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Expertrec’s WordPress search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search and adds autocomplete, spell correct, PDF search, and image search to your WordPress site. It also adds a completely free voice search capability to your site. For more information visit Expertrec.com

This custom search plugin is highly customizable and lightning fast. It also adds filters and search results pages for a better search experience to your visitors. You can also search multiple webistes (your own subdomains and/or other domains) from the same search bar.

You can build and configure your own WordPress search user interface with no coding. Please note that this is a paid plugin (plans begin at 9$ per month) and that you may try out a free demo for a duration of 14 days. However, you can continue using the voice search feature for free even after the trial period.


  • Super fast.
  • Free voice search.
  • Image search.
  • PDF search.
  • Relevant and better search results
  • No Ads.
  • Search Filters and Facets.
  • Custom Search engine rules.
  • Synonyms.
  • Full control over the UI (no coding required).
  • Quick and easy configuration.
  • Fast typeahead autocomplete search suggestions.
  • Advanced word matching and typo correction.
  • Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better.
  • Highlighting Search term.
  • Responsive – works across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, android app).
  • Search all subdomains
  • Search multiple websites

ExpertRec helps create beautiful search experiences for WordPress sites. To take our search engine live, you can follow the instructions in this article: How to install expertrec’s WordPress search plugin



  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘WP Fastest Site Search
  3. Click ‘Install Now
  4. Activate’ the plugin on the Plugin dashboard
  5. In your left panel you will be able to see ‘Site Search’, click on that.
  6. Get your ‘Site ID from your ExpertRec control panel
    • go to this link.
    • Enter your WordPress website URL and click on next.
    • Wait for the crawl of your WordPress site to complete.
    • copy Site ID/API KEY from here
  7. Paste your Site ID in your WordPress control panel and click on save changes.
  8. That’s it! Your brand new WordPress search is up and running.
  9. Upgrade to a paid plan within 14 days for uninterrupted services from here.
  10. For detailed installation instructions, check this article.

Price beings at 9 USD per month. For complete pricing details click here. Voice search is free to use.


Knowledge Base

You can find solutions and answers at the ExpertRec Knowledge Base.

What is my Site ID?

A common mistake is to think that your Site ID is the same as your email ID or web URL. Site ID is a unique identifier that you get when you make an account with ExpertRec. This ID is used to identify and power your search. You can get your site id here.

Why is the search bar not appearing?

  1. Have you activated the Site Search plugin?
  2. Is your site ID correct? Get site ID here.
  3. Are you on a custom theme? Some themes may not have a search by default or may interfere with the plugin. In this case you may have to add code manually from here.
  4. Contact Support

Does the search bar support live search / ajax search?

Yes, the ExpertRec site search plugin is a live search plugin and it will support AJAX search.

Do I need an account to make a Custom Search Engine

Yes, you will need to sign up with ExpertRec to get your Site ID. Once you have this, you will be able to add the custom search engine to your website.

Can I use this on my Woocommerce store?

Yes, ExpertRec site search does support Woocommerce search. The steps for installation are exactly the same. The search bar will intelligently detect Woocommerce and make the neccessary changes to get a better search experience suited to eCommerce.

Does it support voice search?

Voice search is supported by the ExpertRec site search widget on Chrome browser. Support for Firefox is in beta and can be made available on request.

Is voice search free to use?

Voice search is entirely free to use. During the 14-day free trial you can test out the full capability of the search engine. After that, you can continue using the voice search along with the default WordPress search. It is recommended that you take a paid plan for getting maximum performance.

Can I search multiple websites or multiple subdomains using this plugin?

Yes, you can do both. Using this plugin your search bar will give results from both your main domain and all subdomains. You can also selectively choose which of your subdomains should be included in the search results. If you wish to search a completely separate domain, then this can also be done by adding the new domain to the list of URLs to crawl.

Is there any addtional charges for searching multiple URLs?

No, all charges are based on the total number of pages in the search index. There is no limit on the number of domains that you can add.


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