Braintree For WooCommerce


Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, ApplePay, Venmo, and Local Payments like iDEAL all in one plugin for free!

Official Partner Of Braintree

Payment Plugins is an official partner of Braintree & PayPal and has worked closely with them to develop this solution.

Boost conversion by offering product and cart page checkout

Braintree for WooCommerce is made to supercharge your conversion rate by decreasing payment friction for your customer.
Offer PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay on product pages, cart pages, and at the top of your checkout page.


  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal & PayPal Credit
  • Venmo
  • Credit Cards
  • 3D Secure 2.0 & 1.0
  • iDEAL, P24, SEPA, WeChat, Giropay, & more
  • SAQ A PCI Compliant
  • Beautifully designed forms
  • Create your own custom form
  • Integrates with Woocommerce
  • Integrates with Woocommerce Subscriptions 2.0.0+
  • Offer subscriptions without the WooCommerce Subscription plugin
  • Integrations with WooCommerce currency switchers
  • Add Custom fees
  • Void transactions
  • Automatic settlement or authorize transactions
  • Issue refunds
  • Dynamic descriptors


For more information or questions, please email or read through our detailed documentation.

Developer Docs

Need to customize the plugin? It’s easy using our documentation. Code Examples && Developer Docs


  • Product page showing one click checkout with PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Cart page showing one click checkout
  • Checkout page showing Google Pay selected
  • Credit card form which has been filled out
  • PayPal popup for selecting shipping method
  • Customize which payment options are available on the product page
  • Settings page


Do you have an documentation?

Yes, we have Configuration docs and Developer docs

How do I test the plugin?

To test the plugin, all you have to do is create a Braintree Sandbox account and Configure the plugin.

Does your plugin support mulit-currency shops?

Yes, our plugin supports shops that sell in multiple currencies. It’s easy to setup! Read more here

Does your plugin support 3DS 2.0?

Yes, this plugin supports 3DS 2.0.

Why is my card processing as 3DS 1.0?

Some card providers have not switched over to 3DS 2.0 yet so Braintree processes the transaction as 3DS 1.0. This isn’t anything to be alarmed
about and is expected behavior.


9 July 2020
After struggling trying to solve customers issue where they could not process payment on mobile devices, decided to email in. TBH, I did not see it likely that I could be helped but asked for any advice. Eleven minutes later I received a reply confirming the exact solution I needed. How could he have known that I had disabled 'state' at checkout options and needed it since I had enabled 3D Secure? Anyhow very impressed with the help I received and in the timeframe received. Thank you very much.
11 June 2020
This is best Woocommerce gateway plug-in available right now. It does it all and it does it really really well. It's well developed and extremely customizable. Support is amazing. The only thing that is a bit of a bummer is that Braintree (the multinational payment company) requires providing a merchant ID for Apple Pay, which you then have to pay Apple for, but that's a small price to pay for a plugin that does everything I need and has the flexibility to do even more.
15 May 2020
Been testing out payment gateways all day and this plugin was one of the first. It's the best featured (cc, paypal, google pay and apple pay all in one plus others) and has the most customisation options but i had an issue with things not displaying. Created a thread on the support forum and had three blazing quick responses from the author - problem resolved on the same day, which is practically unheard of when it comes to free plugin support! Chuffed to bits with this and looking forward to using this plugin for all payment processing going forward.
1 May 2020
After setting up Braintree with this plugin, I had one payment processing issue and one site layout issue with the buttons. Both times, the plugin was not at fault, but support responded in less than an hour with accurate guidance on what the issues could be, which led me down the path of correcting them. Well done. One minor improvement I'd request is to make Google Pay setup easier. It's currently the only payment option where the website developer has to submit additional information and screenshots to Google to activate. I did not have to do this with my previous payment gateway plugin, so I suspect they had already done that for me in some way.
20 April 2020
I'm not the most tech savvy guy and Clayton responded to my numerous emails very,very promptly and I'm up and running and looks like smooth sailing now. Unbelievably great customer service!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Braintree For WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

Change log


  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.64.1
  • Updated – PayPal Smartbutton SDK version
  • Updated – Transaction line items validations
  • Added – Apple Pay default shipping method
  • Added – PayPal button height option
  • Added – WC tested up to 4.3.1
  • Fixed – Apple Pay cart fee undefined notice


  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.63.0
  • Updated – Dropin version to 1.23.0
  • Updated – Added additional logic to transaction line items.
  • Updated – Performance improvements to fee API


  • Added – Unit amount check for coupons and fees to prevent $0 amounts.
  • Added – Option to disable line items
  • Added – Line item name length validation for fees and coupons
  • Added – Apple Pay address make country code and state upper case


  • Updated – WC tested to 4.3.0
  • Updated – Braintree Subscription Product sign-up fee now part of product price
  • Updated – Braintree Subscription coupon logic
  • Updated – Reverted Braintree JS version to 3.62.1
  • Added – Line items to PayPal transactions
  • Added – Fee and coupon line items to all transactions
  • Fixed – PayPal error on checkout page related to subscriptions


  • Fixed – PayPal window crashing on checkout page when updating billing fields
  • Fixed – Subscription JS script not loading on admin product page
  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.62.2
  • Updated – CSS for payment methods that don’t require expanded payment box


  • Updated – WC tested to 4.2.0
  • Updated – API connection test UI
  • Added – Product payment buttons can be configured per product
  • Added – Checkout form does not auto-submit if PayPal button on top of checkout page clicked and a shipping method needs to be selected
  • Added – Local payment options on Order Pay page
  • Added – Local payment support for manual subscriptions
  • Fixed – Save PayPal payment method for Pre-Orders
  • Fixed – WP 5.4.2 namespace deprecation message


  • Updated – WC tested to 4.1.0
  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.62.1
  • Added – PayPal transaction ID to order meta.
  • Fixed – Check for PayPal button container before attaching button.


