Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP


Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP adds Google Rich Snippets markup according to guidelines to structure your site for SEO. (AMP Compatible)


  • Schema Types: Currently, We have 33 schema types such as Blog Posting, News article, Local Business, Web page, Article, Recipe, Product, and Video Object view all. We are going to add all the schema types in the future. You can request the one you want and we will add it for you!
  • Conditional Display Fields: Meaning you include or exclude any posts, pages, post types, taxonomies and more!
  • Knowlegde Base Support: Recognize the content based on the organization or a person via data type option.
  • Full AMP Compatiblity: Supports the AMP for WP and AMP by Automattic plugins.
  • Advanced Settings: Play with output of schema markup using these options (Defragment, Add in Footer, Pretty Print, MicroData CleanUp etc.)
  • Migration: Import the data from other schema plugins such as (SEO Pressor, WP SEO Schema, Schema Plugin etc )
  • Compatibility: Generate the schema markup for the plugins. We have provided schema support for them. Few of them are – kk Star Ratings, WP-PostRatings, bbPress
  • Google Review: Display your business google reviews and its schema markup on your website.
  • [Premium] Reviews ( Fetch reviews from 75+ platforms ).
  • [Premium] Priority Support. Get it We get more than 100 technical queries a day but the Priority support plan will help you skip that and get the help from a dedicated team.
  • Review Module: Create your own review rating box with pros and cons and its schema markup
  • Schema Type Blocks in Gutenberg: Create your own content with the blocks and json schema markup will be added automatically
  • Unlimited Custom Post Types: You can control to represent the Rich Snippets data in the google search console using unlimited custom post types.
  • Easy to use with Minimal Settings
  • Archive Page Listing Support
  • JSON-LD Format
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard
  • Breadcrumbs Listing Support
  • Comments Post comments Support
  • Constant Development & New Features: We’ll be releasing the constant updates along with the more handy features as soon as we get the feedback from the users.

Supported Schema Types

  • Apartment
  • House
  • SingleFamilyResidence
  • Article
  • Blogposting
  • Book
  • Course
  • DiscussionForumPosting,
  • DataFeed
  • HowTo
  • NewsArticle
  • QAPage
  • Review
  • Recipe
  • TVSeries
  • SoftwareApplication
  • TechArticle
  • WebPage
  • Event
  • VideoGame
  • JobPosting
  • Service
  • Trip
  • AudioObject
  • VideoObject
  • MedicalCondition
  • MusicPlaylist
  • MusicAlbum
  • LocalBusiness with all the sub categories
  • Product
  • TouristAttraction
  • TouristDestination
  • LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings
  • HinduTemple
  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Person
  • View All


Some useful extensions to extend Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP features, check Woocommerce Compatibility For Schema, Cooked Compatibility For Schema and We are going to add more.


We try our best to provide support on forums. However, We have a special team support where you can ask us questions and get help. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us and so we try our best to reply each and every question that gets asked.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.


  • Merlin WP used – License URI:,
  • jquery-timepicker used
  • Rate Yo! used – License URI:
  • Aqua Resizer used – License URI: WTFPL –



This plugin provides 2 blocks.

How To (SASWP)


How to install and use this Schema plugin?

After you Active this plugin, just go to Dashboard > Structured data > Settings, and then setup the default settings, after that, just go back to ‘Structured Data’ click on Add New and add any data that you like!

How do I report bugs and suggest new features?

You can report the bugs for this Schema plugin here

Will you include features to my request?

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by creating an issue in Github . It helps us organize the feedback easily.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us from here


