Podlove Podcast Publisher


We built the Podlove Podcast Publisher because existing solutions are stuck in the past, complex and unwieldy. The Publisher helps you save time, worry less and provides a cutting edge listening experience for your audience.

Official Site: publisher.podlove.org

Video Tutorial: Getting started with Podlove Publisher

Compatible Feeds

The Publisher makes it easy to create highly expressive, efficient and super compatible podcast feeds with fine grained control over client behavior (e.g. GUID control to replace faulty episodes and for clients to reload) supporting all important meta data.

Multi-Format Publishing

The Publisher also makes multi-format publishing – embracing all modern and legacy audio and video codecs – a snap. By adopting simple file name conventions, the plugin allows the podcaster to provide individual feeds for certain use cases or audiences without adding work for the podcaster during the publishing process.

Optimized Web Player

The Publisher also comes with integrated with the Podlove Web Player plugin (which you do not need to install separately) and fully support its advanced options including multiple audio (MP4 AAC, MP3, Vorbis, Opus) and video (MP4 H.264, WebM, Theora) format support for web browsers. This Web Player is fully HTML5 compatible (but provides Flash fallback for ancient environments) and is ready for all touch based clients too.

Chapter Support

The Publisher also makes it easy to publish chapter information in the player to make access to structured episodes even easier. Full support for linking directly to any part of your podcast on the web with instant playback included.

Flexible Templates

To round it all up, a flexible template system enables you to published Podcasts in a defined fashion and change the style at any time without having to touch your individual postings later on.

And this is just the beginning. We have a rich roadmap that will bring even more interesting features: integration with helpful services, much improved timeline metadata support (show notes) and much more.

Further Reading

Development of the plugin is an open process. The current version is available on GitHub Feel free to contribute and to fix errors or send improvements via GitHub.

Requires PHP 5.4+


  • Custom episode post type separates media from your blog content.
  • Download analytics provide you with all the data you ever wanted.
  • The Publisher automatically checks the health of your media files.
  • The mighty template engine gives you full control over the episode presentation.
  • Includes the Podlove Subscribe Button, the easiest way for listeners to subscribe to your podcast.
  • Includes the Podlove Web Player. One more thing: you can manage and present all contributors easily.


  1. Download the Podlove Publisher Plugin to your desktop.
  2. If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
  3. With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.
  4. Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
  5. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.


Is Podlove Podcast Publisher free?

Yes! The core features of Podlove Podcast Publisher are and always will be free. Paid Professional Support is available but not necessary to run the plugin.

Are there Download Statistics?

Yes! Podcast Downloads can be tracked and analyzed. You can easily see how many people downloaded you podcast episodes, which clients they used, if they prefer to subscribe to the feed or listen on your website using the web player—and much more.

Are there Privacy / GDPR considerations?

Podlove Publisher is GDPR compliant and provides prewritten text snippets for your privacy page. See https://docs.podlove.org/podlove-publisher/guides/dsgvo-gdpr.html

Where can I host my podcast files?

Any storage where you have control over the file naming is compatible with Podlove Podcast Publisher. You can manage files using a simple FTP/sFTP or use services like Amazon S3.

Where can I ask questions and get support?

Free support where questions are answered by the community is available in the Podlove Community Forum. There is a German community in the Sendegate. Professional Support by the plugin developer is also available.

How can I help the project?

The continued success of Open Source project relies on the community. There are many ways you can help:

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.


27 April 2020
Every time I update the pluging I miss the player. This is continously because its a bloat plugin with thousand of options. And the worst, there's no option to rollback cause there's no visible previous versions.
26 November 2018
This plugin is really easy to use and works as expected. The podcast pages as well as the podcast feed look very good and contain all information. There's a good player included and it combines well with the "Podlove Subscribe Button". I tried several other plugins: "Seriously Simple Podcasting" works very similar but is more confusing, "Blubrry Podcasting" has some kind of cloud dependency i.e. requires an account on their page. "Podlove Publisher" for me is the clear winner.
14 June 2018
This is by far the best non-commercial podcast plugin available for WordPress. It's not always easy to use, and you have to pay close attention to what you're doing when you're setting the settings, but once you get it the way you want it, it runs very well.
14 June 2018
I host my podcast on a site with a different name, so I wanted a way to customise my podcast URL so that the feed has the podcast name in it and not just the domain name. This let me do that with no hassle, and is just a really slick podcast in general. Thanks so much!
14 March 2018
Looks pretty cool and comes with a great mp3 player. BUT had some conflicts with Yoast SEO that kept the links from showing up with the featured image and snippet in social media. I figured out how to configure things so that they worked together and thought things were great. THEN I noticed that the podcast feed was broken. It kept throwing the feed into a redirect loop or redirecting to the home page. This was despite disabling all other plugins and changing the theme to Twenty Seventeen. Couldn't ever get that ironed out so I gave up on it. UPDATE: Changing my review. I solved the YOAST SEO conflict by unchecking the Open Graphs setting in Podlove > Modules. The feed issue was caused by server-side caching, CDN and the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. I disabled the certificate and that corrected the issue. (There is a setting in Podlove > Expert Settings that can help with this but I had to just disable the certificate). There are A LOT of little things that you can adjust with this plugin. That means you might need to take your time and review all of the setting carefully. Once you've got everything dialed in it's great but I'm not sure why Powerpress was able to create a valid feed with my server configuration but Podlove was not.
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Contributors & Developers

“Podlove Podcast Publisher” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Podlove Podcast Publisher” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Podlove Podcast Publisher” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Change log


  • fix: missing monolog dependency


  • fix: ensure that logging library Monolog is available at version 1.x, otherwise disable the database logger


  • Podlove Web Player 5: support “show” parameter episode.player({show: 'my-show-slug'})


  • add global network bar #1101 by @gglnx
  • improve template editing UI #1109
  • fix: template tag episode.player uses correct shortcode internally
  • fix: template tag episode.player uses correct episode on pages that are not its own episode-page


Add support for Podlove Web Player 5

Podlove Web Player 5 is the latest overhaul of our podcast web player.
It comes with its own configuration interface giving you full control over its appearance.

