Email Verification / SMS Verification / OTP Verification



OTP Verification verifies Email Address/Mobile Number of users by sending verification code(OTP) during registration. It removes the possibility of a user registering with fake Email Address/Mobile Number. This plugin checks the existence of the Email Address/Mobile Number and the ability of a user to access that Email Address/Mobile Number. The plugin ships with 10 free email and 10 free SMS transactions.

Use third party SMS Gateway

In our OTP Plugin you can use any of your own third party gateway for sending the SMS/Email.
You can also choose to go with our miniOrange gateway to perform OTP verification over Phone and Email or to send custom SMS notifications.
Contact us at to know more.


This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which allows your site to send automated order and WooCommerce notifications to buyers, sellers and admins. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification after an order is placed or when the order status changes. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel very easily. Contact us at to know more.


Passwordless Login is a modern way of logging into your WordPress site without the use of a password. The plugin allows you to easily setup Passwordless Login for your site. Users would now be able to log in using their Username and OTP. If you wish to allow our users to fallback to Username and Password then the plugin allows that as well.


This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which allows you to send customized SMS or EMAIL Messages to any Mobile Number or Email Address. Contact us at to know more.


This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which allows your site to send automated Ultimate Member notifications to admins and users. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel very easily. Contact us at to know more.


This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which replaces the existing Ultimate Member Password reset functionality with OTP Verification. Allow users to reset their password using OTP Verification instead of email links. Contact us at to know more.

Supported Forms

How does this plugin work?

  1. On submitting the registration form an Email/SMS with OTP is sent to the email address/mobile number provided by the user.
  2. Once the OTP is entered, it is verified and the user gets registered.

How is this plugin better than other plugins available?

  1. Verification of user’s Email Address/Mobile Number during registration is a must these days. But what if you do not have your own SMTP/SMS gateway? With our plugin it’s not necessary to have your own SMTP/SMS gateway. You can use our gateways to send OTP over Email/SMS.
  2. WorldWide SMS Coverage
  3. Choice to use your own SMS/SMTP Gateway.
  4. Easy and hassle free setup. You just need to choose your registration form and you are good to go.
  5. Customizable Email/SMS Templates.
  6. SMS Notification features.
  7. Unique integration with each form to bring you the best possible out of the box solution and customizable options.
  8. World Class Support.


Customized solutions and Support options are available. Email us at


  • OTP Verification Settings - Registration Form selection
  • Email Verification via OTP
  • Mobile Number Verification via OTP
  • WooCommerce SMS Notifiation settings
  • WooCommerce SMS Notification specific setting
  • WooCommerce SMS Customized SMS delivery


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for miniOrange OTP verification. Find and Install OTP verification
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page


  1. Download miniOrange otp verification.
  2. Unzip and upload the miniorange-otp-verification directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate miniOrange OTP verification from your Plugins page.


Why am I required to register?

Our very simple and easy registration saves your time of configuring WordPress email settings. You don’t need to configure your own SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) gateway, our SMTP gateway is used for sending OTP.

Which forms are supported right now?

WordPress default registration form, WooCommerce registration form, WooCommerce checkout form, WooCommerce Social Login form, ProfileBuilder registration form, Simplr registration form, Ultimate Member registration form, BuddyPress registration form, Custom User registration form builder [ RegistrationMagic ], Users Ultra registration form, User Profiles Made Easy registration form, PIE Registration Form, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Theme My Login, UserPro Plugin, GravityForms, Default WordPress Login Form, WP-Members, Indeed Ultimate Membership Pro, Classify Theme, RealesWP Theme, WP eMember Form, FormCraft Form, WordPress Comments, DocDirect Theme, WpForms, Caldera Forms, MemberPress, MultiSite Registration Form, Paid Membership Pro, Real Estate 7 Pro, Ultimate Member Password Reset Form, Ultimate Member Profile/Accounts Page, Profile Builder Registration Form, Ultimate Member Login Form, UserProfile Made Easy Registration Form, User Ultra Registration Form, Form Maker Form, Woocommerce Product Vendor Registration Form, WooCommerce Billing Address Form, Visual Form Builder, Formidable Form

I want support for other forms. What should I do?

To get support for custom forms or a plugin designed form, please email us at with a brief description of your form. You can also submit your query from the plugin’s settings page.