October 8, 2019
Found this plugin after coming from another schema plugin that had developed errors. Fair to use, though the horrendous 'wizard' was notorious for freezing and not saving the settings, and I reckon that the logo on the wizard was designed by the same child that wrote the laughable documentation, that always ended with three steps to go with 'that's all for this tutorial!' Three stars because it at least works for some schema, but is way off for other types, forcing me to pull whole schema sections out due to them not working or giving errors that couldn't be repaired. Gone to a paid plugin now, and got all my schema sorted within minutes.
October 7, 2019
After installing the plugin on my primary personal site, I noted a strong uptick in organic traffic and discoverability. I began using it on other websites and also seeing improvements. It's become a mainstay tool for all of my sites for myself and many of my clients. The plugin is an excellent way to add semantic markup in WordPress and dovetails nicely with Yoast, my preferred SEO plugin. I recommend this plugin to anyone looking to add more SEO juice and discoverability to their sites. It also has full Yoast compatibility.
October 5, 2019
This is a high-quality plugin I highly recommend. I'm still trying to add the finishing touch.
October 8, 2019
This is a high quality plugin I recommend highly. But as good as it is, the customer services is its most outstanding feature. My site is fairly new and I have had some success with Google and Bing despite that. But I had one page which Google reported was missing a required structured data element. I tried all kinds of solutions and after investing many hours, I asked support for advice. I received a response within a couple of hours telling me my issue was minor and offering to fix it for me free of charge. I gave the support agent temporary access to my back end and Google Search Console and within minutes the error disappeared. I am both grateful and amazed.
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Contributors & Developers

“Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log

1.9.13 (14 Oct 2019)

  • Fixed: Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object #543
  • Fixed: Fix Service Schema “Provider Type” Output #536
  • Added: Course Schema Box in Premium Features tab #540

1.9.12 (9 Oct 2019)

  • Added: Custom Taxonomy in modify schema output #533
  • Added: Coordinates fields(latitude, longitude) for real estate schema #525
  • Added: Real Estate Schema Box in Premium Features tab #472
  • Enhancement: Review for Schema improvements #534

1.9.11 (5 Oct 2019)

  • Added: Add support for Event Subcategory schema #418
  • Fixed: Additional CSS not working on FAQ blocks #529
  • Fixed: HowTo Block time is not being added in json markup when days and hours are empty #531
  • Fixed: Improved the db query #493
  • Fixed: Error and performance issues #497
  • Fixed: Review Link is not working properly #510
  • Fixed: Bug in defragmented schema ( Corporation being invalid for Publisher ) #505

1.9.10 (3 Oct 2019)

  • Added: Field to enter Yelp link to Knowledge Graph Social Fields section #517
  • Fixed: Breadcrumb list error on custom taxonomy #523
  • Fixed: ItemList and CollectionPage schema are not being added on custom texonomy page #521

1.9.9 (28 Sept 2019)

  • Added: Post category in modify meta list. #509
  • Fixed: Setup Wizard is very slow. Need to improve the timing. #518
  • Fixed: Image is not being pre filled or populated on post specific modify schema #508
  • Fixed: KK Star is not working anymore #506
  • Fixed: The property publisher is not recognized by Google for an object of type LocalBusiness. #512

1.9.8 (25 Sept 2019)

  • Added: The Supply and Tool for the How To Schema of Gutenberg #500
  • Added: MusicPlaylist Schema Type #488
  • Added: MusicAlbum Schema Type #488
  • Added: Book Schema Type #488
  • Added: RTL support (To fit the design with other language which start with right to left) #491
  • Enhancement: In product schema add the description to the Short+Long description #477
  • Bug Fixed: Added core jquery dependencies whereever js is being enqued #494
  • Bug Fixed: Image size smaller than recommended size #485
  • Bug Fixed: Modify Schema issue #498
  • Bug Fixed: Previously set schema markups “stick” on the website by default. #475
  • Bug Fixed: Review CSS are not loading based on condition #492
  • Bug Fixed: Update the Reviews markup as per the new Google Update #484
  • Bug Fixed: Google reviews not appearing properly on website (Design improvements) #387
  • Bug Fixed: Review schema and webpage given an error “Thing is not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property.” #488
  • Bug Fixed: Featured image should be placed first in schema markup before the other images present in the content #496

1.9.7 (19 Sept 2019)

  • Major Feature: Schema type blocks (How To & FAQ) have been added in Gutenberg editor
  • Added: Schema markup to category of WooCommerce #405
  • Added: Option to remove data on uninstall in Advanced tab #468
  • Added: Priority support in the Services section in the first place #346
  • Bug Fixed: “[POST, PAGE] Specific Schema” options don’t show up in /wp-admin/post-new.php #409
  • Bug Fixed: Call to undefined function get_avatar_data #480
  • Bug Fixed: Need to show the modify schema list based on target location of schema type #483
  • Bug Fixed: Fatal error function bcdiv () #489

