Display Eventbrite Events


Solve your problem by integrating Eventbrite events to display on your WordPress website, with this simple to set up, yet flexible plugin.
In a couple of minutes you can start seeing your Eventbrite events on WordPress without any custom code.

Eventbrite is undoubtedly a very easy and powerful way to set up an events calendar, whether for free events or ticketed events.
However, managing multiple events is an administrative burden and forgetting to update your event details manually may well cost you attendees and potential lost revenue.

This free plugin creates a ShortCode for Eventbrite using the API feed enabling you to display your forthcoming events, just like you would do for recent posts in an easy-to-use and familiar way.
If you want most power and features there is a Pro plugin, which you can easily try for a trial period without obligation.

The best part? Every time you add or update an Eventbrite listing, all the changes will appear on your WordPress website – no duplication of work or coding skills required.

This plugin uses the Eventbrite API to read directly from Evenbrite servers creating and event feed for Eventbrite. Don’t be put off by the words API, that just means the plugin is linked directly to Eventbrite data – no rekeying, no extra data to manage, simplifying and automating your event marketing.

See an interactive demo here

What it looks like on your site will depend on your theme and any extra styling you want to apply. It will blend in as though the Eventbrite events are posts on your own site.

Options to easily set different pre defined color styles.

The plugin gives you easy but powerful control over how you show Eventbrite events.

Choice of two free layouts – ‘widget layout’ and ‘card layout’.

I’m sure you will find plugin the best way of showing Eventbrite events on WordPress.

Want to learn more about the many options of the best Eventbrite plugin for WordPress? Check out the Display Eventbrite demo page the demo page

PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 compatible

Tested on PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1

Features Include

  • Custom html or text before and/or after recent posts.
  • Allow you to set title url.
  • Display thumbnails, with customizable size and alignment.
  • Exclude current event post
  • Read more option, with a link direct to the Eventbrite page.
  • Book now option with a link direct to the Eventbrite page..
  • Decide if you want Eventbrite to open in a new tab, or not
  • Easy to customise CSS.
  • Total of 22 options for the free shortcode
  • Developer friendly custom designs using templates in ( child ) theme
  • Developer friendly filters
  • Background API processing so not to slow the user experience

Easy to get started with

Easy to build shortcodes

Use the demo shortcode builder to see what your events may look like, this works with your events. Click Here to go to the demo page

Go Pro

Get so much more with the Pro version.

Upgrade to get new awesome features and support. Upgrade directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Additional features include:

Up to a total of 80 shortcode options giving so many configuration and filtering choices.
Use the demo shortcode builder to see what your events may look like, this works with your events. See the shortcode builder here
Or review a full description of all options in the free and paid for plans. Free and Premium plan detailed option here

  • choice of pre built shortcode templates tested on popular themes such as Divi, Astra, OceanpWP, Enfold, Genesis and WP themes
  • pre-built calendar page template with grid layout
  • pre-built calendar view in month list format, and custom periods
  • full width, venue, short date, card and grid layouts
  • 5 star support
  • additional filters so you can split events across pages
  • link from summary lists to full page event on site
  • additional features for Eventbrite Music venues & promoters
  • stay onsite ‘checkout’ popup feature – never leave your website, with integrated checkout popup
  • stay onsite long description modal options
  • display only Online Events
  • allocate a virtual location to Online Events
  • listing private / invite only events
  • listing only past events or only future events
  • customise with developer friendly templates
  • manage Eventbrite API cache time to optimise performance

Privacy and GDPR

This plugin does not collect, process or send any website visitor personal data anywhere


  • Widget Layout
  • Card Layout


This section describes how to install and get going with the plugin

Install and activate the plugin. Get and Eventbrite API key and add it. Place your shortcodes on pages or posts.

Basic Plugin Installation

Through Dashboard

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Type widget for eventbrite api in the search box and click on search button.
  3. Find Widget for Eventbrite API plugin.
  4. Then click on Install Now after that activate the plugin.

Installing Via FTP

  1. Download the plugin to your hardisk.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Upload the widget-for-eventbrite-api folder into your plugins directory.
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and click the Plugins menu.
  5. Then activate the plugin.