For any other query/problem/request

Please email us at . You can also submit your query from the plugin’s settings page.


16 September 2020
The plugin is simple, easy to use. No fancy useless options you get lost in, just everything you need right here, ready to use. I had an issue of my website code conflicted with the plugin. The support team solved it right away. They were incredibly fast and competent. I totally recommend this plugin, it's more than worth your money. Keep up with the great job!
16 September 2020
It was a wonderful experience taking support from the team. They are technically well equipped and good at understanding the issue. Thanks you for the support.
14 September 2020
I faced some issue after install the premium plugin. I got support from Mr Shrikant for that and we have solved the issue. Thanks, Mr Srikant for your support and quick reply on my emails.
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Change log


  • OTP Verification: Form Fixes and improvements
    • Added feature for Viewing SMS and Email Transactions.
    • Added improvements for WooCommerce Registration Form.
    • Added improvements for Ultimate Member Registration Form.
    • Added fixes for Caldera Forms and Ninja Forms.
    • Removed password tag from Ultimate Member and WooCommerce Addons.


  • OTP Verification: Custom Form Improvements, Form Fixes & New Addons
    • Added improvements in Custom Form Feature for OTP verification.
    • Added Login with Phone number Only add-on.
    • Added feature to check SMS / Email transactions for OTP Verification.
    • Bug fixes for WooCommerce and other forms.


  • OTP Verification: UI Changes, Custom Form & Twilio Plan
    • Added new Custom Form feature.
    • Added new Twilio Plan.
    • Added compatibility with forms.
    • Bug fixes for WooCommerce and other forms.
    • Addon fixes.
    • Premium addon improvements.


  • OTP Verification: UI Changes, New Pages & Added Documentation
    • Fix for Ninja Form
    • Added Contact Us Page
    • Added Premium Addons Page
    • Updated Documents
    • Updated FAQs
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Fix for Fatal error on certain enviroments
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.4


  • OTP Verification: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3


  • OTP Verification: New Form & Improvements
    • WP Client Registration Form
    • Visual Tour
    • Updated Documents
    • Security improvement


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Fix For WooCommerce Registration form
    • Ultimate Member Reset Password Fix


  • OTP Verification: Support form and security improvement


  • OTP Verification: Feedback email changes


  • OTP Verification: Endpoints migration


  • OTP Verification: UI Changes


  • OTP Verification: UI Changes


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Multisite Form Fix
    • Fix for WooCommerce billing form


  • OTP Verification: WooCommerce Improvements
    • Updated the compatibility with WooCommerce social login form
    • Fix for WooCommerce checkout form


  • OTP Verification: Contact Form 7 fix


  • OTP Verification: Security Fix


  • OTP Verification: Improvements & Fixes
    • Ultimate Member Added customizable phone meta key
    • Added shortcodes for Custom Messages (Email & SMS)
    • Added Delayed OTP on the Login Form
    • Merged Ultimate Member and Default Login form
    • FormCraftBasic and FormCraftPremium form fixes for multiple forms on same page
    • Caldera Form Fixes for multiple forms on same page
    • Fixed an issue while saving SMS Configuration in Custom Gateway Plugin
    • MemberPress – Added an option to allow OTP Verification only for non-logged in users
    • WooCommerce Registration – added feature to restrict duplicate phone numbers
    • Added support for Formidable Form
    • Added support for Visual Form Builder
    • Added support for WooCommerce Billing
    • Translation Fixes for WPML + Updated Translations
    • Added options to handle Multiple Contact Form 7 on same page.
    • Fix for WooCommerce Registration where errors are checked first before validating OTP
    • Fixes for User Ultra Form


  • OTP Verification: Fix for PHP version 5.5 and below


  • OTP Verification: Improvements
    • Default Login Form – Added a fallback option for Passwordless Login
    • Various Fixes for Gravity Forms
    • Removed jQuery dependency for Country Code Dropdowns
    • Fixes for Ninja Forms – Added an option to handle text and phone fields
    • WooCommerce Notification AddOn Fixes
    • Custom SMS AddOn Fixes
    • Added “Let User Choose” option for MemberPress plugin


