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1st Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin that uses Advanced Marketing Tools

67% of users leave their cart without buying anything. We created MC Wishlist, a Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin to help every online shop owner sell more without more advertising or trying to get more traffic based on users’ wishlists.


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Why Upgrade Your WooCommerce Product Page?

You try to SEO your site, be active on social media, and pay a lot for more traffic, but converting these users into customers is often more difficult than attracting them.
If you need to sell more with your current traffic, then MC Wishlist is what you are looking for.
A set of smart and solution-oriented marketing methods previously out of reach for small and medium businesses.
Automatic and intelligent features increase your sales by at least 50% with a few clicks.
A remarkable design, powerful features, and years of effort by the MoreConvert team have made the MC Wishlist Plugin a game-changing plugin that can increase your sales many times.

Add All Other Woocommerce Wishlist Plugins Features FOR FREE

➜ Customize your wishlist button, Wishlist Page, and Counter
➜ Beautiful icons for the Wishlist
➜ Two responsive wishlist page layout
➜ Counter mini menu for header and widget for sidebar
➜ Speed operations to increase the “add to list” process
➜ Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, and shortcodes
➜ Woocommerce my account integrated

See the features of the MC Wishlist plugin and understand why the MC Wishlist plugin is possibly the Best Woocommerce wishlist Plugin.

  • Setup Wizard (Easy to follow)
    MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin practically configures itself. Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that perfectly sets up the Woocommerce Wishlist.

  • Highest Operation System
    We design operation systems in our Wishlist so you can try and choose which works better on your site.

  • Free Elementor Integration
    if you use Elementor Page Builder, This Plugin is the Best and Only Free Choice for you. We provide the Elementor widget for free in our Plugin.

  • Marketing Toolkit System
    MC Woocommerce wishlist plugin is the only Plugin that changes the Wishlist into a marketing tool that retargets all users based on their Wishlist and boosts your sales.

  • Free Divi Integration
    we integrated our Wishlist with DIVI theme Builder, which also works on our free version.


Setup Wizard — All you have to do is set a few options. The MC woocommerce wishlist plugin will configure itself perfectly for your website.

Full button customization __ you can use different button styles and change everything about color, hover, text, icon, sizes, borders, margin, radius, and other important prospects.

Full Wishlist page customization __ MC woocommerce wishlist plugin has two responsive layouts. You can choose one of them and select the items you want to show, design the page style and change everything you think. It works on all devices as well as pc.

Super Fast Wishlist Plugin __ Even after packing so many features, the MC woocommerce wishlist plugin has a minor load on your server, thus making it one of the fastest Woocommerce wishlist plugins. You have three different operating systems to check.

Probably Your Theme Friendly __ MC Woocommerce Wishlist is the first Plugin that synced its Wishlist with all prominent themes like Astra, Flatsome, Storefront, Hello Elementor, Avada, OceanWP, and 25 others.

Popup for wishlist button __ you can choose different actions after clicking on the wishlist button. One of them is an active popup for “add to wishlist” with customized images and text and a button.

Customize your Wishlist Counter __ Adding a counter will increase user engagement with your site. In the mc woocommerce wishlist plugin, you can add it to the header or sidebar with the widget. Also, you can customize all the details of your Counter.

ShortCodes and Developer __ mc woocommerce wishlist plugin has shortcodes for all wishlist buttons, pages, and counters. You can use it everywhere you want. We have new hooks and well-documented code that every developer will love it.

Remove second click __ you can easily change how the user deletes the item from the Wishlist by deleting it after a second click on the wishlist button or in other ways.

Automate Marketing Toolkit __ other wishlist plugins fill your database and decrease your site speed with a huge amount of useless data; they don’t use this data. Still, with MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin, you convert most of your users into customers with an amazing marketing toolkit that automates the follow-up base on users’ favorite products and show them compelling offer to buy them.

Dynamic “smart” offers __ Show customers email offers based on what They add to their list. Set conditions to show the right offer at the right time and increase conversion rates.

We want your WooCommerce store to be more profitable than ever, so we are giving you all the above for free.