1.9.6 (11 Sept 2019)

  • Enhancement: Remove all the global static fields and migrate its data to modify schema output #465
  • Enhancement: Other images should also get resized as like the featured image #371
  • Bug Fixed: Website layout is break when microdata clean up option enable #461
  • Bug Fixed: Post specific modify schema option should also show when a post is drafted #335
  • Bug Fixed: NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Fatal error ( Call to undefined method WP_Image_Editor_Imagick::get_error_message() ) #467
  • Bug Fixed: Default product data is not loading in fields of product at Modify current schema #432
  • Bug Fixed: When WordPress installed in sub folder, Schema takes the path of subfolder instead of root #406
  • Bug Fixed: AMP should be added if it is amp url in mainEntityOfPage #392
  • Bug Fixed: WP Recipe Maker (Compatibility), the image is smaller than the recommended size error should not get appeared. #382
  • Added: Importer for Schema- AIORS ( #160

1.9.5 (06 Sept 2019)

  • Added: More Organization schema type support #423
  • Added: MedicalBusiness Schema type #334
  • Added: Carousels (itemList) Schema type on archive post/page #306
  • Added: Blog Schema type on archive post/page #460
  • Added: Manual Reviews fields in the product schema #137
  • Added: Aqua Resizer to fix image size is smaller than recommended in google console #435
  • Enhancement: Toggle (on/off) button should be on by default on schema post specific modification #457
  • Bug Fixed: Error log cluttered with php warning regarding count() / PART II #444
  • Bug Fixed: Debug error logs: flexmlsConnectPageCore->__construct(NULL) #446
  • Bug Fixed: In the FAQ schema fields, accepted textarea strip html tags and convert special character to encoded string. #458

1.9.4 (03 Sept 2019)

  • Added: DataFeed Schema type #411
  • Added: Option to add multiple performer in event Schema type #411
  • Enhancement: Remove button to modified Schema Output item #456.
  • Bug Fixed: Compatibility code for The SEO Framework results in invalid output. #452
  • Bug Fixed: Custom fields for products has the wrong identifier. #453
  • Bug Fixed: Custom fields does not fetch post values #454
  • Bug Fixed: Add field in Modify Schema Output defaults to null #455
  • Bug Fixed: @context property value should be changed based on site ssl certificate #447

1.9.3 (30 Aug 2019)

  • New Feature: ACF meta fields inside Modify Schema Output #216
  • Added: Compatibility with Squirrly Seo ( ) #426
  • Added: Compatibility with WP Recipe maker ( ) #323
  • Added: bbPress support with “Q&A Schema” #391
  • Added: WPSSO Core importer #85
  • Bug Fixed: Upgrade to pro message should not be there, if any pro extension is activated #450
  • Bug Fixed: Notice: Undefined index: professionalservice in /schema-and-structured-data-for-wp/output/output.php on line 3731 #448

1.9.2 (28 Aug 2019)

  • Added: Compatibility with SEO Framework ( ) #426
  • Added: Compatibility with SEOPress ( ) #421
  • Added: Compatibility with Smartcrawl SEO ( ) #319
  • Added: Compatibility with All in One SEO Pack ( ) #383
  • Bug Fixed: @type ImageObject and VideoObject are getting created eventhough values are not present on the site #437
  • Bug Fixed: Post specific schema fields are not showing on first button click inside custom post types #424
  • Bug Fixed: Fatal Error ( Cannot access protected property saswp_post_specific::$_local_sub_business ) #443
  • Bug Fixed: HowTo Schema (If steps images are not there its type should not come in json markup). #442
  • Bug Fixed: Missing datePublished and mainEntityOfPage fields in DiscussionForumPosting schema #438

1.9.1 (21 Aug 2019)

