Points and Rewards for WooCommerce


Are you an online store owner who wants to grow customer engagement? Do you want your customers to be loyal and purchase from you repeatedly? Do you want your customers to promote your brand? So reward them and you’ll notice improved customer retention.

Points And Rewards For WooCommerce is a customer retention solution that aims to engage customers by offering them points for activities they perform on your store like signup, purchase, referrals, etc. Customers can redeem points with on-purchase discounts and participate in the membership program. Using Points and Rewards System in WooCommerce Store can improve sales, Return On Investment(ROI), conversion rate, Customer Lifetime Value(CLV), and referral marketing scope.


  • Engage customers with a reward program on every action they perform.
  • Builds a strong customer base by providing loyalty rewards to your regular and top shoppers.
  • Motivates the customers to shop more in exchange for loyalty points.
  • It makes your loyal customers feel more special and attached to the brand.
  • The point reward system drives repeatable buying actions.
  • Enhance brand value.


1) Reward Points on Actions
Customers with Woocommerce Points and rewards plugin have the opportunity to earn points through various activities like:-

  • Sign Up– The admin/merchant credit loyalty points on customers’ unique sign up.

  • Referral Program – The customer can earn points by sharing the referral link with their family and friends. Also, the customer can share their referral link on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and/or Email(only if enabled by the admin/merchant).

    Note:// The points for the referral program will only be credited to the referrer’s account when the referred sign-ups using the shared referral link. The signup points will be credited to the referral link user’s account.

  • Amount Spent – The customer can earn points against the amount they’ll spend on buying. The admin/merchant can set the points to be credited to the customer’s account against each penny spend via the Conversion feature

  • Points Assigned to Simple Products – Through this feature, the admin/merchant can assign points to the simple products. Customers can earn points on the purchase of those products from the e-store.

  • Points On Order Total – The customer can earn points defined by the admin on the order total value only when the order total lies within the dedicated range of “the amount spent” set by the admin.

    Note:// The admin/merchant can enable/disable the awarding points allowances and count as per their business model.

2) Redeem Points
The customers can redeem earned point value on either cart page or checkout page through the “Apply Points” feature available.

Note:// The admin/merchant can set the conversion rule to calculate points against each currency value using the conversion table feature.

3) Create your own Membership System
Create your own Membership System based on rewards points. Create membership levels based on points the customer collects. Merchants can apply rewards discounts on some categories and/or their products. A percentage discount for products and categories based on membership can be set.

4) Points Log Report
Points Log Report feature is available for both customers and admin:-

  • For Customers – They can check and monitor each point transaction that they have done so far. The log table shows the details for each point earned from and points redeemed on.

  • For Admin/Merchant – They can view the user points history to track the points transaction for each customer.

5) Custom Points Updation
The admin can update the loyalty reward points for customers manually through the “custom points update” feature.

6) Notify your Customers
The admin can enable the settings to notify their customers for each point transaction. The notification is sent to the registered email of the customer.

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Note:// Get Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Pro

1) Multilevel Membership
The merchant can now design their own multilevel model for their membership program and provide different benefits for each membership level. For example, Level 1=Silver, Level 2=Gold, Level 3=Platinum, etc.

2) Generate Coupons Using The Points
The customers can generate a unique coupon code to redeem earned points. The coupon is generated considering the monetary value associated with each point used.

3) Referral Purchase Points
The admin can allow customers to earn points when their referred users make a purchase.

4) Review/Comments Points
Customers can earn points by sharing their experiences and feedback via reviews or posting comments.

5) Assign points to the selected category
The admin can also provide points to customers on purchasing products from the selected categories also along with the selected products.

6) Points Sharing
The customers can share the earned points with their friends and family too. The points count shared will be deducted from the customer’s account

7) Purchase Products through Points
Using this feature, customers can redeem their points for purchasing products rather than applying points on the overall cart total.

8) Points Expiration
The admin can set up the threshold period for using the points. If the points are not redeemed within the given duration, it will expire.

9) Multilevel Order Total Points
The admin can set the points for the order total within the multiple dedicated ranges.


