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Skimlinks takes away all the effort usually associated with affiliate marketing, working behind-the-scenes and earning you commissions from the valuable links you include in your posts. Building on our years of experience of working with all types of blogs, our patent-pending technology converts existing product links in content into their equivalent affiliate link on-the-fly:

  • Easy to install: Add the Skimlinks plugin and instantly monetize untapped links on your blog

  • SkimLinks and SkimWords integration: Easily control the Skimlinks products you use from your publisher interface

  • Earn from your RSS feed: Monetize more activity on your blog when users click on an external link in your RSS feed, Skimlinks automatically turns these into affiliate links

  • Earn more from affiliate marketing with Skimlinks: We work with over 18,000 merchants, and turn more links in your content into their equivalent affiliate link so you can earn more commission

  • Zero admin: You can focus on creating great content and link to merchant products as normal and we’ll do all the work to create and maintain affiliate links for you

  • Increase your click-through rates: We only turn links into affiliate links when they are clicked, so they don’t look suspicious to your users

“Once the code was installed on my site, I’ve had to do nothing apart from waiting for the checks to appear through the post”

Skimlinks customer : Stuart Miles, Owner/Editor of Pocket-lint


  • The Skimlinks settings page
  • Skimlinks publisher dashboard


N.B. If you are upgrading from an older version of the plugin to Version 1.2, the current product settings on the Installation page in your Skimlinks Publisher Interface will take effect. You can change these settings to suit your needs in your Publisher Interface before or after upgrading.

N.B. If you have Skimlinks already added to your footer template please remove it before installing the Skimlinks WordPress Plugin.

  1. To install the plugin you need to be a Skimlinks publisher and enter your ID. You can join us at
  2. Upload the skimlinks folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Configure the plugin in the WordPress Settings > Skimlinks menu


Q. What is Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is a clever technology that helps you easily monetize online content by converting normal product links from thousands of retailers into their equivalent affiliate links so you can earn a commission effortlessly every time a purchase is made.

Q. How do I install the Skimlinks WordPress Plugin

To install the Plugin you need to be a Skimlinks publisher and get the Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. If you are not a Skimlinks publisher already, you can apply here.

Q. I already have Skimlinks installed in my WordPress blog template, what should I do?

We recommend you remove it from the template and replace it with the Plugin to enjoy all the new features. If you have any questions feel free to check out our support pages

Q. What’s the advantage of signing up to Skimlinks?

Of course you could spend time and money creating, tracking and maintaining your own affiliate links and signing up to thousands of merchant programs, but why not let us do all the hard work for you?

  • Create content and link to merchants as normal and we’ll convert your links into affiliate links on-the-fly so there is no effect on the users’ experience
  • With one sign-up to Skimlinks, you get access to 8,000+ merchants’ affiliate programs
  • Use our comprehensive reporting suite to keep track of exactly which merchants your users like
  • First-class account management
  • Free access to our powerful publisher tools
  • Publisher newsletters and affiliate marketing resources
Q. How can I calculate what revenue I could earn from using Skimlinks?

There are a huge number of factors influencing the potential to earn revenue from links on your blog, including the volume of users and their profile, the type of content, seasonality and the amount of other advertising you have on your site. Years of experience and lots of happy customers tell us that Skimlinks has a real impact on publishers businesses but why not give Skimlinks a try and see what it can do for you!
Q. What costs are involved in signing-up to Skimlinks?
It’s completely free to sign-up to Skimlinks. Once approved as a Skimlinks’ publisher you get full access to our suite of reports and tools.

Q. Will I earn the same amount I would earn if I created the affiliate links myself?

Because of our scale we can negotiate the very best commissions for our publishers, which means you can earn up to 110% of what you would have earned if you managed your affiliate links program yourself. Skimlinks retains 25% of the commission payment from the merchant, and the rest we pay to you.

Q. Which Merchants do you work with?

When you join the Skimlinks, you can access all of the reporting capabilities in the publisher interface, including the Merchant look-up feature to see the 8,000+ retailers in the Skimlinks network. We actively monitor where your users are clicking and approach merchants on your behalf to make sure we offer a broad and interesting range of retailer programs.

Q. Is Skimlinks visible to my blog readers?

Skimlinks lets the normal link appear, and turns it into an affiliate link only when the user clicks through, so there is no visible difference to the user. This gives users more trust in your site, and increases the likelihood they will click on the link.

Q. What happens in the event that the Skimlinks’ service is unavailable?

The Skimlinks technology is monitored 24/7, and is fully redundant. If, in the unlikely event, our technology stops working, links will not be affiliated for a temporary period but the user experience is not affected.

Q. I’ve upgraded to Version 1.2+ and links have started appearing on phrases in my content. Why is this?

There is nothing to worry about! When you upgraded to Version 1.2, your site is now using the latest version of our technology and this means that the current product settings on the Installation page in your Skimlinks Publisher Interface have taken effect. If you have SkimWords enabled on that page, this is why links are being added to your content. You can change these settings to suit your needs in your Publisher Interface at anytime. You can read more about SkimWords, Skimlinks’ in-text monetization product, on our website.

For more FAQ’s and information on Skimlinks, please visit


So useful!

This is great! Saves so much time and hassle and just lets me do my thing whilst it quietly helps me out in the background. It’s hard to make money from writing online, and I don’t want to get evil about it all doing paid pieces, so this is a great ethical model. Like. A lot.

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