  • Major Feature: Option to add schema fields value from give dropdown meta list inside Modify Schema Output section #192
  • Bug Fixed: Error log cluttered with php warning regarding count() #434
  • Bug Fixed: Debug error #439
  • Bug Fixed: Php json_encode function does not encode other languages characters, replace it with wp_json_encode #433
  • Bug Fixed: CSS border-box rule causing issues #420
  • Bug Fixed: Setup link of default image doesn’t take it anywhere #429
  • Bug Fixed: Conflict with Gutenberg and Merlin. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_block_editor() on null #413

1.9 (03 Aug 2019)

  • Major Feature: Reviews Module :- Allow users to manually add reviews from more than 80+ platforms and show it on the website with schema markup #325
  • Added: FAQ schema type #402
  • Added: Upgrade to premium as a menu item in the SD #343
  • Enhancement: If the plguins which are in compatibility section are active than respective checkbox should be checked #353
  • Enhancement: Added Post Tags inside schema markup (Urgent) #389
  • Enhancement: Sub business type should have “LocalBusiness” type as well #380
  • Enhancement: Added validation message in default data #369
  • Enhancement: Added validation message in phone number #369
  • Enhancement: Added some more fields in the product schema #360
  • Bug Fixed: Error in Breadcrumb when using custom post type #403
  • Bug Fixed: Automatically smaller titles which is created as a validation error of “Headline String Too Long” in NewsArticle #396
  • Bug Fixed: Do not need to add organization schema markup on every page #395
  • Bug Fixed: If Defragmentation is enabled “Site Navigation Element” should be included in main schema #386
  • Bug Fixed: Remove double slash // in the type id #379
  • Bug Fixed: Not compatible with Orbital theme #385
  • Bug Fixed: Any AMP extensions redux settings are not being displayed when saswp is installed #412

1.8.9 (08 July 2019)

  • Added: Translation panel. User can add own text for List of labels which is being output in content #361
  • Added: compatibility with DWQA Pro version plugin ( ) #372
  • Added: Social fields in local business schema type
  • Added: Error message should be shown if custom schema markup is not valid
  • Bug Fixed: Defragmentation is not working for BlogPost schema type #367
  • Bug Fixed: Schema title attributes show invalid title when yoast compatibility is enabled , like this (%%title%%%page%%sep) #364
  • Bug Fixed: Description and Article body have same data #363
  • Bug Fixed: Debug Warning & notices #362
  • Bug Fixed: Micro data clean up is not working properly. #359

1.8.8 (22 June 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class ‘saswp_google_review’ not found. #351

1.8.7 (21 June 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Fatal error ( Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type Closure as array ) #317
  • Bug Fixed: Call to undefined function ampforwp_is_home() #330
  • Bug Fixed: Micro Data cleanup properly does not work #337
  • Bug Fixed: View Post option should not be there in schema post type admin menu bar #327
  • Bug Fixed: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in #309
  • Improvement: If Yoast plugin is active then the checkbox should be on by default in the compatibility section #338
  • Improvement: Change message “AMP Requires Selected Plugin” in AMP tab #328
  • Added: Aggregate rating fields in Recipe Schema type #331

1.8.6 (07 June 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: custom_markup #308
  • Bug Fixed: JS and CSS should be included where it’s need. #294
  • Bug Fixed: Remove duplicate queries #296
  • Bug Fixed: Google Review Module ( update_post_meta was called earlier than its actually call ) #307
  • Bug Fixed: When extensions are active then it should show #313
  • Bug Fixed: Compatibility conflicts with WooCommerce SEO #312
  • Bug Fixed: ‘@type’ => ‘VideoObject’ is missing in recipe schema video entity #314
  • Bug Fixed: Navigation Menu should have Assigned location name #310

1.8.5 (28 May 2019)

  • Added: Person schema type #220
  • Added: Trip schema type #289
  • Added: JobPosting schema type #289
  • Added: Author fields should have description field #275
  • Added: Homepage selection in the “Placement” dropdown #280
  • Bug Fixed: Remove shortcode and share button text from schema markup description #250
  • Bug Fixed: Modify schema does not take default description #295
  • Bug Fixed: saswp-style.css should only load wherever its need #287
  • Bug Fixed: Unspecified Type error when defragmentation is enabled and website schema is disabled #291
  • Improvement: getimagesize function improvement #278
  • Improvement: Site Navigation Menu option should have list of menus to be added in schema markup #272
  • Improvement: If Yoast compatibility is on make sure, We skip the schema of the Yoast, not the whole metadata and og tags #288
  • Improvement: If target location is empty than by default target location should be post #292
  • Improvement: An option for adding own custom json schema markup on every post along with current schema #274