Get an Eventbrite API Key

Login to your Eventbrite Account
Navigate to https://www.eventbrite.com/platform/api-keys
Copy the key – you don’t need to do anything else

Add your shortcode to a page or post

As there are so many options we created the shortcode builder page on out site to make this easier.


How do I install and connect to Eventbrite?

Install and activate the plugin
Get and Eventbrite API key and add it to the settings page and save.

How do I display the Events on my website?

This free version displays using a shortcode ( or widget) . You can place the shortcode [wfea] in your page content.
Also some page builders and other plugins allow you to set up widgets on pages.

all the free options are documented on this page, click to see

I installed it and it looks ugly?

Every theme is different so if is close to impossible to style that will work with every theme. Normaly a few simple tweaks to CSS will sort out issues like bullet points where you don’t expect them, or font sizes.
See also the knowledge base articles her

Where can I find full documentation?

There is a detailed knowledge base here

How Do I Use this Plugin?

You can use a shortcode, the simplest form is [wfea]. You need to connect to your Eventbrite account to enable it to read your events, how to do that is detailed in the next FAQ.
This plugin also creates a Widget specifically for EventBrite Events (Since WP 5.8 widgets are being replaced with blocks – so we recommend you use a shortcode block rather than a Widget going forward ). Once installed, you use the widget the same way as you would any other WordPress widget, set the settings and see what happens. Before you can use the widget
. If anything is not clear, why not ask in the support forum for clarification. If you need more personalised support, then you can sign up for the Pro version right from inside your WordPress admin panel.

How to set up a connection to Eventbrite?

You will need to obtain a personal OAuth key from your Eventbrite account and enter it in the settings page, this is fairly straight forward and instructions are here

Does this work on multisite?


My events are not updating or coming through?

The plugin has a 24 hour cache so new events may not show for up to 24 hours. The Pro version ( you can update to a trial in your dashboard ) has setting to allow you to clear the cache and change the cache period.

(advanced) How does the template system work?

create a directory in your theme ( or child theme ) directory called widget-for-eventbrite-api and copy the template(s) from wp-content/plugins/widget-for-event-brite-api/templates__free/ and modify as required.


22 September 2022
I really like this plugin and it has greatly improved how our events look on our site. We were previously using one of the locally installed WP events plugins, which was always a bit dated in appearance. The paid version makes the most of the EventBrite APIs and keeps our visitors on our site. I add my 5* to the others and can't quite understand the solitary 3* review "free average, paid for good". For me that's exactly what I want in a plugin - a chance to try it and then support the developers to ensure I can keep using it in the long term!
12 May 2022
While it can take some time to get the feed setup exactly the way you want, the support team is amazing at providing solutions and troubleshooting with a quick turn around time. I've honestly never had such quick and specific solutions provided from a WP plugin support team. Really makes the process easier on us.
23 March 2022
The plugin is great, but I have to especially commend the support which was attended to instantly, after hours, and comprehensively attended to the issue, which, in fairness, I was even not sure I should bother them with 🙂
25 August 2021
The Display Eventbrite Events in WordPress is a very user friendly plugin. Was easy to connect our Eventbrite account and have the events populate on our website with ease. The support is SUPER - very helpful, direct, and fast. Support even followed up again after helping just to confirm everything was good well. I appreciate that level of service. After setting up the API connection, we changed the password to the Eventbrite account, which broke the API connection. The events disappeared, however instead of the events there was a friendly notice letting us know what the problem was, which made it very easy to restore the service to our website.
3 February 2021
Just bought this plugin. it does what it says. It brings events over to my website from Eventbrite. I also got some great support from Alan when I didn't understand a couple things. Highly recommend this plugin!
Read all 19 reviews

Contributors and Developers

“Display Eventbrite Events” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Added filter wfea_event_time_separator
  • Improve CSS on Card layout
  • Fix issue of date format options in widget ( Pro Only )
  • Enable Venue Name display on Widget layout ( Pro Only )


  • Improved link button to shortcode builder


  • include .scss files and map files ins distribution
  • remove max-width from card, allow theme’s content to determine
  • fix CSS for card layout (free and pro ) and short_date (pro) on Enfold theme
  • 8.1


  • Store backup cache in case Eventbrite is down for a long period
  • Add style packages to colour all themes based on shortcode options
  • Add new free theme ‘card’
  • Add new (pro only) theme ‘short date’ with full description modal


