Pepipost is built on the philosophy to encourage good senders and to keep the email eco-system clean.
85% of today’s email is Spam and we don’t want to add up to that.
We have carried up that philosophy into the pricing model where we don’t charge for the emails which are being opened by the customers. Emails that are clicked, opened or engaged with will always be free.
Industry stats says 35-40% is the average open rate, hence that much of email volumes can be free. There is no limits, More your customer engagement is lesser will be your marketing spends. Entire pricing model is in your hands.

We care for each and every emails, and this is how we differentiate from our competitors.

The Pepipost plugin uses API integration to send outgoing emails from your WordPress installation. It replaces the wp_mail function included with WordPress.

First, you need to have PHP-curl extension enabled.

To have the Pepipost plugin running after you have activated it, go to the plugin’s settings page and set the Pepipost credentials, and how your email will be sent – either through SMTP or API.

How to use wp_mail() function:

We amended wp_mail() function so all email sends from WordPress should go through Pepipost.

You can send emails using the following function: wp_mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers = '', $attachments = array())


  • $to – Array or comma-separated list of email addresses to send message.
  • $subject – Email subject
  • $message – Message contents
  • $headers – Array or “\n” separated list of additional headers. Optional.
  • $attachments – Array or “\n”/”,” separated list of files to attach. Optional.

The wp_mail function is sending text emails as default. If you want to send an email with HTML content you have to set the content type to ‘text/html’ running add_filter('wp_mail_content_type', 'set_html_content_type'); function before to wp_mail() one.

After wp_mail function you need to run the remove_filter('wp_mail_content_type', 'set_html_content_type'); to remove the ‘text/html’ filter to avoid conflicts –

Example about how to send an HTML email using different headers:

$subject = 'test plugin';
$message = 'testing WordPress plugin';
$to = ', Address2 <>,';
$to = array('', 'Address2 <>', '');

$headers = array();
$headers[] = 'From: Me Myself <>';
$headers[] = 'Cc:';
$headers[] = 'Bcc:';

$attachments = array('/tmp/img1.jpg', '/tmp/img2.jpg');

add_filter('wp_mail_content_type', 'set_html_content_type');
$mail = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments);

remove_filter('wp_mail_content_type', 'set_html_content_type');



  1. PHP version >= 5.3.0
  2. You need to have PHP-curl extension enabled.

To upload the Pepipost Plugin .ZIP file:

  1. Upload the WordPress Pepipost Plugin to the /wp-contents/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a Pepipost account at
  4. Once the account is created. Login to your Pepipost account and navigate to “Settings” -> “Account Settings” to get your Pepipost SMTP credentials


January 25, 2018
Good service by Pepipost I'm using it with SMTP plugin. no issues till now.
September 11, 2017
This review is more geared at PepiPost itself. They advertise a free tier but had to get on chat for an hour to have them 'approve' the website because there wasn't a 'working form' on the website. Pretty pitiful support. I've used SendGrid which works well with their plugin, and will go with that again. UPDATE: After having gotten the website 'approved' the plugin doesn't work. So 1 star for the plugin too.
March 1, 2017
I stumbled upon Pepipost and was very enthusiastic. I had a chat with them about adding a DEV site, which support said was fine. Just make an account and follow instructions - quick and easy. Install the plugin and go. I changed my DNS exactly as told, and after 24 hrs and a chat with support it was my host who told me the instructions weren't correct. When adding TXT domains, there has to be a . after the domain (so and that . was missing in the intructions. For the DKIM, I had to remove my domain from the entry. So I did that, waited another day and finally was able to verify my domain. While waiting for Pepipost to approve it (which meant opening my DEV site) I added the plugin. That broke my WP install (4.7.2), just like the review below says. Many issues with WP and my theme, so I had to delete the plugin. Tested it on a brand new WP install to make sure it wasn't a conflict with something on my site, and the same issues came up so it's definitely the plugin. Then, my site was refused. Another chat with support, and I was told to try again when the site was out of DEV. Could have told me that when I first asked if they would accept a DEV site ..! Support denies the plugin has issues because it's a new release and they had no clue as to how to revert my DNS back, so I had to open another ticket with my webhost. TL;DR: avoid Pepipost and this plugin. It's just not worth the time and aggravation. Shame, really, cos it does seem to be a great service and the backend etc. looked very promising.
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