1.8.4 (22 May 2019)

  • Added: Accomodation Schema type ( House, Apartment and SingleFamilyResidence )#41
  • Added: Speakable Schema type #79
  • Added: HowTo Schema type #268
  • Added: TvSeries Schema type #108
  • Added: VideoGame Schema type #77
  • Added: MedicalCondition Schema type #58
  • Added: TouristAttraction Schema type #167
  • Added: TouristDestination Schema type #167
  • Added: PlaceOfWorship Schema type ( HinduTemple, Church and Mosque ) #167
  • Bug Fixed: [BUG REPORT] Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page ( Multisite Issue ) #286
  • Bug Fixed: Warning: count() ( Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable ) #273
  • Bug Fixed: About and Contact page dropdown not appearing on setup wizard ( Multisite Issue ) #282
  • Bug Fixed: PHP Error: Undefined offset #285
  • Bug Fixed: Basic issues ( Image icon should come from plugin own directory and If the logo is not there, then it should show logo mission error ) #283
  • Improvement: Product select should not have the fields on installer #266
  • Improvement: HasMap field should be there in local schema #276

1.8.3 (16 May 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Warning: getimagesize #271

1.8.2 (13 May 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Warning: getimagesize #271

1.8.1 (13 May 2019)

  • New Feature: An option for adding own custom json schema markup on every post #257
  • Added: Compatibility with WP-PostRatings ( )#208
  • Added: Compatibility with bbPress ( )#208
  • Added: Option to minified or pretty print schema markup #166
  • Added: To show all images of the article in the structured data. #84
  • Added: Geo Location (latitude and longitude) fields in local schema #90
  • Added: Micro data cleanup option (This option cleans all the micro data on page to valid the json markup) #262
  • Added: Image preview panel on every images, When these are added. #249
  • Bug Fixed: Content url and Embed url are missing in video object of structured data #190
  • Bug Fixed: Remove unnecessary css which effect on whole wordpress admin panel #264
  • Bug Fixed: If porto theme is activated, there are validation issues in product schema type. #163

1.8 (08 May 2019)

  • New Feature: Google Reviews and its schema markup (Users can list their business reviews from google reviews using place id) #61
  • Added: New docs link in the plugin and everywhere #202
  • Added: Review Module Schema markup has been added #205
  • Added: Defragment Schema (Merge all the schema markup in one markup) #223
  • Added: “Need Help” label in default data
  • Added: Option to to add schema markup in (header or footer) #165
  • Changes: PRE Release Checklist (Settings panel has many improvement with new tabs) #236
  • Bug Fixed: Missing Field “ in Q&A schema after Update #191
  • Bug Fixed: The property aggregateRating is not recognised by Google for an object of type Thing in course schema type #194
  • Bug Fixed: The description is required for VideoObject schema type on homepage #195
  • Bug Fixed: Review Module Schema is not generating in the backend #205
  • Bug Fixed: Missing attributes have been added for the product schema generating from WooCommerce #205
  • Bug Fixed: Error in Article schema automatically generate by Yoast SEO in non-amp #231
  • Bug Fixed: Issue in the selecting the organisation type as twice, generating an error. #234
  • Bug Fixed: Debug errors after Version 1.7 #240
  • Bug Fixed: In AMP’s Home page Breadcrumb scheme markup is generating two item list #244
  • Bug Fixed: Remove shortcode from schema markup description #250
  • Bug Fixed: Notification Improvements #239
  • Bug Fixed: The Support tab Email changes #238

1.7 (24 April 2019)

  • Added: Option to enable and disable website schema markup #225
  • Added: Option to enable and disable Sitelinks Search Box in website schema markup #196
  • Bug Fixed: Event Time and date is not changing as per the option #227
  • Bug Fixed: Two images url are null from three different image sizes in amp article schema #222
  • Bug Fixed: number_format() Debug error #213
  • Bug Fixed: Undefined offset errors #214, #232, #229