  • Better Eventbrite timeout handling


  • Update Freemius library


  • Fixed issue with full content=true and calendar layouts ( pro only )
  • settings page detect if key not changed


  • handle issue between FSE themes and shortcodes
  • add extra debug in API error messages


  • correct build error after updating readme to 6.0


  • add social share and cal options (pro only)


  • Stop search term showing in all search boxes when multiple used ( pro only )


  • Fix to filter on display address. Change map marker to svg ( pro only )


  • Fix to search ( pro only )


  • Resolve conflict to shortcode caused by All In One SEO


  • fix issue with action scheduler


  • code documentation improvements


  • skipped


  • improve setup wizard


  • minor fix to freemius config


  • Add setup wizard to simplify first configuration
  • Remove background processing from free and as default
  • Add order by Eventbrite publish data (Pro)


  • fix door time offset( pro only )


  • fix issue with pop up script( pro only )


  • security update


  • compatability with old PHP in calendar template ( pro only )


  • Stop WP SMTP MAil and WP FORMS hiding action scheduler
  • Provide admin debug message if invalid layout selected
  • set background events to recurring rather than on demand, and clear on deactivate
  • fall back automatically to foreground events if background events not processed yet for basic data ( organization, user_owned_events )


  • Ensure private events are not shown in free version


  • Add prices ‘part’ into grid and default layouts ( Pro)


  • Handle background process not running by auto running in foreground if no background cache detected


  • Suppress private events
  • Fix default status ( live ) on widget


  • Patch for invalid link markup in title in free version layout


  • Improve background cache processes
  • update settings
  • (Pro) add new layouts


  • Improve error messages and add validation of API key


  • Improve batch initialisation messages and error log notification


  • Fix to stop javascript optimizers breaking calendars (Pro)


  • Structure free widget template into loop / parts for easier customisation
  • Enable shortcode options on free version
  • Added background API processing for better front end experience, cater for slow & limited hosts etc
  • Enabled multiple calendar / calendar list shortcodes on same page ( pro )


  • Add setting to turn off plugin CSS and just use theme CSS
  • Add search facility (pro only)
  • Add pagination (pro only)


  • change placeholder url so uses an https service
  • Patch for Cancelled logics ( Pro only ) where Eventbrite can have events live status but tickets are cancelled. Should be displayed as Cancelled not Unavailable.


  • Change Widget HTML & CSS to use flex rather than floats for better layouts especially with page builders ( free & pro )
  • Display externally ticketed prices ( pro music promoters )
  • Change popup JS ( pro )
    *add new venue_name in addition to location ( pro )


  • venue_id selection fix ( pro )


  • allow comma separated is in venue_id ( pro )
  • allow sanitized html in shortcode text fields, needs to be urlencoded first ( pro )
  • add classes to events for available / unavailable / sold out / online / city to allow custom styling or event hiding ( pro )


  • Improve sold out checking ( pro )


  • Improve HTML rending of description ( pro )


  • Minor change to CSS mark up of the Venue theme ( pro )
  • Add new shortcode option to control text for past event buttons ( pro )


  • CSS changes for backward compatibility of custom CSS


  • fix for category selection ( pro )
  • encode readmore_text & booknow_text shortcode attributes ( pro )


  • minor changes to css for new pro theme
  • fix for online event display text ( pro )


  • added music show fields to pro
  • added new music promoter styled template to pro
  • increased cache granulartity in pro
  • fix information notice due to EB date format not match WP date format
  • fix cache issue on multiple organisation users


  • Add music venue features ( Pro)
  • fix notice issue with WP


  • Fix caching issue where multiple organisations are on the same API key
  • Remove live events after their end time, regardless of cache or API


  • Added extra debug logs ( when WP_DEBUG true ) to assist identifying server issues
  • Enables shortcode ( pro only ) rendering for Elementor


  • allow filter of type ( format ) (Pro shortcode only )


  • Added filter to allow url tracking


  • de-duplicate for multiple organisations. when multiple organisations are on the same API key you can get duplicated events, duplicate events by ID will be removed automatically
  • change to match Eventbrite API changes
  • site health warnings added


  • (pro only) Shortcode allow list of event ids


  • Small fix to premium widget template


  • Library update


  • Added options for postponed and sales ended ( pro only )
  • Fix issue on past events / sort before limiting


