WP Instant Pages – Loads Pages Instantly Without Refresh


Looking to make your website links load in a better way, instantly, without page refresh ?

WP Instant Pages is the solution for you. Your site will appear faster and more immersive.

WP Instant Pages use the modern AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) functionality that is an interactive and dynamic web application development technology that offers a rich user experience.

WP Instant Pages will render the pages faster and improved response times by improving the user experience.
This plugin will Reduce Server Hits and Network Load.

WP Instant Pages also preload pages before the user click on it, making them Load Instantly Without Browser Refresh.

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Why You Should Use WP Instant Pages?

  • Improved User Experience — The enriched user experience provided by WP AJAX is the foremost benefit. WP AJAX allows webpages to update serially by exchanging a small amount of data with the server. This way it is possible to update parts of a webpage, without reloading the whole page. Classic webpages must reload the entire page and are cumbersome. WP AJAX increases the browser’s performance and facilitates faster browsing speed thereby providing a responsive user experience.
  • Enhanced User Productivity — WP AJAX Plugin dramatically increase the productivity while decreasing frustration.
  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage and Increased speed — WP AJAX uses client-side scripting to communicate with the web server and exchange data using JavaScript. Using WP AJAX, you can cut down on network load and bandwidth usage and retrieve only the data that is required to give you faster interfaces and better responsive times. Response time is faster, hence performance and speed are increased.
  • Increased Compatibility — WP AJAX can be compatible with all operating systems & browsers. It almost supports all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer 5 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above, Google Chrome, Apple Safari 1.2 and above, Opera 7.6 and above, and RockMelt.
  • Reduced server hits and network load — WP AJAX minimize server hit/network load and perform asynchronous processing.
  • Easier Navigation — WP AJAX allow easy transition between WebPages to the users instead of using conventional back and forward buttons on a browser.
  • Preload Pages – Preload pages before the user click on it, making them load instantly. WP Instant Pages is intelligent to make sure preloading doesn’t crash your server or make it slow.

WP Instant Pages Features

  • Plug & Play – No configuration needed.
  • Preload Pages – Preload pages is an intelligent feature of WP Ajax to preload pages before the user click on it, making them load instantly.
  • Theme Compatibility – Compatible with most of the themes available there.
  • Browsers Compatibility – Compatible with all the modern browsers.
  • Load page content without reload.
  • Show a preloader during the ajax request.
  • Only works with the links of the current website. (No External Links)
  • Mobile & Browsers Compatibility
  • Super SEO Friendly

How To Use?

This plugin requires no configuration. Just install and activate the plugin. Users can navigate between web pages without reloading the page.


  • WP Instant Pages - Navigation Between Wpb Pages Without Reloading


How can I disable the Instant Page Load functionality in my website

Simply deactivate the WP Instant Pages plugin to disable Ajaxifying.

Does WP Instant Pages Works on Admin Dashboard

  • No, WP Instant Page has no effects on admin pages.


22 January 2021
The plug and play feature of this plugin is super awesome. Although, one thing I am not a big fan of is the loading GIF. Would there be any way to remove that loading bar. Because the concept of this plugin would be not showing the user any loading at all. Thanks
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Contributors and Developers

“WP Instant Pages – Loads Pages Instantly Without Refresh” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change Log


  • Fix: Exclude admin URLs


  • New: Added Preload Pages (Preload pages before the user click on it, making them load instantly)


  • Initial Release