  • Fixed Elementor element bug when icons are not inserted into editor’s frontend
  • Fixed Saving icons issue (on various PHP versions)
  • Fixed PHP parse error (on various PHP versions)
  • Fixed icon rendering on Firefox

1.4.0 – 22 September 2018

  • Initial IconPress Lite release on WordPress plugins repository.