Lava Directory Manager


Lava directory manager plugin is for business listings

This plugin enables you to use the power and flexibility of WordPress to generate optimized pages for your business listings.

Intro page :

Documentation :

Demo site :


It is currently (v0.1) available only English version. we are happy to have volunteer to assist to translate in your own languages.

Please email us at , if you are interested.
Thank you in advance.


  • ** Setting page ** - Lava directory manager plugin setting page.
  • ** Back-end form ** - You can manager (add/edit/delete) property information.
  • ** Front-end form ** - Your user can add properties on front-end


Install via Search:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “lava directory manager”
  3. Click the “Install Now” link.
  4. Once installed, click the “Activate Plugin” link.
  5. Visit settings to setup pages

Install via Upload:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload”
  2. Upload file
  3. Once uploaded, click the “Activate Plugin” link
  4. Visit settings to setup pages

That’s it!
If you need more documentation, please visit here ( )


Installation Instructions

Install via Search:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “lava directory manager”
  3. Click the “Install Now” link.
  4. Once installed, click the “Activate Plugin” link.
  5. Visit settings to setup pages

Install via Upload:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload”
  2. Upload file
  3. Once uploaded, click the “Activate Plugin” link
  4. Visit settings to setup pages

That’s it!
If you need more documentation, please visit here ( )

Can I use my existing WordPress theme?

Yes! Lava directory manager works out-of-the-box with nearly every WordPress theme.

Will this work on WordPress multisite?

Yes! If your WordPress installation has multisite enabled, Lava directory manager will work on it.

Where can I get support?

We will open our own support site soon. or you can create tickets on wordpress plugin support page.

Where can I find documentation?

Our codex can be found at

Where can I report a bug?

Report bugs, suggest ideas, and participate in development at .


Great potential – needs work

I like how the developers modeled the data for this plugin. Very smart use of existing WordPress architecture, which makes for efficient data management, easy extendability, and also makes sorting and filtering the directory listings easy. This plugin has the best search capabilities of any of the directory plugins I tried out. (I avoided trying out other plugins that had really stripped-out features for their free version, and a ridiculously high fee for the “pro” versions.) This is why I went with this one, despite some of the issues I encountered with it. (Read on…)

Searching for map geocodes did not work for me. It produced an error message that said, “You are not the author.” As a matter of fact, I AM the author. No one from support got back to me after a week, so I figured out I could work around the issue by using to obtain the geocodes. Lava Directory allows you to just enter the geocodes directly, so some plus points for that.

I have another plugin for events that also uses the Google Maps api key, and there were some pages where they were both trying to evoke the key, which will break your maps. So I ended up getting a dedicated maps plugin that I could use with the content from both plugins and disabled the map functions in both of the other plugins. In this case, it would be nice to have plugin settings that let you disable the map functions entirely, and not display the titles, etc. with no real content. I’m a developer, so I’m adding that feature to my own install of the plugin.

On the listing detail pages, website urls should be displayed as clickable hyperlinks. I fixed that on my installation of it, but I’d like to suggest that to Lava as a much needed and very easy to add feature.

Support. As in, there is none. On the main plugin info page, they tell you they’ll have a support forum on their website “soon”, but meanwhile we should post to the WordPress support forum for support. I posted twice, and no response to either. As of the moment I am posting this review, the first one has gone unanswered for over a week. I did come across another review (from over a year ago) that mentioned slow support. The response from Lava was, “You should email us.” That conflicted with what was on the main plugin page, so I assumed it was outdated. Obviously, support is not a priority with these guys.

Despite the issues, I still found this plugin the best fit for my particular uses, so I’m using it. Lots of potential with this one, but it needs work.

No support for a long time

It seems as if that plugin does get no more support from the developers as they do not response in a timely manner and often they write only to contact the Javo theme team. In short, you are more or less on your own when you are using the plugin – or have to use it because Javo Directory Theme is using it.
The plugin has a nice idea but it simply does not work like it should. It is more or less a ruin of code which needs to be filled up with more valuable features. Sad that there is no real repository available to contribute to the directory itself and to themes supporting it.

Great Plugin and Excellent Support

This plugin is wonderful because it helps power the theme that my site uses (Javo Spot). The Lava Code team has always been super responsive and helpful with all my questions. Thank you for creating this and other Lava Plugins that are critical for my site.

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Contributors & Developers

“Lava Directory Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed : Elementor > Submit form widget issue
  • Improved : Backend > Edit listings > Added excerpt box
  • Fixed : Submit Form > Edit content(Description) issue
  • Fixed : Submit Form > Upload detail image > Limit option issue


  • Improved : Add submit form > Amenities field align
  • Improved : Add submit form > Scripts
  • Improved : JSON Generator > SSL support
  • Improved : Render function
  • Fixed : Map addons > save issue


  • Improved : Add submit form > Required field
  • New : Required setup option (Added : Admin page > Listing > Settings > required fields option )


  • Improved : Add submit form scripts
  • Change : Add submit form > Removed Email/Address required attribute
  • Fixed : Admin page > Edit listing > Not show logo upload field
  • Fixed : Add submit form shortcode > Submit issue


  • Added : Add submit form shortcode > Required fields & Display required field messages.
  • Fixed : Add submit form shortcode > Limit upload detail images
  • Change : Add submit form shortcode > Logo uploader position
  • Update : Selectize ver.0.12.4


  • Added : Frontend/Backend > Submit fields > Add fields css class
  • Improved : Submit script & media field script
  • Improved : Backend > Layout
  • Improved : Frontend > Get Amenities script > Check amenities exists


  • Added : Added json generator order hook
  • Fixed : Amenities icons : Single listing > Custom Icon selection.


