Open User Map | Everybody can add locations


🚀 Let your visitors add new markers to a map (without registration). New locations will wait for your approval before getting published. The map is based on Leaflet.js (no API keys – it’s free!).

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Adding locations (backend and frontend) is as simple as dropping a marker on a map. Search for addresses worldwide to quickly find the right spots. Create your own custom fields to get the data you need.

The map is based on Leaflet JS and offers you many free map and marker styles. So you do not need an API Key, Access Token or any other external registration. There are no API request limits.

Use the Gutenberg Block to integrate your map or place the shortcode anywhere on your site. Close by locations will group together in clusters. This is optional.

FUN feature:
Let your visitors upload sound to their locations. After your approval audio players will show up. 🎵

Howto add a new marker:

Just by clicking a “+”-Button a form will popup to let the visitor enter location details the same comfortable way you do it in the backend. After submit the location proposal will be “pending” and wait for your review approval to get published.


  • frontend adding
  • admin approval for pending locations
  • based on Leaflet
  • no API Keys
  • multiple map styles
  • multiple marker styles
  • locations with custom fields! 🥳
  • “address” & “description” fields are optional
  • “address”-field links to google route
  • locations with images & audio
  • Shortcode with optional attributes
  • Gutenberg Block
  • marker clustering
  • fullscreen option
  • custom “Thank you”-message


The Open User Map plugin is also available in a professional version which includes more styles, more funtionality and more flexibility!

  • Email user notification
    Users get notified by email after their location has been approved.

  • User restriction
    Restrict “Add location” feature to registered users only.

  • Auto-publish
    When activated registered users will publish directly without admin approval.

  • Extend user registration
    Integrate the “Add location” feature to the WordPress user registration form.

  • Custom filesizes
    Customize max. filesize for image/audio uploads (default: 10MB).

  • Custom marker icons
    Use your own custom marker icon.

  • Current location
    Add a button that relocates the map to the users current location.

  • Marker categories
    Organize locations in multiple marker groups. Each group (category) can have an individual marker icon and will be accessible to visitors.

  • Submit your feature requests (high priority!)
    Suggest features that you want to have and we will target these with high priority.

Get a 7-day PRO trial (no credit card)

A possible use case:

You want to build a map service where your visitors can add locations on their own. This could be a travel blog or a something like our map with 500+ kite and windsurfing spots worldwide.

Another use case:

Offer your audience a soundmap. The page visitors can not only upload text and images to their locations but audio as well! This way e.g urban (or remote) areas can be discovered by its specific soundscape.

The possibilities are endless. We are very curious about what you are building with the help of our plugin. Please don’t hesitate to let us know or ask for feature requests in the support forum. As this plugin is under constant development we are keen to know what are the features that you need? Contact us!


neophytexx, dbark9, bergblume, angie77, stom1, opnavisuals and many more for your feature requests that turned into actual functionality.


  • Your map in the frontend
  • Show detail information on every location
  • Maybe try a different map style
  • ...or another one
  • Let your visitors add locations
  • The frontend popup form
  • The users Locations will be pending and wait for your approval
  • Use Marker clustering for locations that are close to each other
  • Edit Screen for Locations
  • Settings Screen
  • Settings Screen
  • Settings Screen
  • Integrate the map with Gutenberg Block Editor
  • X-mas Feature: visitors can upload audio files
  • Add Custom fields instead of "address" and "description"


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Open User Map | Everybody can add locations


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Open User Map”
  3. Install and activate Open User Map from your Plugins page
  4. Click on the new menu item “Open User Map” and create your first location!
  5. Use the Gutenberg Block “Open User Map” (category “Widgets”) or just use the shortcode [open-user-map] to show the map on your site.


Do I need an API Key or some external registration?

No, the plugin is based on Leaflet.js and offers you free map styles that don’t need any kind of registration.

How to integrate the map?

