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Essert Privacy Compliance


Essert Privacy Compliance plugin assists businesses and web masters to comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), CPRA, GDPR, POPI Act, Virginia CDPA, Colorado Privacy act, Utah privacy law, Connecticut privacy law, and more. It creates a privacy request intake form and Do Not Sell My Personal Information Button. This plugin in free. You could manage and automate your requests with a web application.

Sign Up at Basic privacy compliance is free to use.

Major features in Essert Privacy Compliance plugin include:

  • Get started with a specific worklist
  • Get your compliance setup completed faster
  • Modify all your policies collaboratively with your team using our templates
  • Automatically create a consumer privacy intake request page for your website.
  • Automatically create a Do Not Sell My Personal Information Button for your website.
  • Assists in Rapid CCPA Compliance and Roll Out.
  • Provides easy workflow to manage consumer privacy requests with role-based access.
  • Provides agencies to help manage your consumer privacy requests.
  • Provides a simple consumer email address verification.
  • Provides the ability to customize your consumer privacy intake form.
  • Provides configurable email templates to respond to consumer privacy requests.
  • Assists in multi-user workflow to respond to privacy requests.
  • Delivers a detailed dashboard to track consumer privacy requests.
  • Assists in attaching data or documents in responses to consumer privacy requests.
  • SignUp on to manage all your privacy requests.
    ** These are some premium features
    ** Respond using your own email domain
    ** Use one-time password to further verify consumer requests
    ** Fully automated Toll Free Number for consumer requests intake
    ** Weekly reports and alerts
    ** Download privacy Requests

** PS: You’ll need an Secret Key to use it. Keys are free ** for all websites.
** SignUp page: or
** Terms of Service ::
** Privacy policy ::
** Pricing page for premium features ::
** Contact us or support page::

Our plugin privacy policy:
– We do not track any of your users or visitors on your website
– We do not track any of your users or visitors on the web application
– The only information we store is your consumer privacy requests (request data) which is the service we offer
– We do not have access to your request data unless you explicity give us permission for the specific purpose of support
– We require you to provide email ID to register to the free web application connected to this plugin
– We do not offload any of your website assets that are unrelated to our service
– We do not sell any of your personal information
– We do monitor the admin usage of the plugin for the specific purpose of support, marketing and product enhancements


  1. Upload the Privacy Requests for CCPA Compliance plugin to your website, Activate it, then enter your [ Secret key].

  2. Use shortcodes provided by the plugin to deploy DSAR forms and Do Not Sell My Personal Informaiton Button

  3. Use shortcodes provided by the plugin to deploy privacy policies, website terms of use and more

1, 2, 3: You’re done!


How does it work?

Essert software is a SaaS product. And, we provide this WordPress plugin for easy deployment.

Step 1 is to sign-up on, and onboard (by selecting one of the free or paid compliance worklists).

Step 2 is to sign-in from the WordPress plugin and get the secret code.

Step 3 is to publish the privacy intake forms and/or buttons using shortcodes in the request forms tab.

Step 4 is to publish all public policy notices or disclosures intake forms on your website, using shortcodes in the policies tab.

Step 5 is to test one of the forms to ensure that you receive the requests on the

Our website is managed by an external agency, what should they do?

You have two options. Option 1 is to add your agency as a partner user. Option 2 is to email the two (2) forms to them and give them instructions to deploy the forms on your website. You or your agency may customize the forms as you see fit.

Are the intake forms customizable?

Yes. You may customize the intake forms. On, we provide HTML files for privacy intake. Anyone of your team members or your agency team with knowledge of HTML can easily customize these intake forms.

Do you provide privacy policy templates for use?

Yes. While we do not provide any legal advice, we provide a privacy policy template, and several other policy templates including website terms of use, social media policy and more. Our privacy policy template was authored by a privacy attorney and is provided to you as is. We do recommend that you consult an attorney, or call us to get our suggestions for changes. You may publish this privacy policy template using shortcodes. You may edit and customize the privacy policy template using and maintain a auditable record of any changes.

How much does Essert cost?

Essert has both free and paid offerings. All the features that you need to get started for privacy compliance are included at no cost to you in our free worklist. There are no limits on the number of users, number of requests, or number of email templates you need to process consumer requests. For more information on pricing visit

What are the premium features of the Essert product?

One of the premium features of Essert is an the Advanced California Privacy Compliance worklist. For more information on pricing visit

How to deploy the shortcodes that are provided in the plugin?

If you are the website administrator, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Add a new page
Step 2: Paste the shortcode as-is in the new page content
Step 3: Name the page appropriate and publish it
Step 4: Link the published page in other areas of your website

If your website is managed by an external web admin, we believe they would have a team who could repeat the steps above


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*Release Date – July 12, 2022