When To Use MC Wishlist

  • Selling physical products
  • Selling online courses
  • Selling event tickets
  • Selling digital products
  • Selling via dropshipping
  • Selling anything really
  • Lead generation

This Plugin is the Best and Only Free Choice for you.
We provide the Elementor widget for free in our Plugin.


General Features
✅ Fast configuration options for Quick setup
✅ Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Astra, Storefront, OceanWP, Flatsome & 25 other famous themes and page builders support
✅ Show details you want on the wishlist table page: Product Image, Product Name, Product review, Price, Discounts, Stock Status, Quantity, Date of Adding, Product variations
✅ Remove the product from the Wishlist and go to the cart automatically (after Purchasing it)
✅ Enable/disable the Wishlist for unlogged users
✅ Show an invitation for unlogged users to log in or signup
✅ Choose an action triggered by the wishlist button: display a popup or open the Wishlist.
✅ Customized Pop-up for Wishlist redirecting (change appearance, text, add image…)
✅ Design and customizable Wishlist Page
✅ Out-of-stock products wishlist button management

Button Appearance Features (Add To Wishlist)
✅ Fully customizable appearance
✅ Several different well-designed icons
✅ Change the button text to anything you want
✅ Change button text after adding product to Wishlist
✅ Change the type of button into icon, text and both
✅ “Add To Wishlist” Button Predefined And Custom Icons
✅ Set the color of the button with the site theme
✅ Tooltip for single product page and shop pages

Button Position Features
✅ Change the button position on the product and shop page
✅ Use shortcode for positioning the ideal place
✅ Simplified Remove To Wishlist Behavior (Remove Product From Wishlist On Second Click)

Wishlist Share Features
✅ Enable/disable the wishlist sharing button
✅ Share Wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and email)
✅ Share with link
✅ Customize color for share icons
✅ Download Wishlist PDF

Counter Features
✅ Add to every menu with one click
✅ Use any text or icon you want with four different counter position
✅ Add shortcodes and widgets
✅ Fully customizable appearance ( icon, text, and color)
✅ Set numbers of products to show

Email Automation Features (Pro)
Define an offer for one segment of users with a specific situation and follow up with them to finalize the sales automatically.
✅ Design and Customize personalized coupons (time, free shipping, price, expiration date) and automate them for every user and Automate Deletion after expiration
✅ Define several email automation for different targeted users. For example, send email automation to users who have added a specific product to their Wishlist
Email series template (4 professional email templates written with marketing principles, copywriting, and FOMO technique to increase sales) and automate it
✅ Able to make dynamic personalize email content; you can use the following placeholders:
{user_name}, {user_email}, {user_first_name}, {user_last_name}, {coupon_code}, {coupon_amount}, {expiry_date}, {wishlist_url}, {checkout_url}, {shop_url}, {site_name}, {site_description}, {unsubscribe_url}
✅ Excellent reports for each automation: analyze each automation, check which email is better and optimize it, find who opens or clicks the emails, and plan to sell more to them.
✅ Unsubscribe options

Email Campaign Features (Pro)
Send an email with a special discount code to each person and increase your sales without needing MailChimp to a specific group of users with Wishlist.

✅ Design Customized, personalized offers for each user (time, free shipping, price, expiration date) for every user and Automated Deletion after expiration
✅ Define personalized email content; you can use the following placeholders:
{user_name}, {user_email}, {user_first_name}, {user_last_name}, {coupon_code}, {coupon_amount}, {expiry_date}, {wishlist_url}, {checkout_url}, {shop_url}, {site_name}, {site_description}, {unsubscribe_url}
✅ Target a high-potential group of users for buying and send a targeted campaign
✅ Excellent reports for each campaign: analyze your campaign after sending, find potential customers to follow up with, and learn how to create your next campaign better and sounder.
✅ Unsubscribe options

Wishlist Analytics (Pro)

✅ Find which product added the most on the Wishlist, design a promotional campaign or automation, and increase your woocommerce sales.
✅ Find potential users to sell products to them.
✅ Find potential out-of-stock products to add to the stock
✅ Find users’ wishlist status and sell them with personalized call
✅ Export users based on their condition
✅ Set different conditions and find hot prospects for sell
✅ Products stats
✅ Sales stats
✅ Prospects’ Wishlist stats
✅ Sales details based on each customer
✅ Sales details based on each prospect
✅ Export stats (products, customers, prospects, and wishlists)

Free Support:
Our Plugin is new, so we can fix any problem immediately. Get support and get your answer as soon as you ask a question.

