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Top Identity Verifications for WooCommerce | Trust Swiftly

Top Identity Verifications for WooCommerce | Trust Swiftly


Trust Swiftly provides flexible and accurate identity verifications with over 15 different verification methods. Trust Swiftly is easily customizable through our dashboard and configurable with Woocommerce to optimize your customer’s experience with frictionless verifications.

Trust Swiftly helps businesses adaptively fight fraud by applying the right friction when needed. From SMS verification to ID, Banking, Voice, Signatures and Credit Cards, you can be sure all checks are covered.

  • Verify age for restricted products (Alcohol, cannabis and vaping)
  • Prevent fraud from risky transactions (Chargebacks and high value goods)
  • Verify all country IDs, Driver License, Passports, State IDs, and more
  • Adhere to KYC and AML regulations

Trust Swiftly supports all types of identity documents from hundreds of different countries. Supported documents include:

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passports
  • Insurance Cards
  • Concealed Carry Licenses
  • State IDs
  • Country IDs
  • National ID Cards

Start using the best and top identity verification plugin for WooCommerce.


Prerequisite: A Trust Swiftly account. Sign up for free https://app.trustswiftly.com/create

Setup in Trust Swiftly and WP Plugin

To configure the integration with Trust Swiftly, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Trust Swiftly dashboard. Your base url is your branded site name you login i.e. https://EXAMPLE.trustswiftly.com
  2. Create a Template in the Trust Swiftly dashboard to configure the user verification steps. Read the documentation on managing templates for more information. How to create templates?
  3. Navigate to the Developer > API page to create an API key. i.e. https://EXAMPLE.trustswiftly.com/settings/developer
  4. (Optional) Navigate to the Developer > Webhooks page to create an IPN which notifies your store about completed verifications incase of redirect problems. Click add Webhook at enter the IPN listed on your TS settings page. i.e. https://example.com/wp-json/ts/v1/ipn Afterwards make sure to copy the secret from the button to input later.
  5. Update in your Trust Swiftly dashboard settings the Completion Redirect URL, Go to https://EXAMPLE.trustswiftly.com/settings copy and paste the url given on the WordPress TS settings page and update. i.e. https://example.com/wp-json/ts/v1/return/?order_id={order_id}
  6. You should now have the API Key, Secret, and Embed Key then update in the WordPress settings of Trust Swiftly. The webhoook secret should also be added if that feature is enabled.
  7. Click Save to test the API connection. Once it is confirmed you can then select the remaining settings like the Verification template or trigger location of the verification (Before or after checkout).


How does it work?

Trust Swiftly uses AI to automatically detect and verify identities. Driver license, passports, and more can be checked for age and fraud related checks. You can learn how the customer receives the email, link, or SMS to complete the verification. https://trustswiftly.com/features/

What countries and types of identity documents does your system support?

Trust Swiftly supports all types of ID documents from hundreds of different countries. Supported documents include:

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passports
  • Insurance Cards
  • Concealed Carry Licenses
  • State IDs
  • Country IDs
  • National ID Cards

If you find an ID that doesn’t work let us know. We’d be happy to help by adding it to our system.

How much does this cost?

Depending on the verification we offer different pricing. As low as $0.01 per verify. No montly commitments with pay as you go pricing. You can learn more here https://trustswiftly.com/#pricing

What is Trust Swiftly?

Trust Swiftly is a cloud-based identity verification software designed to help businesses verify their customers through over 15 different security capabilities. Adding this plugin, gives anyone the ability to step up identity proofing on WordPress. The plugin will allow you to verify IDs, selfies, credit cards, addresses, SSNs, phone numbers, signatures and much more. Use Trust Swiftly to verify your customers to prevent chargebacks or when they purchase age restricted products.

See https://trustswiftly.com/features/ for more info.

Does this work with any other WooCommerce plugins?

Yes Trust Swiftly works with the top rated Anti-Fraud plugin. Combining our identity verifications with Anti-Fraud AI fraud detection will secure your site. You can learn more here https://woo.com/document/woocommerce-anti-fraud/

Need help getting started or changes?

We are always looking to improve our plugin and any feedback is appreciated. Contact us at support@trustswiftly.com for support or feedback. Our support site also has useful tips on preventing fraud https://support.trustswiftly.com/


15 December 2023
we sell gummies and other age checking goods. this tool helped us do auto checks for us without wasting manually. Could work with driver license and caught some fakes too for us.
30 November 2023
We use Trust Swiftly for our bidding marketplace to verify sellers and buyers before they use our tool. It works well and fast for us with coverage worldwide. We tried some other tools but this one had most customizations for us and was a good deal. If you have a store using WooCommerce this makes it easier to add in identity verifications like driver license checks and then we could even put some age restriction in when we saw people were trying to sell restricted products.
3 November 2023
Easily fastest and best way to verify driver license. We we able to check age of our customers and verify their id. The solution was a good price for us and everything setup quickly. Trust Swiftly added an extra setting too for our wordpress woo store.
8 September 2023
We were looking for a robust solution to verify our customers with IDs and selfies and finally found this plugin. Definitely one of the top plugins for Woocommerce. Affordable for larger businesses too when you scale. Some people don’t want to send their IDs so we can use Trust Swiftly to cover every single case. Worth it for the flexibility alone.
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