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  • General Settings - Basic settings which are required to run the plugin
  • Signup Points - Customer will get notified points after signup
  • Customer's Earned Points Log Table - After Earn/Redeem points by the customer log will be listed here
  • Referral Link - Customers will use the link for referring other users on the site.
  • Share Referral Link Using Social Media - Customers can also share the referral link on social sites as well.
  • Customized Text - Admin can modify/add the text according to the need. It will get display on the My Account > Points page
  • Redeem Points On Cart Page - Customer can redeem their points on the cart page and get the discount
  • Redeem Points On Checkout Page - Customer can also redeem their points on the cart page
  • Earn Points Per Currency Setting - Allow customer to earn on every currency spent
  • Points Table - Admin can Add/Subtract/View customers points from here
  • Membership Setting - Add membership level and provide a discount on membership
  • Upgrade User Level - Customers can upgrade their membership and get the benefits.
  • Assign Product Points - Customers can purchase and get the assigned points.
  • Order Total Point - Can provide points to the customer on the basis of their order total


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of the plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.

In the search field type ” Points And Rewards For WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our Points And Rewards For WooCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Points And Rewards For WooCommerce and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


What are the requirements to install this plugin?

To install the plugin, your website must have –
WordPress.org version 5.3.2 or higher. (We recommend using the latest version)
WooCommerce version 3.9.0 or higher.

How and where can we add, remove or view the points for the user, manually?

The admin can view and show the user points on the Points Table tab. The admin can also add or remove the user points manually under the Point Table tab. Upon selecting this setting, the admin can view the list of all the users along with their points.

How can point be redeemed using this plugin?

The points can be redeemed, using this plugin by directly applying the point in cart as well as on the checkout page.

Is there any feature in the plugin by which we can give the points on the order total?

Yes. The plugin offers the following setting for the order total. Enabling the setting, the user gets the points on his/her order total. To enable this setting, go to the plugin setting>order total points tab>Enable the settings for the orders>Enter Points within Order Range.

How does this plugin work?

It is a reward point-management system to build loyalty programs Where customers earn the points by doing different activities such as on purchase, signup, referral, and many more. Customers can further redeem the earned points as a discount for their purchase.
By using Points, customers upgrade their membership level and use the benefits of that level. The merchant has additional rights to allow loyalty points to its loyal customers.

Are coding skills required for using this plugin?

No. Coding skills are not required for this plugin. It is easy to install and activate to start working seamlessly with your WordPress site.

Who can use this plugin?

This plugin is a potential product and is sustainable to be used by any eCommerce store manager on their site with the objective to reward points and to build an easily manageable loyalty program.


11 May 2020
Customer support was helpful as I needed help on few things but they were able to help and went beyond. Great looking app, too
22 April 2020
In advance, this is a great plugin, and I only use the free version, which is way beyond my 'free-type' expectations. However I found some bug displaying the content on the 'point page', I could easily open a ticket, and - most important - even if you use the free version, the support replied almost instantly. Great guys, hands down there... I have different plugin support tickets open for weeks with no reply (of course, free version... but please). So, overall. I do like this plugin, and if someone wants to take advantage of the memberships and leveling functions, I bet it would definitely be worth going for the Pro version. Shout out, or big credit to the support team. Thanks again!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Points and Rewards for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log

1.0.6 – Released on 18 July 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce version 4.3

1.0.5 – Released on 24 June 2020

  • Tweak: Changed Text Domain from points-rewards-for-woocommerce with points-and-rewards-for-woocommerce
  • Tweak: Changed hook from woocommerce_customer_created with user_register
  • Fix: Resolve conflict of referral purchase with order per currency spend points
  • Fix: Assigned points product quantity calculation

1.0.4 – Released on 10 April 2020

  • Fix: Assign points design issue
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4

1.0.3 – Released on 28 February 2020

  • New: Share Referral link on WhatsApp
  • Fix: Minor Issues

1.0.2 – Released on 21 January 2020

  • Fix: Designing Issues

1.0.1 – Released on 9 December 2019

  • Minor Fixes

1.0.0 – Released on 22 November 2019

  • First version