Active Directory/LDAP Login for Intranet sites


Active Directory Integration for Intranet sites plugin provides login to WordPress using credentials stored in your LDAP Server. It allows users to authenticate against various LDAP implementations like Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other directory systems. User information is in sync with the information in LDAP. This plugin is free to use under the GNU/GPLv2 license. If you wish to use enhanced features, then there is a provision to upgrade as well. There is also a provision to use our services to deploy and configure this plugin.

Features :-

  • Login to WordPress using your LDAP credentials ( Additionally login with WordPress credentials supported if enabled )
  • Automatic user registration after login if the user is not already registered with your site.
  • LDAP groups to WordPress Users Role Mapping.
  • Keep user profile information in sync with LDAP.
  • Define custom user profile information to be retrieved from LDAP. eg: phone number, department etc. [PREMIUM]
  • Uses LDAP or LDAPS for secure connection to your LDAP Server.
  • Can authenticate users against multiple search bases. [PREMIUM]
  • Can authenticate users against multiple user attributes like uid, cn, mail, sAMAccountName. [PREMIUM]
  • Test connection to your LDAP server.
  • Test authentication using credentials stored in your LDAP server.
  • Ability to test against demo LDAP server and demo credentials.
  • You will need to install PHP LDAP extension in WordPress.
  • No need for a public IP address or FQDN for your LDAP.
  • Will get support if you contact miniOrange at
  • Fallback to local password in case LDAP is unreacheable.
  • Multisite support. [PREMIUM]

Do you want support?

Please email us at or Contact us


  • Configure LDAP plugin
  • LDAP Groups to WordPress Users Role Mapping
  • User Attributes Mapping between LDAP and WP
  • Example LDAP Configuration


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for LDAP Active Directory Login for Intranet sites. Find and Install LDAP/Active Directory Login for Intranet sites
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page


  1. Download LDAP/Active Directory Login for Intranet sites.
  2. Unzip and upload the ldap-login-for-intranet-sites directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate LDAP/Active Directory Login for Intranet sites from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

  1. Go to Settings-> LDAP Login Config, and follow the instructions.
  2. Click on Save

Make sure that if there is a firewall, you OPEN THE FIREWALL to allow incoming requests to your LDAP from your WordPress Server IP and open port 389(636 for SSL or ldaps).


How should I enter my LDAP configuration? I only see Register with miniOrange.

Our very simple and easy registration lets you register with miniOrange. Once you have registered with a valid email-address and phone number, you will be able to add your LDAP configuration.

I am not able to get the configuration right.

Make sure that if there is a firewall, you OPEN THE FIREWALL to allow incoming requests to your LDAP from your WordPress Server IP and open port 389(636 for SSL or ldaps). For further help please click on the Troubleshooting tab where you can find detailed description for each configuration. If that does not help, please check the format of example settings in Example LDAP Configuration tab.

I am locked out of my account and can’t login with either my WordPress credentials or LDAP credentials. What should I do?

Firstly, please check if the user you are trying to login with exists in your WordPress. To unlock yourself, rename ldap-login-for-intranet-sites plugin name. You will be able to login with your WordPress credentials. After logging in, rename the plugin back to ldap-login-for-intranet-sites. If the problem persists, activate, deactivate and again activate the plugin.

For support or troubleshooting help

Please email us at or Contact us.

We can add the provision of user management such as creating users not present in WordPress from LDAP Server, adding users, editing users and so on. For further details, please email us at or Contact us.


Awesome Support

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Kalpesh. A couple of weeks ago I purchased the LDAP/AD Login for Intranet Sites plugin to get LDAP working on my WP install. Kalpesh and I worked with my WP host to try and configure the plugin to work over an encrypted port. However, due to security policies on the host end, it looked like the plugin would not work. Looking as if I would need to find a new plulgin, Kalpesh thought of an alternative solution to setup LDAP using a different Miniorange plugin, LDAP/AD Login for Cloud.

Just want to say thanks again to Kalpesh for getting the LDAP functionality working on my WP install. It is very much appreciated.

Excellent support

Me han solucionado todas mis dudas y siempre me han atendido sin ningĂșn problema!!
5 estrellas para este plug-in sin dudarlo!

Great plugin

This is a very powerful and flexible system for LDAP authentication. We purchased the premium package and got exceptional customer service with a specific customization. Great job!

Great Support!

I made a mistake in the installation of the plugin and the support was AMAZING helping me with issues that were nothing to do with the plugin it self. Don’t hesitate contacting them as they are quick, polite and efficient! 5*


This plug-in is very easy to get setup and works exactly as advertised. I had to contact support for a small problem with my license key and they were also terrific. Top notch company!

Great support good plugin!

This was first plugin that I installed for LDAP/AD login authentication. At first I had some issues with setting it but I didn’t read small letters and because of that my configuration was wrong. Their support/helpdesk jumped in solved all my problems. Gladly recommend this plugin for LDAP/AD login.
P.S. I will seriously consider of upgrading to premium version

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Contributors & Developers

“Active Directory/LDAP Login for Intranet sites” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Name fixes


Name changed


Added TLS support


Increased priority for authentication hook


Licensing fixes


WordPress 4.6 Compatibility


Added option to authenticate Administrators from both LDAP and WordPress


More page fixes


Page fixes


Registration fixes


  • UI improvement and fix for WP 4.5


Added more descriptive error messages and licensing plans updated.


Support for Integrated Windows Authentication – contact if interested


+Added alternate verification method for user activation.


+Minor Bug fixes.


Attribute Mapping and Role Mapping Bug fixes and Enhancement.


Attribute Mapping bug fixes


Role Mapping Bug fixes


Fallback to local password in case LDAP server is unreacheable.


Added attribute mapping and custom profile fields from LDAP.


Added mutiple role support in WP users to LDAP Group Role Mapping.


Improved encryption to support special characters.


Enhanced Usability and UI for the plugin.


Added LDAP groups to WordPress Users Role Mapping


Enhanced Troubleshooting


  • this is the first release.