  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.62.0
  • Updated – GPay documentation and new link to GPay Business Console
  • Added – Vat tax inclusion on Apple Pay and GPay wallets
  • Fixed – Terms text disappearing on cart during update if only PayPal active


  • Updated – WC 4.0.1
  • Updated – WP 5.4
  • Fixed – Apple Pay and Google Pay rounding when provided amounts exceed 2 decimals.
  • Added – Saved payment methods translatable string “No matches found”.


  • Updated – WC 4.0.0 support


  • Updated = WC 3.9.3 support
  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.59.0
  • Updated – Dropin version to 1.22.1
  • Fixed – CC form not showing on checkout page if customer has 100% coupon when page loads then selects shipping method that causes order total to be greater than zero.


  • Added – Plugin automatically converts data from PayPal Powered By Braintree to this plugin’s format. This ensures smooth transition and no interruption to recurring payments, pre-orders, etc.
  • Added – Save credit card option added to Admin Pay Order.
  • Added – Discount line items added to payment sheets.
  • Fixed – Admins can add multiple products to subscription on Admin Subscription page.


  • Updated – cart buttons positioning
  • Updated – wpml-config.xml file added
  • Added – WC 3.9.1 support


  • Updated – Braintree JS version to 3.57.0
  • Updated – Braintree PHP SDK to 4.6.0
  • Updated – WC 3.9 support


  • Updated – Braintree JS to 3.56.0
  • Fixed – Place order button not re-appearing when PayPal clicked then local method.


  • Added – WC 3.8.1
  • Added – Pop-ups message for local payments when browser blocks pop-up.
  • Added – Hook added after subscription payment method update.


  • Updated – Braintree JS to 3.55.0
  • Added – Gateway description option
  • Added – Merchants can now add the Apple domain association file using the plugin
  • Fixed – Used for variation option not showing in WC 3.7+ when Braintree variable subscription selected


  • Updated – Braintree JS to 3.54.2
  • Updated – Improved local payments logic.
  • Updated – Google Pay paymentDatacallbacks updated
  • Added – Kount status logic


  • Updated – Always return instance of token in WC_Braintree_Payment_Gateway::get_token() even if token doesn’t exist. This prevents exceptions when data doesn’t exist in tokens table.
  • Added – WC Pre-Order check to see if order contains a pre-order. Previously only checked if a pre-order required tokenization.
  • Added – Polyfill for old browsers (IE11 etc) that don’t support Promises.


  • Updated – Braintree JS to 3.53.0
  • Added – action in add_payment_method function so plugins can alter behavior before payment method save.
  • Fixed – Dropin form message “please fill out payment form” that happens occasionally on checkout page load.
  • Fixed – Truncate item description to less than 127 characters when adding line items to transaction.
  • Fixed – Error that appears when 3DS enabled and cart total is zero due to subscription with a trial period.
  • Added – PayPal addressOverride logic so returning customers will see their address in PayPal popup.
  • Added – Pre Order support for payments on a product that occur in the future.


  • Updated – Braintree JS 3.52.1
  • Updated – update-3.0.4.php file directory list check added. Some merchant sites don’t have permissions setup properly so check for directory before update.
  • Updated – Check for existance of shipping fields when verifying 3DS so undefined values aren’t returned.
  • Updated – Shop manager permission added to order actions like void, capture, view transaction popup.
  • Fixed – Place Order button not re-appearing if credit card gateway not selected first.


  • Updated – Braintree JS 3.52.0
  • Updated – Braintree vault ID check added to add_payment_method function.
  • Updated – Address null check added to add_payment_method function
  • Updated – Plugin text domain changed to woo-payment-gateway. Update attemps to change all translations that use braintree-payments to woo-payment-gateway.
  • Added – Browser locale detection added for PayPal smartbutton
  • Updated – PayPal will show customer shipping address in pop-up if already entered.


  • Added – Order pay line items in Google and Apple Pay payment sheets.
  • Fixed – Spelling errors corrected
  • Fixed – PayPal popup error on order pay page
  • Fixed – Apple Pay invalid state validation for countries without states
  • Updated – Updated subscription functionality so billing frequency always returns a number to prevent DateInterval exceptions when subscriptions haven’t been configured 100%.


  • Fixed – Error caused by fees script when fees are enabled.
  • Updated – If dynamic pricing is not enabled for Google Pay, the customer is directed to the checkout page and prompted to review their order. All billing and shipping fields are pre-populated.
  • Updated – JS script version to 3.51.0.
  • Added – EPS, Bancontact, Giropay, SEPA, WeChat, MyBank, Sofort


  • Added – PayPal to product page
  • Added – Google Pay to product and cart page
  • Added – Google Pay dynamic price (shows line items in payment sheet)
  • Added – iDEAL, P24
  • Updated – Subscription functionality
  • Updated – All JS scripts
  • Updates – Client token API for improved speed
  • Removed – Donation functionality removed. To continue to use donations, download version 2.6.65 and do not upgrade.


  • Updated – Script version to 3.50.0
  • Updated – Non ASCII chars replaced for 3DS 2.0


  • Fixed – Apple Pay variable product conflict resolved.
  • Updated – Script version to 3.48.0
  • Added – 3.0.0 Release candidate notice
  • Added – PayPal locale in button render function