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‘WP Cloud Server’ allows you to create and manage DigitalOcean Cloud Servers, to connect Servers to ServerPilot to manage your WordPress Web Hosting, and even sell Hosting Plans to Clients or Customers using the powerful ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin.

Add-on Modules allow additional Cloud Server providers and services to be added with ease, creating a powerful WordPress Hosting Platform.

The plugin includes two powerful modules;

DigitalOcean Module

The DigitalOcean module connects with the popular DigitalOcean Cloud Server provider, allowing you to create and manage servers through your WordPress Admin Dashboard. You can also view a list of the Droplets available in your DigitalOcean account, as well as any ‘Templates’ that you have created, but more importantly you can instantly create Droplets to be used by the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin.

You can create two kinds of Server. Either a ‘Standard’ Droplet installed with an Ubuntu Linux image but standalone with nothing else installed, or, choose to have it automatically connected to ServerPilot. The ServerPilot Module will then run the ServerPilot install script, configure the Server, and install WordPress. Everything ready to go in just a few minutes!

You can also create ‘Templates’ which allow you to sell Hosting Plans that automatically deploy a Dedicated Cloud Server with DigitalOcean. Because Droplets are only created ‘on-the-fly’ when needed, you can make the location a user option at checkout! This means that a Client or Customer could choose to have a Dedicated Cloud Server in any available DigitalOcean Data centre, anywhere in the world. It would then be deployed automatically, without you having to have previously had a Droplet at that location.

ServerPilot Module

The ServerPilot module, allows you to manage Servers connected to ServerPilot. You can manually add ‘Apps’ (WordPress Websites) to connected servers, or use Easy Digital Downloads to sell ‘Shared’ WordPress hosting using already connected servers, or Dedicated Cloud Servers with WordPress installed using ‘Templates’. You can now create ‘Templates’ where the Server location can be selected by the customer at checkout, as explained above in the DigitalOcean Module.

But by combining DigitalOcean with ServerPilot, the Customer also gets a fully functional WordPress Website! ServerPilot is a very powerful service that manages any Cloud Servers that you to connect to it. Connect a Cloud Server using the DigitalOcean Module, and ServerPilot will then install WordPress as an ‘App’ on the connected server. It handles installation, server admin, and updates, etc.

This is all made possible because both built-in modules can work together to build and connect Servers as necessary, and then install WordPress! You no longer need to open multiple dashboards to control your hosting!

The latest release of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin includes some powerful new features.

Manually add an ‘App’ to a Server from inside the WordPress User Interface. This allows you to select a connected Server, choose the PHP version, and add details for the new WordPress website, then clicking ‘Create App’ will go away build the Website. It just takes a few minutes!

ServerPilot AutoSSL combined with an SSL Queue. Often Web Hosting needs to be set-up before the Domain DNS settings can be updated resulting in follow up work that needs doing manually. The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin now queues any Websites where the AutoSSL fails due to DNS problems. It then retries twice a day until successful giving you or your Client time to update their DNS settings. Once successful it deletes the Website from the SSL Queue! The SSL status is available in the ‘App’ information table.

Public SSH Keys. The most convenient way to log-in to a Server over SSH is to set-up an SSH Key and install your Public key on the server. The ‘Settings’ now includes a page where you can enter and save an public SSH Key. This will then be installed on to all new ServerPilot Servers.

The status of each Module as well as details of Servers, Apps, and Websites, are all available through your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Modules can be deactivated through the Dashboard. If you just want to use the ‘DigitalOcean’ Module then simply disable the ‘ServerPilot’ Module and all options and services will be hidden. Change your mind, then simply re-enable the Module!

Sell Hosting Plans with Easy Digital Downloads

If you want to sell Hosting Plans to your Customers or Clients, as described above, then you can install the ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin. Meta boxes added to the Download page allow you to select a ‘Module’, a ‘Server’ or ‘Template’, to create powerful Hosting Plans.

When a Customer purchases a Hosting Plan their WordPress website will be automatically created, they receive welcome emails, and you get notified via Admin Notices, in your WordPress Admin Dashboard, that a new website has been created. Future updates will give you the ability to sell digital downloads and include WordPress Hosting with the theme or plugin already installed and activated!


  • All Module Information
  • DigitalOcean API Settings
  • DigitalOcean Add Server
  • ServerPilot Installed App Information
  • ServerPilot Debug view
  • Easy Digital Downloads Hosting Plan Meta Boxes


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow our user instructions
  4. Start providing website hosting services to your clients!


What is ‘WP Cloud Server’?

‘WP Cloud Server’ is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create and manage Cloud Servers, with WordPress installed, from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard. It uses ServerPilot and DigitalOcean to manage servers and the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell WordPress Hosting Plans.

Where can I find Support Documentation?

Please visit the DesignedforPixels website for in-depth Support Documentation. If you need more in-depth Support then you can contact us through our Website, send us an email, or even join us on Social Media.

We are always happy to help, and will respond to any problems as quickly as possible – even if we need to update the plugin!

Is WP Cloud Server FREE to use?

The standard version of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is available through the WordPress plugin repository, and is completely FREE to use. Please note though that the plugin requires that you have external accounts with DigitalOcean and ServerPilot, whose services incur a monthly charge!

Are you affiliated with ServerPilot or DigitalOcean?

No. We are a totally independent WordPress Solutions Specialist that has had the pleasure of using both services for many years to create and manage WordPress Websites. We have no connection with the ServerPilot or DigitalOcean teams, although we do have the upmost respect for what they produce!

Future Roadmap?

We will be providing frequent updates to the plugin to provide more advanced features. The list below are features that will be appearing in the next couple of releases!

  • Public SSH Keys for use with DigitalOcean Droplets.
  • Additional short codes for use on the frontend.
  • Add AutoSSL functionality to standalone DigitalOcean Cloud Servers.
  • Add a Cloud-Init Scripts to DigitalOcean Cloud Servers.

Note: The exact features in each release are subject to change at any time!

Will you be providing Add-on Modules?

Yes. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a number of Add-on Modules that will extend the services that can be used by the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. Modules currently in development or testing include;

  • WordPress Multisite
  • Slack
  • SendGrid
  • StatusCake
  • Vultr Cloud Servers
  • DNSimple
  • Blesta Hosting Platform

This is just a selection of the modules that are nearing availability. We have ideas for many more!

Get early access to these and all future modules as they are released, and lock in the offer price for the life of your account! Please visit our website for details of our launch offer

Contributors & Developers

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Change log


  • Updated readme.txt.
  • Numerous bug fixes and general tidying up.
  • Fixed problems with activating/deactivating modules.
  • Split ‘Server’ and ‘Templates’ into separate pages.
  • ServerPilot Module updated to allow creation of ‘Apps’ manually.
  • Public SSH Key capability added to the ServerPilot Module.
  • Added ‘SSL Queue’ to ServerPilot Module to wait for correct DNS configuration.
  • Added ‘Client Info’ short-code.
  • DigitalOcean Module updated to autodetect disabled data centres.
  • Easy Digital Downloads plugin now only required to sell Hosting Plans.
  • Added the ability for ‘Templates’ to offer ‘Server Location’ as a user-option at Checkout.


  • Updated readme.txt
  • Fixed problem with create droplet button in on-boarding dashboard


  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated DigitalOcean Module User Meta Script
  • Fixed TGM Plugin Activation minor bug causing error message


  • First release