Medialist plugin is designed to make displaying posts or attached page media, documents and more an easy process. Upload your content, attach it to a page, then place a medialist shortcode to display a neat list of items. You can customise the shortcode to only display a certain category or a certain number of items if you wish and also alter the style to suit your page.


  • Lists posts
  • List posts by author
  • Lists page attachments
  • Define a category of items to display
  • Define how many items to display at a time
  • Define the order in which items are displayed
  • Ability to toggle pagination on/off
  • Multiple built-in styles
  • Displays the attachment type and its download size
  • Place the shortcode anywhere on a page/post
  • Ability to use the shortcode many times on a single page (One list for one category and another for a different category) On the same page, thats fun
  • Identifiable icons that match the attachment type
  • When displaying posts, the list will only display published posts
  • Toggle sticky posts when listing posts on/off
  • Shows the current page being displayed & the total pages in each list
  • Ability to search for items in the list.

The shortcode

  1. Basic or default [medialist] (this will display all attached media in a list on the page and will display pagination when there are more than 10 items).
  2. Advanced for attachments [medialist order= orderby= category= mediaitems= paginate= style=]
  3. To display posts instead [medialist type=post orderby= order= category= mediaitems= paginate= style=]

Example [medialist type=post order=DESC orderby=date category=recipes]
The example will display a list of most recent posts by date that have recipes as the category.

Customise the shortcode

  • type=attachment (or) post
  • mediatype=excel,pdf,doc,zip,ppt,text,audio,images
  • order=ASC (or) DESC
  • orderby=none, ID, author, title, name, type, date, modified, parent, rand, comment_count
  • category=uncategorized,(any defined category taxonomy assigned to media or post items)
  • mediaitems=10 (Provide a number of items you wish to display in the list before pagination)
  • paginate=0 (Setting paginate to 0 will disable pagination, mediaitems number will be the max items displayed, default is 10)
  • style= (There are various built-in styles, write one of the available style names below)
  • author=(author username) This will display posts uploaded by the specified author.
  • search=1 Setting search to (1) will enable a basic search facility.

Available styles

  • ml-metro-light-green
  • ml-metro-green
  • ml-metro-magenta
  • ml-metro-light-purple
  • ml-mauve
  • ml-taupe
  • ml-sienna
  • ml-white

Override options for shortcode

For special use cases, you may want to override parts of the plugin using the following shortcode options.

  • sticky=0 (By default sticky posts will be ignored, setting this to 0 will pin sticky posts to the top of the list.)
  • max=200 (By default the plugin will only add 200 items to a list, if there are more than 200 items attached to the page or more than 200 posts you wish to display, then you can override this by setting max= to a larger number. Or similarly a smaller number.)
  • globalitems=1 (By default attachments from the current page (or) post are able to be displayed. Setting this attribute to 1 will allow the list to display all items in the Media Library. It is recommended to set a category attribute first before using this override option.)

Example [medialist sticky=0 max=1000 mediaitems=10 type=post order=DESC orderby=date category=recipes]
The example will now pin sticky posts to the top and will also display up-to a thousand items and because mediaitems=10 there will be 10 items per page for a total of 100 possible pages.

The defaults

A medialist will by default have the following unless changed in your shortcode

  • Pagination Enabled
  • Display a maximum of 200 items
  • Sticky posts will be ignored
  • A total of 10 items will display per list
  • Generate a list of the mediaitems attached to the current page only and of any category
  • Organise each list in ascending order by title

Found a bug? Feel free to open a Support Topic.

If you have downloaded Medialist and are actively using it on your site, consider writing a review, let me know what you think.

Thank You


  • Medialist using the ml-white style
  • Medialist using the default style.
  • Medialist using the ml-taupe style
  • Medialist using the ml-metro-light-green style displaying zips only and pagination disabled
  • Medialist using the ml-metro-magenta style displaying zips only and pagination disabled
  • Medialist using the ml-sienna style displaying zips only and pagination disabled
  • Medialist using the ml-mauve style displaying a list of posts in ascending order by title
  • Medialist using the ml-metro-light-purple style displaying a list of posts in ascending order by title
  • Medialist using the ml-metro-green style displaying a list of posts in ascending order by title
  • Medialist using the default style with search enabled.


  1. Upload the media-list folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


What file types are supported?

At the moment the following file types are supported – pdf,doc,ppt,xls,txt,csv,cal,mp3,wav,wma,jpg,gif,png,bmp,tiff,icon,odt,odp,ods

Will support for other file types be added?

I have plans to add support for many more file types including exe and video formats.

How do I add a category to media items in WordPress?

Starting with version 1.2.0 the feature to list by category is available for both attachments and posts.

I’m not seeing the list update when using page builders?

The lists will initially load once on page-load, when the shortcode is changed you won’t always see the changes in the page builder automatically. To see all the changes when editing a list shortcode, its best to preview the page.

I’ve added the shortcode to a page, but it isn’t displaying my attachment?

Make sure that the attachment you have uploaded into the Media Library has been attached to the page the shortcode has been placed on.


November 19, 2019
This works exactly as intended. If you are familiar with using shortcodes it should be simple to use it. The developer quickly added support for the standard Office file formats after I requested it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Medialist” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Change log


  • Jquery optimisation.


  • Feature Added. Search ability.
  • Plugin code quality update.
  • CSS script quality update.


  • Fixed a bug. jQuery is now listed as a dependency.


  • Tested in WP 5.3
  • Added new mime type support for .docx Microsoft Word Document
  • Added new mime type support for .pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Document
  • Added new mime type support for .xlsx Microsoft Excel Document


  • jpg icon fixed.
  • Added check for existing implementations of class to prevent compatibility issues.
  • Added an additional attribute to the shortcode author= to filter posts lists by author.


  • Registered taxonomy to be able to add category to attachments from the media editing screen without the need for an additional plugin.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.1.0 within jquery script that was preventing page numbers from cycling correctly.
  • Added an additional optional attribute to the shortcode globalitems=1(or)0. Setting globalitems=1 will set attachment status to any, allowing the list to display all items from the Media Library.
  • Fixed a bug where single items would display pagination.


  • Post lists prevented from displaying future scheduled posts.
  • Feature Added. Can now toggle sticky on/off when displaying posts.
  • New permanent default. Medialist will only display attachments that are attached to the page the shortcode is placed on.
  • Feature Added. Shortcode will accept max=x as an attribute which defines how many items are available to the list. Up-to 200 items will be available to the list by default.
  • Feature Added. Pagination will display the total pages and current page for each list whilst pagination is enabled.
  • Quality update. Should the shortcode have a mistake or unexpected character for an attribute value, the affected attributes default will be used instead.


  • Reworked the code to encapsulate the plugin into a class.
  • Fixed unintended behavior. Using the [medialist] shortcode will no longer display all media by default, the media will first have to be attached to a page as originally intended.


  • Debug comment left in place by mistake. oops


  • Fixed a bug where disabling pagination would then ignore the max items set in the shortcode.
  • Feature Added. Can now display Open Write (odt), Presentation (odp) & Calc (ods) files.
  • Fixed a bug where the list would display pagination before the max items to display was reached. i.e Pagination will not appear until after 10 items (default) or after user defined items in shortcode.
  • An error msg will now display if there is an issue with the mediatypes in the shortcode i.e for typo’s missing commas or unsupported mimes.
  • A styled info box will now display when no posts or attachments are found.


  • Initial release.