Use the Gutenberg Block “Open User Map” or just place the shortcode [open-user-map] anywhere in your content or integrate it within your theme template with PHP:

echo do_shortcode("[open-user-map]")

you can also override the initial map focus with shortcode attributes:

[open-user-map lat="51.50665732176545" long="-0.12752251529432854" zoom="13"]

Can I set the initial map position individualy?

If you want to override the initial map focus (settings) just use the shortcode with attributes:

[open-user-map lat="51.50665732176545" long="-0.12752251529432854" zoom="13"]

Do I need GPS coordinates?

No. Add a new location simply by droping a marker on the map. You can search for addresses as well. If you want to use GPS coordinates though, there is an option for that.

I want my own fields. Is this possible?

Yes. You can add custom fields in the settings and use them instead of “address” and “description”.

Can I use Gutenberg?

Yes! You will find the “Open User Map”-Block under widgets.

Can I use marker clustering?

Yes! This is enabled by default. You can disable it in the settings.

Can I go fullscreen?

Yes! There is a fullscreen control button on the top left of the map. You can disable it in the settings.

Can I use custom styles?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. This plugin is supposed to be developer friendly. Feel free to override the .open-user-map class in css to create your own awesome design.

Can my users upload audio files?

Yes! This is a new fun feature. Your visitors can upload mp3 files and after your approval little audio players will be attached to the locations. The world needs soundmaps!

Is there a max. filesize for image/audio uploads?

Yes, per default it is 10MB. You customize that with the PRO version. Be aware that that you may need to increase upload_max_filesize and post_max_size on your server accordingly as they set the general limit for uploading files.

Can I disable specific form fields?

Yes, it is legit to just hide them via css. Just set “display: none” for the form fields you don’t need.

I want to submit a feature request.

Please do so! You can use the support forum to let us know about your ideas helping to make this plugin better.


24 January 2022
I really don't leave reviews very often but this plugin is exactly what I've been looking for. The free version gives you a bundle of useful tools and the Pro version gives you additional tools to make it your own. Support is quick and easy and a bug was fixed in 24 hours (and over a weekend!). Can't fault that service.
20 January 2022
This is not another map plugin. You don't have to install complex map frameworks, authorized and payable map hits, other plugins, etc. If you want to collect data (text, images and sound files) from registered or non registered WP users this is the right plugin. You have categorized data, custom map markers, data filters, custom fields, etc all in one map page. Easy to use and very friendly. Thanks Daniel for this great plugin!
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Change Log


  • Bugfix: default audio and image upload sizes
  • optimized loading of settings
  • fixing minor bugs
  • ensure WordPress 5.9 compatibility


  • Bugfix: “Address” & “Description” don’t hide (thanks @tom29)
  • Feature Request: pre-fill address field when geosearch succeeds


  • Feature Request: Custom fields
  • Feature Request: “Address” and “Description” fields can be disabled
  • Feature Request: Search leads to marker placement


  • PRO: use marker categories with individual marker icons


  • Bugfix: enabling current user location


  • Bugfix: UI settings page


  • PRO: use your own custom marker icon
  • PRO: add a button that relocates the map to the users current location (optional)


  • wording


  • major update provides access to PRO version
  • better code structure
  • limit max. filesize for image/audio uploads to 10MB
  • PRO: user email notification after approval (optional)
  • PRO: customize max. filesize for image/audio uploads
  • PRO: auto-publish for registered users (optional)
  • PRO: restrict “Add location” feature to registered users only (optional)
  • PRO: add “Add location” feature to WordPress registration (optional)


  • bugfix: dashicons


  • FUN FEATURE: let your visitors upload audio to locations (xmas feature request)
  • better frontend form
  • code optimization


  • new feature: use shortcode attributes to set initial map focus


  • bugfix: escaping quotes


  • escaping single quotes from HTML input


  • better initial map position when adding new locations
  • adding plugin contributers (thanks!)


  • bugfix: fullscreen on ios
  • better initial map position when adding another location
  • better responsive styles for small screens


  • style fixes


  • style fixes


  • better styling for overlay


  • Add Fullscreen control
  • Settings: custom “Thank you”-message
  • better opt-in screen


  • basic free features
  • media assets & readme