Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method WooCommerce


Using Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For WooCommerce plugin you can create your own rules. When these rules are satisfied then shipping method(s) are invoked on the cart/checkout page.

Using this plugin you can create unlimited shipping methods based on your shipping rules. You can create shipping rules for – products, category, country, cart subtotal, shipping class.

“The most powerful and flexible shipping plugin for your WooCommerce store”

Pro Plugin Demo : View Demo


  • Create shipping methods for specific countries
  • Create shipping methods if cart contains specific product
  • Create shipping methods if cart contains specific category’s product
  • New: Create shipping method based on contains specific tag’s product
  • New: Create shipping method based on specific user
  • Create shipping method based on cart subtotal condition
  • New: Create shipping method based on cart quantity

Pro Plugin Overview:

Pro Plugin Introduction:

Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce Pro version:

Need even more? upgrade to Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method Pro version and get access to all extra features available in Advanced Flat Rate Shipping method for WooCommerce.

Create shipping method based on

  1. Country
  2. State
  3. Postcode
  4. Zone
  5. Cart contains product
  6. Cart contains category’s product
  7. Cart contains tag’s product
  8. Cart contains SKU’s product
  9. User
  10. User Role
  11. Cart Subtotal
  12. Quantity
  13. Weight
  14. Coupon
  15. Shipping Class
  • Set shipping method name, Shipping Charge and Tooltip Description for each method
  • Set Estimated Delivery Time for each shipping method
  • Schedule the availability of your shipping method (Set start and end date)
  • Set flexible conditional rules for shipping method created based on Country, State, Postcode, Zone
  • Set flexible conditional rules for shipping method created based on Product, Category, Tag, SKU
  • Set flexible conditional rules for shipping method created based on User, User Role
  • Set flexible conditional rules for shipping method created based on Cart Subtotal, Quantity, Weight, Coupon, Shipping Class
  • Set global rule in case of multiple shipping method available in cart (Allow customer to choose / Apply highest / Apply lowest / Force All shipping methods)
  • Sorting feature Shipping Methods.

Further Reading:

Support Policy (For Free Version):

We provide a limited support for the free version in the plugin Support Forum. Please upgrade to PRO version to get priority email support as well as all pro features. Upgrade Now ->

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  • Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • Add new shipping Method
  • Shipping method rules
  • Shipping methods listing
  • Premium features
  • Shipping method on cart page


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 3.7 or greater
  • PHP version 5.3.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you have found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that link you will be asked if you are sure you want to install the plugin. Click yes and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application.

  1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.

Getting started

When the title of the plugin has appeared on your dashboard, you may start the setup. The following steps are required to make it possible for customers use your newly installed plugin:

  • Create multiple flat rate shipping method rules as per your needs from here – Add New Shipping Method
  • Basic configuration: Enter Shipping Method Name and Amount to Charge.
  • You can create shipping method for Specific Product/ Category / Countries.(eg. you want to create product base shipping method then select a specific product and save changes)
  • Now, you can see all shipping method list- Manage Shipping Methods tab.


If you have any questions please feel free to post them to the support forum.


Q. How do I set product based shipping method? (If I want to apply shipping cost $10 if cart contains particular product)

Ans: You have to set a rule like a cart contains product equal to happy ninja and give shipping cost=$10.

Q. How do I set shipping method based on category and country? (If I want to set charges for specific category poster and for specific country ‘UK’)

Ans: You have select cart contains category’s product equal to poster and select country equal to UK and give shipping cost=$10, as per your requirement.

Q. How to display shipping method in radio buttons or drop down on the cart/checkout page?

Ans: From Master Settings, you can set shipping methods display mode as per your requirements.

Q. What to do when multiple shipping methods are available on cart page? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans: For that, We have created “Master Settings” options:
Allow customer to choose: Let’s customer choose one shipping method from available shipping methods
Apply Highest: Shipping method with the highest cost would be displayed from the available shipping methods
Apply smallest: Shipping method with the lowest cost would be displayed from the available shipping methods
Force all: All the shipping methods are forcefully invoked with shipping charge as summed up of all shipping methods

Q. When multiple category’s products available in the cart and each category have different shipping method then how to charge sum of all shipping method to customer.? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans: If the store owner wants to charge the sum of all applicable shipping method charges on cart page then you have to select Force all shipping methods from master settings.

Q. How to charge shipping cost for total product’s quantity of cart in WooCommerce store?

Ans: If you want to charge $10 for total cart’s quantity then you have to set shipping charge like $10*[qty]. To charge 10 for each product quantity in the cart

Q. How to set shipping method for a specific country, state, and postcode? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans. For that, you have to select location-based shipping method rule and you have to add specific county = USA, state = Alabama and Postcode = 35801.

Q. How to create special shipping method for user-john: $10? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans. Let us say you want to create special shipping method for ‘John’ $10 for all his bulk orders. In this case, you have to choose User equal to ‘John’

Q. How to charge shipping charge based on cart subtotal. When order amount less than 99 then charge would be $49

Ans. For that, you have to select Cart subtotal < 99 and shipping charge would be $49.

