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Vidjet – Video Popup


​​Vidjet is WordPress’ first no-code video display tool, especially designed to give your customers an engaging, non-intrusive experience on your website.


The video pop-up format suits any website. It offers an user experience that doesn’t impact the seamless flow of your website and doesn’t interrupt the customer journey.

Grow your website
Showcase your products and services, offer discounts, build your brand to boost your conversion rates significantly.

Increase customer trust
Display personalised, welcoming, and informative videos to break the ice with your customers and build trust.

Boost customer engagement
Vidjet enables you to use your customer’s journey to display the right videos, at the right moment, to the right audience.


Fast & Easy Tool
Vidjet is a no-coding, easy to use app. You can display videos on your website as fast as you can take a sip of your coffee! Simply add the Shopify plugin, upload a video, optimize, and you’re good to go!

Personal & Engaging
Select a use case and personalise your campaign based on your customer’s journey. Trigger videos based on your visitors’ actions and target specific pages.

Launch & Measure
Even though our technology requires no-coding for you to install it, it doesn’t mean it’s not advanced 😉 Vidjet is a video display app that provides accurate analytics for you to make the best data-driven decisions.

Add elements
* Button redirecting to another URL
* Button containing a coupon code
* Email collector (beta)
* Title
* Custom colors

Deliver the right video at the right moment
* Smart triggers: exit intent, time delay, page scroll, instant display, on click
* Smart targeting: device type, page URL, view restrictions per visitor to avoid intrusiveness


  • Product videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Welcome visitors
  • Thank buyers
  • Announce sales
  • Retain leaving visitors
  • Any other ones! Just be creative!

Who should record the videos?

Videos should be personal and authentic. It can be you, your marketers, designers, store managers or ambassadors (UGC).

How to record videos?

Just use your own device (mobile, camera, etc) and upload it to Vidjet from your computer. Give it an authentic look for higher engagement! Read our article to know more.


Increased conversion rates
When visitors land on your website and see a friendly face to relate to, you gain their trust and increase their willingness to buy.

Better understanding of products
Showing products through demo, testimonial or review videos increases willingness to buy.

First mover advantage
Be the first over your competitors to increase your brand recognition.


Write us at or chat with us on our website. We’re always happy to help!


  • Analytics in real time
  • Full control over your campaigns
  • Get a campaign running in a few clicks
  • Easily upload your videos
  • Add elements to increase engagement
  • Smart targeting


See our F.A.Q, or visit our Helps Docs to know more.

You’re only a few clicks away from bringing your store to life! Join Vidjet today and get your first videos up and running for free!


16 January 2023
We started are using Vidjet for products presentation and the results are great! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, clean and effective video player.
6 December 2022
I started testing Vidjet for curiosity, now is a must have for all my clients! We can improve fine user experience, growing sales and smashing down the bounce rate. The work constantly in improving their service and have a fantastic customer service!
31 October 2022
I have been searching for a plugin that plays short shoppable videos on the corner of the screen on my website, that can be expanded to full view and umuted. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use Vidjet. The setup was quite simple, and their campaign video manager is easy to use. They also have a dashboard showing the analytics with statistics about each video performance. You can customize the videos by choosing to display them on specific pages on the website or excluding certain pages (using the "URL contains" or "URL equals" filter). Many customizations are available like video format, auto-play, auto-expand, loop video, etc. Vidjet also allows adding a call to action to the videos to drive your customers to the right URL, offer coupons, or collect emails. We have been using Vidjet for a while now and I can say that it is definitely one of the best plugins on WordPress. What I also like is the fact that a free trial is available for people who want to test it. I highly recommend this plugin for e-commerce websites! The only thing that I couldn't find is managing the campaigns on mobile. However, their website says that they are working on it.
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Change Log


  • Release Vidjet plugin


  • API integration with Woocommerce to track products and conversion


  • Fixing uninstall

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