1.6 (12 April 2019)

  • Added : Option to use URL rather than phone number for contact type in Knowledge Graph #199
  • Bug Fixed: Image markup src remains null in AMP despite featured images on post #206
  • Bug Fixed: Array (The value provided for image must be a valid URL.) #203
  • Bug Fixed: After removing social links from the knowledge graph it still shows up in the markup #200
  • Bug Fixed: If schema is not enabled on amp, it still adds blank script #189
  • Bug Fixed: Modify schema output for the review schema has no author fields in dropdown #193
  • Bug Fixed: Notice: Undefined offset #197
  • Bug Fixed: Undefined index #204

1.5 (27 March 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Warning – Missing “review” field in product schema for WooCommerce product page. #179
  • Bug Fixed: Modify schema output with custom filters #178
  • Bug Fixed: should be #175
  • Bug Fixed: In AMP schema markup featured image should be 4×3,16×9,1×1 #173
  • Bug Fixed: Warning – number_format() expects parameter 1 to be float, string given in #172
  • Bug Fixed: Set-Up wizard is not working when Polylang plugin is activated #170

1.4 (26 March 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Security improvement.

1.3.1 (12 March 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: Organization schema type has null value

1.3 (11 March 2019)

  • Added: Event schema type added to the schema type list #157
  • Added: Compatibility with The Events Calendar plugin ( ) has been added in AMP. #157
  • Added: New Organization type list has been added to knowledge graph section including “NewsMediaOrganization”. #147
  • Added: Compatibility with ( Tagyeem Review Plugin & Jannah News Theme ). #151
  • Bug Fixed: ItemAvailability text “onbackorder” should be converted to “PreOrder” for product schema #161
  • Bug Fixed: Bad escape sequence in string. #168

1.2 (22 February 2019)

  • New Feature: Software Application and Course schema type added to the schema type list #115
  • Bug Fixed: Modify Schema Output is not getting, Selected post meta fields value in schema markup #155
  • Bug Fixed: Author name field value is not being filled in the Review schema markup #154
  • Bug Fixed: Notice cluttering in error logs #152

1.1 (15 February 2019)

  • New Feature: TechArticle schema type add to the schema type list #115
  • Added: Show admin notice, when schema’s default image is not set inside setting #145
  • Bug Fixed: Schema markup is not getting author name from the post #146
  • Bug Fixed: When Review and Article schema are enabled at the same time. There is a validation error in logo markup #141
  • Bug Fixed: Image is not being fetched in local_business schema markup from local schema image field #135

1.0.9 (07 February 2019)

  • New Feature: SiteNavigationElement schema type add to the schema type list #115
  • Added: Option to edit the Schema type for Archive page #123
  • Added: Menu Property to FoodEstablishment #116
  • Bug Fixed: On/Off buttons inside modify schema are not changing its state on post save #138
  • Bug Fixed: Yoast compatibility checkbox is not active when yoast premium plugin is activated #138 (31 January 2019)

  • Bug Fixed: JSON-LD Error, when yoast compatibility is enabled #133

1.0.8 (28 January 2019)

  • Added: Yoast plugin compatibility ( If yoast is activated for schema. Organization & website markup should not be duplicate )
  • Improvement: Show the fields of review schema type according to selected Item Reviewed Type
  • Bug Fixed: Product schema is not getting feature image/product image when WooCommerce compatibility is enable #122
  • Bug Fixed: Missing escaping, Warnings and Notices fixed
  • Bug Fixed: Google is requiring 1200 pixel wide feature images #131 (5 January 2019)

  • Improvement: AMP tab should always be shown and amp option should be disabled if amp is not activated. #87
  • Improvement: Notice box to ask for review in day interval should not be shown again, if users click no thanks button. #118
  • Bug Fixed: Warnings and Notices fixed

1.0.7 (31 December 2018)