  • Improved : Submit shortcode > User register > Change username to full user email address ( at and dot is hyphen )
  • Fixed : Open hours for Lava open hours addon


  • Added : Google map > Added geometry library


  • Fixed : Listing Amenities > Icons setting issue
  • Improved : Listing Taxonomies > Add/edit layout


  • Fixed : Edit listing category > Featured Image uploader > Double display issue
  • Fixed : Edit listing category > Featured image & Marker > Uploader issue
  • Improved : Edit listing category > Uploader > Modal title issue
  • Improved : Admin class > Simplify functions code


  • Improved : Compatibility with addons
  • Fixed : Minor CSS, JS


  • Improved : Listing Terms > Featured Image Uploader > Preview image size issue.
  • Fixed : Listing Terms > Add / edit term > Fix layout issue.
  • Fixed : Listing Amenities > Add term field > Display icon field issue.
  • Fixed : Listing Amenities > Add / edit term > Display only amenities term fields in ‘listing category’


  • Fixed : Categories > Featured image > not saved issue
  • Fixed : Featured category & marker icon upload issue
  • Improved : Submit listing & Edit Category & Map Template > Display all empty terms .
  • Added : Listing Category > Added icon option.
  • Fixed : Double source line
  • Improved : Review > add rating score json file.


  • Fixed : Listings > Settings > Display amenities > save option issue.


  • Fixed : Multi uploader css style issue.
  • Fixed : Listing category > upload marker image
  • Added : Shortcode > Added Get “add Listing form page” function

  • Improved : Admin > Listing > Settings > Addons UI
  • Improved : Admin > Listing > Settings > Display Amenities > Change default : list all
  • Fixed : Listing Category > Edit Taxonomy > Featured Image upload > Not working issue.
  • Fixed : Listing Category > Not saved featured image


  • Added : Amenities by listing_categories.
  • Added : Set a limit amount of detail images.
  • Fixed : Save_post Hook on admin only. not front-end


  • Improved : Shortcode > add Form > Style Improved
  • Improved : Shortcode > Listing > Style Improved
  • Improved : Shortcode > add form : Not logged-in user auto register
  • Improved : Shortcode > add form : Added user pwd
  • Added : Single > Added Edit Button
  • Added : Single > Added Publish Button & Preview Mode


  • Improved : Dashboard shortcode > added a tab for additional hooks


  • Added : Admin > Listings > Settings > Added Cross domain option
  • Fixed : Admin > Listings > Quick Edit : Detail image issue
  • Fixed : get_json fuction > Security issue fixed
  • Fixed : Double line code fixed


  • Improved : Social links field translate
  • Improved : Upload listing amenities icon
  • Added : Show default / custom amenities icon on single listing page
  • Improved : Compatibility work for Addons.
  • Improved : Minor css, js


  • Added : WordPress 4.7 compatibility.
  • Added : Option to change slug. “Listing” to your own name.
  • Added : Edit Listing > Detail images Multi-upload.
  • Improved : Display taxonomies. ‘show admin column => true’
  • Added : Amenities > Edit taxonomy > ‘icon’ field added.
  • Added : SNS social link on listing
  • Fixed : My Dashboard Shortcode > get_current_userinfo notice issue.
  • Improved : Change word(item >> listing)
  • Fixed : Single listing > streetview panorama radius issue.
  • Improve : edit listing > preview featured image.
  • Added : edit listing > added remove featured image checkbox.
  • Added options title, button names on Contact Widget for Javo themes
  • Improve : Edit page > page template option issue (WP 4.7)

  • Added : WordPress 4.6.1 compatibility.
  • Improved : Generator > Json big data & Added progress bar. it’s for when you have huge data.
  • Improved : Some instruction (ex. Listing Category pages)
  • Improved : Image uploading dimention tooltip.
  • Improved : Video instruction for video addon.


  • Improved / Fixed : WPML compatibility core
  • Improved : Pot file
  • Improved : Minor translation string

  • Added : Google Map API Key field.

  • Added : WP compatibility 4.5.2.


  • Added : Cross domain option.
  • Improved : Licence key for addon updates.
  • Improved : Undefined function error for themes
  • Fixed : Update button bug ( from WP 4.5 )
  • Improved / Fixed : minor js, css

  • Added : a button for licence key instruction.
  • Fixed : addons auto update compare issue.
  • Improved : WordPress newest version compatible (4.4.1).


  • Added : addons auto update
  • Fixed : Minor css, js issues

  • Fixed : Minor css, js issue

  • Fixed : A wrong required. 0.1.1


  • fixed : request class-addons.php


  • Improved : WordPress newest version compatible (4.4.1).
  • Improved : Better post type for unique and common.
  • Improved : CSS, JS


Release Date – 30th Jun, 2015

  • Initial release