  • OTP Verification: New Forms & Improvements
    • WooCommerce Checkout Form fixes
    • Ultimate Member New User Notification
    • Added support for OTP Verification for FormMaker Form
    • MemberPress Bug Fixes
    • Added an ajax form verification option for Ultimate Member
    • Added support for OTP Verification for Ultimate Member Profile and Account page
    • Added support for OTP Verification for Ultimate Member Login Page
    • Added option to do just Email+OTP or Phone+OTP for Default Login Form
    • Added option for Ultimate Member to password reset using OTP
    • Added support for Woocommerce Product Vendor Registration Form
    • Bug Fixes all around


  • OTP Verification: New Forms & Performance Improvements.
    • Fix for WooCommerce for custom payment types.
    • Fixes for WooCommere Checkout Form.
    • Added support for MemberPress Form.
    • Added support for Paid Membership Form.
    • Added support for Reales7 Pro Form.
    • Added support for MultiSite Form.
    • Few Changes/Additions/Fixes to the Popup Templates.
    • Fixes for Gravity Form.
    • Added option to restrict phone numbers for Ultimate Member
    • Added option for Email Verification for WordPress Default Login Form
    • Added support for Vendor registration for WooCommerce
    • Added a feedback form


  • OTP Verification: Timestamp bug fixes


  • OTP Verification: Timestamp fix for lower versions


  • OTP Verification: Timestamp Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Pricing Plan Changes


  • OTP Verification: WooCommerce Compatibility checks


  • OTP Verification: Bug fixes


  • OTP Verification: Bug fixes


  • OTP Verification: Fixes & New Features
    • Formcraft Premium Plugin version 3.0+ fixes
    • Fixed an issue with not being able to update form setting for some forms like Ninja, Gravity forms.
    • Fixed an issue when two or more Gravity Forms exist on the same page.
    • Fixed an issue with not being able to set customized blocked email & phone messages.
    • Fixed an issue where HTML content didn’t go through while sending customized emails.
    • Added support for Phone Verification for Profile Builder Form.
    • Fixes for Registration Magic Form.
    • Added an option to be able to modify the OTP popups to your liking.
    • Added an option to be able to customize WooCommerce Verification Button Text.
    • Added support for Wp Forms.
    • Added support for Caldera Forms.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • WooCommerce Registration Fixes – Existing Phone Number
    • Default Registration Fixes – Existing Phone Number
    • Default Login Fomr Fixes – Existing Phone Number
    • WooCommerce Checkout Form Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Country Code fixes


  • OTP Verification: Improvements
    • Bug Fixes for Country Code dropdown
    • Changing the Translation Text-Domain


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Added support for DocDirect Theme
    • Bug Fixes for default registration page.
    • Bug fixes for Country Code DropDown.
    • Bug fixes for Ninja Forms.
    • Bug fixes for WooCommerce Checkout Form
    • Translation Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Major Bug Fix and feature enhancement for WooCommerce Checkout Form
    • Added an option to enable SMS or Email Verification for selected payment methods for WooCommerce Checkout Form
    • Option to only allow unique phone numbers during default WordPress registration
    • Option to only allow unique phone numbers during WooCommerce registration
    • Added support WP eMember registration form
    • Added support for FormCraft Forms
    • Phone number can now have spaces, hyphens and brackets
    • Added an option to show a dropdown on the phone number field of your form
    • Added support for WordPress Comments form
    • Bug Fix related to translation to support WordPress standards
    • Support for PolyLang Translation Plugin
    • Allow admins to set the length and validity of the OTP generated


  • OTP Verification: Image Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Option to hide Remaining Transactions message in admin dashboard


  • OTP Verification: PHP 5.3 fixes


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Improvements
    • Added an option to allow users to log in using their phone number
    • Added support for Hindi Language. More languages coming soon.
    • Added hooks and filters in the plugin to allow developers to be able to extend the plugin functionality.
    • Added an option to allow admin to block email domains and phone numbers.
    • Session related bug fixes for many forms.
    • Fixed an issue where resend OTP wasn’t working properly for many forms.


  • OTP Verification: Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where you were not able to see the validate OTP field after users enter an invalid OTP.


  • OTP Verification:Fixes
    • Bug fixes while saving settings for Ultimate Membership Pro and WP Members form.