Q. Is it possible to only show the most expensive method of shipping class? I have created two shipping class named small and large but when ordering an item with the class small and large both options are showing.

Ans: Yes, you can show a most expensive shipping method. For that, you have to select calculation type = “Per order: charge shipping for the most expensive shipping class”. For more understanding please review this images

Q. Is it possible to create shipping methods based on different zones? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans: Yes, you can create different shipping zones as per your requirements (like countries/states/zipcodes). Based on that different zones you can create different shipping methods and charge extra shipping cost with shipping rules.

Q. I want to apply shipping methods based on the amount after applying the coupon code to cart subtotal. Can I achieve this? (Upgrade to Pro version)

Ans: Yes, you can achieve this functionality. For that, you have to set the conditions for cart subtotal (After discount). Like you can set cart subtotal (After discount) greater than 50. When after subtracting the amount cart subtotal and coupon code is greater than 50 then shipping method is applied.


January 13, 2020
Twice now this plugin stopped working, causing me to drop what I'm doing and fix a client's site. Despite having the site, theme and all plugins up to date, using this plugin breaks the site and makes it impossible to use the shop. I did what this plugin does in the standard Woocommerce interface. A bit more cumbersome, but rock solid.
January 7, 2020
Plugin breaks my site, I open a support question. No response for a over a week and then they close my ticket. Wow, I was thinking of upgrading to premium but not now.
December 2, 2019
I use the standard version of the plugin and it's great. The plugin meets all my needs, is intuitive and easy to configure. Additionally, when I had any issues or doubts, I received very quick and professional help from the customer service. 5/5!
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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log

3.6.3 – 28-01-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.x

3.6.2 – 27-11-2019

  • Fix – Deactivate plugin automatically when deactivate WooCommerce in free plugin
  • Fix – Cart Contain Product allow variable products.

3.6.1 – 19-11-2019

  • New – Added freemius code
  • Fix – Long Product name cut down in shipping method
  • Fix – Shipping method order has been changed after edit shipping
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.x
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.3.x

3.3 – 08.10.2019

  • Fix – Dynamic shipping id

3.2 – 08.08.2019

  • New – Add shipping method rule for specific tag.
  • New – Add shipping method rule for specific user.
  • New – Add shipping method rule for specific cart quantity.

3.1.8 – 28.05.2019

  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.2.x and WooCommerce version 3.6.x

3.1.7 – 02.04.2019

  • Shipping method only saved method disply issue fixed.

3.1.6 – 01.04.2019

  • Shipping method order issue has been fixed.

3.1.5 – 26.03.2019

  • Minor Bug Fixing.

3.1.4 – 19.02.2019

  • Minor Bug Fixing.

3.1.3 – 28.05.2018

  • Bug Fix.

3.1.2 – 31.01.2018

  • Added Newslater Form.

3.1.1 – 13.12.2017

  • PHP Version issue resolved.

3.1 – 03.10.2017

  • Very lightweight as compare to old version.
  • Loading time is very less as compare to previous one.
  • User-friendly New UI.
  • Create Dynamic Rules & check conditions as per your requirements only.
  • New Feature: Cart Subtotal (Before Discount).

3.0.1 – 04.09.2017

  • News Later changes For subscriber.

3.0 – 26.07.2017

  • FIX: String Translate issue.

2.9 – 17.07.2017

  • Bug Fix.
  • Css and js issue resolve.

2.8 – 12.06.2017

  • Bug Fix.
  • FIX:Method edit/update issue resolve.

2.7 – 08.06.2017

  • Bug Fix.
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.8

2.6 – 12.04.2017

  • Normal Bug Fix.
  • Check compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.x

2.5 – 29.02.2017

  • Normal Bug Fix.

2.4 – 19.01.2017

  • Fix normal issue.

2.3 – 19.01.2017

  • Compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Fix normal issue

2.2 – 28.12.2016

  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.7
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.6.11
  • Fix jQuery Issue

2.1 – 13.10.2016

  • New – Admin interface added.

2.0 -23.09.2016

  • New – Add product base , category base and country base shipping method.

1.3 – 27.08.2016

Check Woocommerce and WordPress Compatibility

1.2.2 – 06.7.2016

  • New – Check compatibility with 2.6+
  • New – Subscription form added

1.2.1 – 07.6.16

  • New – Shipping class based option added

1.2 – 16.5.16

  • Fixes – Fixes minor php notice issue
  • Fixes – Allowed to enter special character in ‘Flat Rate Name’
  • New – Welcome screen added

1.1.3 – 23.4.2016

  • New – Spanish language added

1.1.2 – 31.3.2016

  • New – Added validation in Extra Flat Rate and Language Localization.

1.1 – 23.1.2016

  • New – Added ‘Shipping Display Mode’ functionality to ‘Extra Flat Rate’ settings page. This functionality is removed in WooCommerce 2.5 version from ‘Shipping’ settings tab.

1.0.2 – 30.11.2015

  • Tweak – Drop table on deactivation removed.

1.0.1 – 02.11.2015

  • Tweak – Class file added for admin settings page output.
  • Tweak – Class file added for admin settings page output.