  • Added filter for calendar event options ( pro only )


  • More robust reporting of unexpected API call errors


  • Handle more than one organization allocated to a single API key


  • (pro) Calendar issue


  • fix to html markup


  • Make processing more robust if cache gets corrupted
  • premium only shortcode additions


  • correct filter
  • add 6 new filters
  • make no dash if no end time
  • add 7 new premium shortcode options
  • closes #48, #46


  • add post api filter for events
  • fixes #47 long description and custom API on shortcode


  • correct premium divi template


  • closes #42 premium only js tweak for calendar view


  • closes #37 and # 41 handle no venue for new Online feature of EB


  • closes #35 mark up changes


  • fixes #34


  • change to popup scripts closes #1, closes #32, closes #11


  • update freemius library to 2.3.2 – enhanced privacy & opt in
  • fixes #28


  • closes #8 #26 #7 #8


  • small changes


  • small changes


  • change #19 #23
  • fixes #22 #20 Widget markup and typo


  • fix PHP 7.4 Warning
  • corrected widget markup


  • fix PHP 7.4 Warning


  • added code to prepare for v 3.0.0


  • added filters to allow overidding the combined date / time formats instead of using WP defaults


  • added extra options to cal list format


  • added series info to post structure


  • fix cache issue


  • enable loading when symlinks are used


  • #17


  • Improve error message #15


  • Fix undefined variable on widget #12
  • Set correct knowledge base location


  • Updated settings to reflect Eventbrite renaming Private API Key to Private Token


  • Updated Readme and settings pages to new docs
  • (Pro only ) added popup feature and html content option


  • Updated Readme with setup links
  • (Pro only ) Modify templates to display ‘No Events found’


  • (Pro only ) Properly localize month in header date


  • (Pro only ) Bug fix to custom event time


  • (Pro only ) Fix week view not to display unneeded time slots


  • Fix event duplication on more than 50 when selective


  • Added extra options


  • widget feature update


  • widget feature update, changed default image size to 300 and placeholder to https


  • updated Freemius library to 2.3.0


  • fixed bug where valid token is thought to be invalid


  • added an additional error check


  • Added aria-label attributes to read more / book now links for accessibility on templates


  • Display error message to front end ( only to users with manage_options capabilities )


  • Display error message to front end ( only to users with manage_options capabilities )


  • Missing files in 2.7.7


  • Minor fix


  • Warning that Keyring is deprecated for this plugin


  • Improve validation of Oauth API key in settings


  • Use the new Eventbrite API endpoint for description to cater for the new UI if long description required


  • Improve resolution of conflict if free and premium activated


  • Cater for ultra large Org Ids from Eventbrite


  • Change to use /organizations end point as the /users/me/owned_events is advised as to be deprecated


  • Improved coverage and filtering for accounts with more 50 events, and fixed issue with 2.6.4 upwards which using personal auth displaying draft and completed events


  • Improve reliability of the events displayed via the api


  • Fix to calendar template to display calendar even when zero events


  • Removed dependency on Keyring plugin


  • Update readme for 5.0.1


  • minor change to admin style for 5.0 block editor


  • wording change


  • code change to widget template to allow descriptions with percent signs


  • added Jetpack Photon filter to stop Jetpack corrupting Eventbrite Image URLs


  • minor Freemius change


  • minor template tweaks


  • refactored vendor dir and removed uneeded files


  • Incorporated direct calls to Eventbrite API, removing need for Eventbrite API plugin


  • minor change
  • pro filter location


  • minor change


  • added options to specify open in new tab or not
  • new calendar template


  • shortcode features


  • tweak dates on templates


  • skipped


Add grid templates


Added Divi template and default CSS


Updated to support PHP 7.2


  • code rationalisation


  • Removed custom CSS in widget area, use the Additional CSS section in Customizer to override widget CSS.
  • bug fix for link hover text
  • refactor
  • Removed spurious characters on excerpt


  • clean up redundant code


  • refactor code
  • 4.8.1 tested


  • Fix link on placeholder image to now go to EventBrite
  • Fix link on excerpt readmore to now go to EventBrite
  • Add code for book now button
  • Change wording to reflect the excerpt is from description


  • Fix to allow limit change


  • First Release