The MC Woocommerce Wishlist plugin is a must-have for any WooCommerce store.

It is perfect for:
✔ eCommerce store owners
✔ Course creators
✔ Event organizers
✔ Coaches / Trainers
✔ Dropshippers
✔ Bloggers
✔ Niche sites
✔ Businesses
✔ Local businesses
✔ Startups
✔ Personal brands
✔ Real estate agents
✔ Artists and photographers


WooCommerce Themes

MC Wishlist works with any theme that is compatible with WooCommerce, including:
* Astra
* Avada
* Divi
* Flatsome
* GeneratePress
* Hello Elementor
* Hestia
* Kadence
* Neve
* OceanWP
* Porto
* Shoptimizer
* Storefront
* Woostify
* The7

WordPress Plugins

MC Wishlist works with any plugin that is compatible with WooCommerce, including:
* All Cache Plugins
* Polylang
* Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
* Enable jQuery Migrate Helper
* Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk
* YITH WooCommerce Quick View
* Square for WooCommerce
* WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML
* Product Addons
* WooCommerce Subscriptions
* Composite Products
* BuddyPress
* Product Addons for Woocommerce
* WooCommerce Extra Product Options
* Extra Custom Product Options for WooCommerce
* PW WooCommerce Gift Cards
* WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce
* Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce
* PPOM for WooCommerce
* ShopEngine
* YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons
* ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode
* And so many others

Installation and use

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Make sure to disable caching on your checkout and thank you steps
  4. Watch the Video below to learn how to use the Plugin


  • Design different wishlist button style
  • Place every location that you want
  • Design a Gorgeous & Responsive Wishlist page
  • Create a faster way to access Wishlist
  • Groundbreaking Integration with Elementor Page builder
  • Optimize your wishlist button easily without any hassle
  • Change everything on your wishlist page
  • Change the wishlist counter and mini Wishlist
  • No need to pay for email marketing service for retargeting automation
  • Comes in with social media sharing options
  • MC Wishlist comes with speed optimization management


What marketing part can I use in this Plugin?

It helps you increase sales by sending amazing email templates based on your circumstances.

Can my customers share their Wishlists on social media?

Yes, even they can change the title of their link and then post it (for example, change the “my wishlist” into “my suggestion for my birthday :D”)

Does MC WooCommerce Wishlist allows adding an “add to wishlist” button on the products on the shop page and archive pages?

You can also show the Add to wishlist button on your shop page, category pages, product shortcodes, product sliders, and all the other places where the WooCommerce products’ loop is used.

Can I customize the wishlist page?

Yes, the page is a simple template. You can override it by putting the file template “wishlist.php” inside the “woocommerce” folder of the theme folder.

Can I move the position of the “Add to wishlist” button?

You can move the button to another default position or use the shortcode inside your theme code.

Can I change the style of the “Add to wishlist” button?

You can change the background, text, and border colors or apply custom CSS. You can also use a link or a button for the “Add to wishlist” feature.

Wishlist page returns a 404 error?

Try to regenerate the wishlist page from Settings ->Wishlist page Tab -> change “Choose the Wishlist page” by simply saving them again.

Have you encountered anomalies after the plugin update that did not exist in the previous version?

It might depend on the fact that your theme overrides plugin templates. If you use a famous theme, tell us to make new compatibility with it.
As an alternative, you can try the Plugin in the WordPress default theme to leave out any possible influences.

Where can I find documentation?

For help setting up and configuring, please refer to our online documentation

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Plugin Forum or help page on our website.