  • OTP Verification: Enhancements & Improvements
    • Added support for Ninja forms Version 3.0+
    • Added support for Classify Theme Registration form
    • Added an option to show popup on the woocommerce checkout page to enter OTP rather a link or a button.
    • Bug Fixes for WP Members plugin
    • Bug Fixes for WordPress Default Login Page
    • Added support for Classify Theme Form


  • OTP Verification: UserUltra reCaptcha fixes


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes


  • OTP Verification: Improvements & New Forms
    • Added support for Ultimate Membership Pro
    • Added feature where you can select a default country code allowing users to enter their phone number without their country code.
    • Added few more customizable messages under the Message Tab
    • Bug Fixes for Gravity Form


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes


  • OTP Verification: New Form and Fixes
    • Added support for WP-Members
    • Added support for OTP Verification during WordPress Default Login Form
    • Fix for Gravity Forms


  • OTP Verification: Fix for older versions of PHP


  • OTP Verification: New Forms and Fixes
    • Added Support For Gravity Forms
    • Fixed an issue for WooCommerce Checkout Form
    • Some additional bug fixes.


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with Contact Form 7 version 4.6. ( Deprecated Function )
    • Fixed an issue where plugin js files were conflicting with another plugin.


  • OTP Verification: Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with invalid mail sent messaging
    • Fixed an issue with Buddypress Form
    • Fix for default Registration Form


  • OTP Verification: New Form and Fixes
    • Added OTP Verification for UserPro Plugin.
    • Fix for UserUltra Form.


  • OTP Verification: Form Hook priority fixes


  • OTP Verification: Compatibility changes.
    • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7
    • Fix while accessing Media in admin dashboard.
    • Added option to customize the invalid phone number message.


  • Fixes OTP Verification for Registration Magic Form.
  • Fixes for WooCommerce Checkout Form.
  • Fixes for User Profile Made Easy Form.
  • Fixes related to session when more than 1 form were enabled.
  • Added Phone Number validation for Buddypress.
  • 500 error fix when OTP Verification was enabled for Woocommerce Social Login.


  • Bug Fix for Profile Builder Registration Form


  • Bug Fixes for older PHP Versions


  • More customizable options for Ninja Form


  • BuddyPress Bug Fixes


  • Added SMS Verification for default form
  • Added support for Theme My Login Form
  • Bug fixes for Ninja Form
  • UI fixes for Woocommerce Registration Form


  • Fixed issue with support form

= 2.7.4=
* Added Support for Ninja Form

= 2.7.3=
* Contact Form 7 Major Bug Fix


  • Registration Magic Form bug Fixes


  • Ultimate Member – Social Login Bug Fix
  • Registration Magic Bug Fixes


  • Registration Bug Fix


  • Woocommerce Checkout Bug Fix


  • Contact Form 7 Bug Fixes
  • Notification fixes for Woocommerce Social Login and Woocommerce Registration forms.


  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Support for Woocommerce Social Login
  • Option to edit Messages shown to users


  • Phone Number Pattern Fix


  • Bug Fix – User Profile Made Easy Form


  • Bug Fixes and compatibility with Brute Force Login Security, Spam Protection & Limit Login Attempts Plugin


  • Bug fixes for BuddyPress and User Ultra registration forms


  • UI improvement


  • UI improvement and fix for WP 4.5


  • Changes for WordPress 4.5


  • Bug Fix for Support Query Form


  • Bug Fix for Simplr Registration Form


  • Bug Fix for Resend OTP


  • Bug Fix for Default Registration Form


  • Added option to choose mobile or phone number on resend OTP


  • Bug Fixes for Profile Builder Registration Form
  • Phone Number validation check fixes


  • Major Security Fix


  • Bug fixes in WooCommerce Checkout Form
  • Added support Contact Form 7


  • Bug Fixes


  • More options for WooCommerce Checkout Form.
  • Added support for Pie Registration Form
  • Options to Track your Transactions and License.
  • Detailed Instructions on how to customize your Template and Gateway


  • Added support for User Profiles Made Easy, WooCommerce Checkout, Users Ultra forms.
  • Made plugin mobile responsive
  • Added option for custom redirection after registration


  • Added extra options for licensing


  • Added support for BuddyPress,Custom User Registration Form Builder [ RegistrationMagic ].
  • Added mobile number verification option for WooCommerce registration form.
  • Added the option to allow users to select verification method(Email/SMS) during registration.


  • First version of plugin.