Activate it in Podlove > Podcast Settings > Player.
You are then prompted to install the “Podlove Web Player” plugin if you don’t have it installed already.

Configure the web player appearance in Settings > Podlove Web Player.
Existing web player shortcodes and template accessors continue to work as expected.
For detailed shortcode options, please refer to https://wordpress.org/plugins/podlove-web-player/


  • when using Google Analytics tracking, the show title is sent as content group


Re-Release of 2.9.8


  • add Twig function get_the_post_thumbnail_url identical to the native WordPress function
  • fix Podlove Web Player 4 issue in twentytwenty theme
  • fix some importer issues
  • shows module: itunes category can be set per show


  • update JavaScript dependencies


  • update PHP dependencies (including User Agent library for download analytics)
  • add: expose voice attribute to transcript templates (#1062)
  • add(templating): add sort direction in seasons and season episodes, enabling podcast.seasons({order: 'DESC'}) and season.episode({order: 'DESC'}) (#1080)
  • fix: download list description in analytics on mobile (#1056)
  • fix: JS issue when selecting transcript voices
  • fix: escaping error in contributor comments (#1081)


  • Slacknotes: reactivate date picker


  • fix: error on “file types” settings page

IAB Conformity

When it comes to tracking download intents, Podlove Publisher was always close to IAB recommendations, with one exception: the time window in which two requests count as two. Podlove Publisher deduplicates by hour, IAB recommends a day.

There is a new setting in Podlove > Expert Settings > Tracking: “Deduplication Window”. It enables you to change the window to “day”. This is an opt-in setting, the default will continue to be hourly.

See also: docs.podlove.org: IAB Conformity

This feature is sponsored by Lage der Nation.


  • add quick edit for episode number #1096
  • fix settings tab issues when using a language in WordPress other than english (e613e99)
  • fix issue with category search / pages
  • fix auphonic module issue in Gutenberg editor


  • update Podlove Web Player (fixes issue when sharing/embedding the player)
  • fix PHP notices #1066 #1064


  • fix web player sharing when using CDN player
  • fix duplicating posts: create new guid; do not copy analytics #1048


New Apple iTunes Categories

Apple updated their list of available iTunes categories.
Please check in Podlove > Podcast Settings > Directory > iTunes Category if you need or want to update your category.
In case your previously selected category does not exist any more, a warning is shown.

Only one category is selectable now (instead of previously 3) to conform with iTunes specifications.

Download tracking with Google Analytics

Set your Google Analytics Tracking ID in Podlove > Expert Settings > Tracking.
Then every download intent will be forwarded to Google Analytics.



  • fix: check if podlovePlayer function is available before calling it #1060


  • update Podlove Web Player 4 to latest version


  • update Podlove Web Player 4 to latest version
  • remove PHP dependency leth/ip-address


  • update Podlove Web Player 4 to latest version


  • update Podlove Web Player 4 to latest version
  • add player setting to either use the podcast language or user’s browser language for web player interface (#1008)
  • fix #1047 Use of PHP 5.6 feature in Shows module
  • report duplicate guids in system report



“Transcripts” is the new module to manage transcripts, show them on your site and in the web player. You can import them from webvtt files. If you are already using the Podlove Publisher contributors, you can assign people to the voices inside the webvtt. Then you even get avatars automatically in your transcripts.

See https://forschergeist.de/podcast/fg066-klimaneutralitaet/ for an example episode with transcripts in the web player.

Transcripts: Shortcode

The shortcode [podlove-transcript] displays a pretty html version of the transcript for your website.

Transcripts: Twig Template Support

Of course there is a fully featured template API for transcripts as well. For example:

{% for group in episode.transcript %}

{{ group.contributor.image.html({width: 50}) }}

{{ group.contributor.name }}

{% for line in group.items %}
{{ line.content }}
{% endfor %}

{% endfor %}

See https://docs.podlove.org/podlove-publisher/reference/template-tags.html for all details.

Global Podcast Analytics

The following metrics are now available for the whole podcast:

  • downloads per month
  • top episodes
  • episode asset
  • podcast client
  • operating system
  • download source

Raw Analytics

I wouldn’t call this an Analytics API but since it exists to power the analytics screen, I might as well document it. The following endpoints return results in CSV format for easy processing or import to spreadsheets.

Here is an example call that returns the number of downloads in March 2019:


All requests take the same three parameters:

  • action defines what data you want
  • date_from is the start date in ISO 8601
  • date_end is the end date in ISO 8601

Available actions are:

  • podlove-analytics-global-downloads-per-month
  • podlove-analytics-global-top-episodes
  • podlove-analytics-global-assets
  • podlove-analytics-global-clients
  • podlove-analytics-global-systems
  • podlove-analytics-global-sources

You need to be logged in with admin permissions for the requests to work.

Disclaimer: Depending on the popularity of your podcast and chosen date range, the requests may take a long time to respond, or even fail if the calculation takes longer than the timeout defined in your web server.


  • background jobs: add button to abort job
  • new tab style for chapter marks section
  • Podlove Web Player 4 fallback for old browsers and disabled JavaScript

Changes for previous versions can be found in the changelog.txt.