18 January 2023
If you are looking for a wishlist plugin, look no more. Even the free version is awesome. This is an amazing plugin with a solid team that really wants you to succeed. It is so much more than a wishlist. It is an awesome marketing tool!The dev really listens to suggestions and quickly implements them whenever possible. I really wish I had known about it sooner. I wasted a lot of time and money with other wishlist plugins that don't even get close to this one. Thank you so much for a great plugin</img> *PS. I forgot to mention how easy it is to install and configure plus the animated and thorough tool tips makes it a fun task, instead of a frustrating experience as I'm sure we have all experienced
16 January 2023
I tested many free Wishlist plugins and this one is the most complete and functional; no cache issues with my Kinsta host
15 January 2023
I tested about 20 different wishlist plugins for my website before finding this one. It's a really great plugin with great features. The only thing missing is the ability to add wishlist product images in the marketing e-mails the customer gets. So I hope that will be added soon.
Read all 38 reviews

Contributors and Developers

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Interested in development?

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Change Log

1.4.7 – RELEASED ON 14 December 2022

  • Fixed: Some reported bugs

1.4.6 – RELEASED ON 14 December 2022

  • Added: integrated with blacksy theme
  • Fixed: Optimization the qty problem on the wishlist page (Botiga theme, etc.)
  • Fixed: the appsero reported problem
  • Fixed: Vertical center text alignment of the tooltip in the right and left positions
  • improvment: CSS and JS enhancement

1.4.5 – RELEASED ON 11 December 2022

  • Added: empty counter Mini Wishlist Text Editor
  • Fixed: appsero reported bugs
  • Fixed: Some reported bugs

1.4.4 – RELEASED ON 10 December 2022

1.4.3 – RELEASED ON 14 NOVEMBER 2022

1.4.1 – RELEASED ON 02 October 2022

  • Added: WC 6.9.4 support
  • Fixed: Solving the Email automation important problem
  • Fixed: Solving the price problem in Wishlist and analytics for 5-digit prices and upper
  • Fixed: Solving the problem of not Submitting the product in analytics
  • Fixed: Select one of the removal modes from the Wishlist in Quick Wizard

1.4.0 – RELEASED ON 25 September 2022

  • Added: WC 6.9.3 support
  • Added: WP 6.0.2 support
  • Added: Elementor Full inside editor
  • Added: Ability to Add a wishlist shortcode for places where there is no product page and no lists like sliders, images, boxes, and galleries with [wlfmc_add_to_wishlist product_id=” Your_product_id”]
  • Added: The Counter: font, icon size, position, color
  • Added: Cache integration with all caching plugins with a button on the advanced tab on settings
  • Added: Full responsiveness of popups and buttons
  • Added: Automatic Wishlist Refresh when storage changes in another tab
  • Added: Automatic Wishlist Refresh when the page is shown after the back button (safari).
  • Added: Premium users can use wishlist analytics
  • Fixed: Empty price for products without a price
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with OceanWP, Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.
  • Fixed: Improve “Wishlist button settings” user experience
  • Fixed: Improve Widget Mini Wishlist for the sidebar
  • Fixed: Resolve some reported bugs

1.3.3 – RELEASED ON 09 August 2022

  • Added: WC 6.7.0 support
  • Added: Speed Optimization management to increase Wishlist operation depends on your host and theme (Rest Api, WP Loaded hook, Admin-ajax.php)
  • Added: Ability to turn on or off the AJAX loader on Wishlist operation
  • Added: Ability to delete from Wishlist in three different statuses ( add to cart, purchasing in process, purchasing completed)
  • Added: Ability to place Counter with Elementor editor
  • Added: Add beautiful new icons for the Wishlist counter and buttons
  • Added: Ability to Personalize “add to Wishlist popups” with product price and name
  • Added: Email Automation reports are now available for each Email Automation
  • Added: Premium users can create more than one automation and have sounder sales now.
  • Fixed: Increase Mobile Devices compatibility
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.
  • Fixed: Improve “Wishlist button settings” user experience
  • Fixed: Resolve some reported bugs

1.3.2 – Released on 01 July 2022

“Pay attention: With the new update, you should define some settings again, but it is much easier this time!”