  • New Feature: AudioObject schema type add to the schema type list #115
  • New Feature: Option to reset plugin’s settings #104
  • New Feature: Fields to enter Aggregate Rating below schema type #95
  • New Feature: SEO Pressor plugin importer #93
  • Improvement: Changed default “Homepage” to site name in Breadcrumbs. #87
  • Improvement: Product fields have been added when selecting product schema type #94
  • Improvement: Added provider type in service schema #103
  • Improvement: On/Off button has been added to post specific schema list #99
  • Improvement: List of compatible plugins should always be shown in compatibility tab #102
  • Improvement: Inside review schema type, item reviewed should be in dropdown #97
  • Improvement: Moved FlexMLS IDX compatibilty from tool tab to compatibility tab #112
  • Improvement: Properly prepared for localization to make plugin translatable #105
  • Bug Fixed: Modify Schema : – In Local Business schema type phone number is not being added in schema markup output #114
  • Bug Fixed: Local Business -> Food Establishment -> Bakery is buggy #111
  • Bug Fixed: select 2 conflicts with avada theme #92
  • Bug Fixed: warning issues on product/apartment schema #88

  • Bug Fixed: Other bug fixed (22 December 2018)

  • Bug Fixed: Errors with WP5.2 #107
  • Bug Fixed: Blank recipe post screen #91
  • Bug Fixed: Other bug fixed

1.0.6 (14 December 2018)

  • New Feature: Review schema type add to the schema type list
  • New Feature: Compatibility with Extra theme by Elegant Themes ( ) , Now extra theme built in review and rating will be indexed in google after enabling option
  • New Feature: Compatibility with WooCommerce ( ), Now the product schema with its WooCommerce product details will be indexed in google search
  • New Feature: Q&A schema type add to the schema type list, Currently it is compatible with DW Question & Answer plugin ( )
  • New Feature: Modify Schema output, custom fields can be selected for schema fields
  • Improvement: Different opening and closing hours for different days of the week in local business schema type
  • Improvement: Now post specific modify schema will support on page and custom post type
  • Improvement: Added missing recipe fields in the post specific metabox #81
  • Bug Fixed: Compatibility issue with the Blackbar plugin #83
  • Bug Fixed: Restore schema button was not working on first load #81

1.0.5 (30 November 2018)

  • New Feature: Service schema type add to the schema type list
  • New Feature: Comments Markup, The comments on post will also appear in schema markup
  • New Feature: WP SEO Structured Data Schema migration tool
  • New Feature: Compatibility with kk Star Ratings plugin, Now the ratings will be indexed in google search and results will be appearing in the form of a rich snippet
  • Bug Fixed: Some of the missing fields added in NewsArticle schema type markup( articleSection, articleBody, wordCount & timeRequired ). (17 November 2018)

  • Bug Fixed: Load review css only when review is enable for that post. #67
  • Menified review css in amp to put under amp css limitation.

1.0.4 (16 November 2018)

  • Major Feature: Post Specific Meta boxes to override the schemas on posts
  • Major Feature: Rich Snippets for Reviews and Ratings
  • Security and other bug fixed

1.0.3 (24 October 2018)

  • Schema Pro migrator
  • Import / export functionality, so it can be transferred from staging to live website
  • Added WP Recipe Maker and WP Ultimate Recipe plugins compatibility
  • Added compatibility with FlexMLS® IDX plugin
  • Tested security issue and fixed
  • Breadcrumbs bug fixed
  • Debug errors
  • Minor Bugs Fixed

1.0.2 (28 August 2018)

  • First Time Installation Setup Wizard
  • Added a Support form to provide faster support
  • Full Local Business Schema Markup Support
  • Schema Press Migrator – You can easy switch from Schema Press plugin with just one-click.
  • Moved the options panel to the bottom for better UX
  • Asks for review after a week.
  • Shows Schema type next to the name of the post
  • Knowledge Graph typo
  • Debug errors
  • Date format has been fixed via PR. Thanks to @thetoine
  • minor Bugs Fixed

1.0.1 (27 August 2018)

  • AMP Compatibility improved for Schema
  • Default Schema compatibility added, which means the posts and pages will be set by default.
  • Minor bugs fixed

1.0 (6 August 2018)

  • Version 1.0 Released