  • Added: WC 6.6.1 support
  • Added: Apply styling to pagination on the WishList page
  • Added: Ability to add a variable product with an attribute to the Wishlist
  • Added: Ability to define the login page and signup to Advanced settings
  • Added: Ability to define the number of emails sent
  • Added: Ability to enable fast and free support with online chat box support
  • Added: Added some settings gifs to guide you better
  • Added: Added the ability to delete products in the Mini-Wishlist
  • Fixed: Full redesign of the WishList button settings on the product page
  • Fixed: Full redesign of the WishList button settings in loops
  • Fixed: Full redesign of color and layout settings on the WishList page
  • Fixed: Modify and optimize Automate Add to cart from WishList page
  • Fixed: Improve UX settings for buttons and close buttons
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Elementor page builder for MC Wishlist
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Woodmart, Neve, and Storefront
  • Fixed: Modify the dynamic save button in the admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Modify settings and simplify settings of page wishlist buttons
  • Fixed: Improve the appearance of the WishList page and fix problems
  • Fixed: Fix the problem of not displaying the counter list for guest users
  • Fixed: Modify some translations and texts and complete them
  • Fixed: Document correction, clarification, and simplification
  • Fixed: Fix the problem of adding custom icons

1.3.1 – Released on 16 May 2022

  • Added: WC 6.5.1 support
  • Added: WP 6.0 support
  • Fixed: some bugs.

1.3 – Released on 28 April 2022

  • Added: WC 6.4.1 support
  • Added: Wishlist counter
  • Added: Wishlist widgets
  • Added: Wishlist page appearance settings
  • Added: Syncing with more top themes
  • Added: Improve wishlist page and its setting
  • Added: Pro version:
    email automation and campaigns
  • Added: Wishlist page 2 different appearance and adding full responsibility with mobile devices.
  • Added: “Redirect to the cart” options
  • Added: “Remove if Added to the cart” options
  • Added: unsubscribe link to the emails
  • Fixed: Wishlist button on product images and adding some new positions
  • Fixed: Tooltip positions

1.2.4 – Released on 27 February 2022

  • Added: WC 6.2.1 support
  • Added: Add New Tips to Sidebar to Increase Site Sales
  • Fixed: Fix bug after hitting no thanks
  • Fixed: Correcting RTL for the right RTL languages like Persian, Arabic Hebrew

1.2.3 – Released on 23 January 2022

  • Added: WP 5.9 support
  • Fixed: Fixed tooltip label

1.2.2 – Released on 19 January 2022

  • Added: change the wishlist page Slug from the WooCommerce settings section
  • Added: tooltip settings single product options
  • Update: Regularity and tabulation of button appearance settings
  • Update: Regular and tabular popup appearance settings
  • Fixed: Email template bug and clutter
  • Fixed: Pagination based on WooCommerce default for wishlist page
  • Fixed: Fixed some bugs

1.2.1 – Released on 15 January 2022

  • Added: Button and pop-up radius defined
  • Update: Compatibility with WC 6.1.0 and user my account
  • Update: Update settings panel
  • Fixed: Modify test email sending
  • Fixed: Modify Wishlist button default value
  • Fixed: Button style correction in text and text mode
  • Fixed: Color picker correction
  • Fixed: WC endpoint Update
  • Fixed: Modify the shop page default icon

1.2.0 – Released on 08 January 2022

  • Added: Wizard support
  • Added: WP 5.8.3 support
  • Added: WC 6.0.0 support
  • Added: Gutenberg support
  • Added: Reset all settings
  • Added: Remove the product from the Wishlist on the second click
  • Added: Show login notice for guests on the wishlist page
  • Added: “Add To Wishlist” button predefined And custom icons
  • Added: Predefined Templates For automaton emails
  • Update: Complete redesign of UI
  • Fixed: Email Automation Sample text
  • Fixed: Only text button styled better

1.0.2 – Released on 05 November 2021

  • Fixed: Resolve Some Bugs

1.0.1 – Released on 30 October 2021

  • Added: WP 5.8.1 support
  • Added: WC 5.8.0 support
  • Added: Elementor support
  • Added: Guide icon added
  • Update: Complete redesign of UI & UX
  • Fixed: Resolve Reported issues
  • Fixed: Fixed errors during installation

1.0.0 – Released on 26 June 2021

  • Initial release