WP Ultimate Recipe


We released a new recipe plugin called WP Recipe Maker that we HIGHLY recommend you to look into instead. Our old plugin is still supported but for new features we’ll be focussing on WP Recipe Maker for these reasons.

WP Ultimate Recipe is a user friendly plugin for adding recipes to any of your posts and pages. Want to see it all in action? Take a look at our demo website and video lessons.

Your visitors will love WP Ultimate Recipe. They will be able to adjust the servings, print the recipe, find other recipes using a specific ingredient, share your recipe, … Try it out today and you’ll never want another recipe plugin again!

An overview of the WP Ultimate Recipe features:

  • Use shortcodes or the “Insert Recipe” button to add multiple recipes to any of your posts and pages.
  • Compatible with both the Gutenberg and Classic Editor.
  • Ingredients, course types, cuisines and ratings are all taxonomies related to your recipe. This means that you can display these in a nice tag cloud widget.
  • Add photos to any step of the recipe.
  • Insert or embed a recipe video that’s included in the metadata
  • Easily change the recipe colors from the settings
  • Just click the printer icon to print an image-less version of the recipe.
  • This plugin is fully responsive. That means that your recipes will look good on any device.
  • Uses schema.org/Recipe JSON-LD metadata optimised for Google Recipe search.
  • Enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your recipes.
  • Compatible with Google AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Easily translatable, already available in English, Dutch, Swedish and many others
  • Let visitors adjust the ingredient quantities for more or less servings
  • Add a recipe index to any post or page
  • Structure your ingredients and instructions in groups (e.g. icing and cake batter)
  • Visitors can share your recipes
  • Full text search for your recipes
  • Integration with BigOven, Food Fanatic and Chicory possible

We also have a WP Ultimate Recipe Premium version which offers the following features:

  • Create your own unique recipe template with the Template Editor
  • Automatically retrieve Nutritional Information for your recipes
  • Add your own custom fields to your recipes
  • Let your users submit recipes
  • Full fledged meal planner with shopping list
  • User menus with a shopping list generator
  • Have your visitors save their Favorite Recipes
  • Create custom tags for your recipes
  • Advanced recipe index features
  • Nice recipe grid to show and filter your recipes
  • Import EasyRecipe and EasyRecipe Plus recipes
  • Import ReciPress recipes
  • Import Ziplist recipes
  • Import FDX recipes (Living Cookbook, …)
  • Import from and to XML
  • Custom ingredient and tag links (great for affiliate marketing)
  • Let your users rate your recipes
  • Advanced usage of WP categories and tags
  • Dynamically switch between Imperial and Metric units
  • A selection of Premium Widgets
  • More share buttons available

Feel free to contact us if any features are missing.
You can find more information at WPUltimateRecipe.com


  • Example recipe for Pasta Pesto. Get an overview of all its features at WPUltimateRecipe.com
  • Example admin page for the Pasto Pesto recipe.
  • Recipes are added as a custom post type to your WordPress backend and can be handled just like normal posts. Your recipes can be categorized and tagged however you want it.
  • WP Ultimate Recipe comes with an extensive settings page to adjust everything to your liking. But the plugin works great out of the box as well.
  • The WP Ultimate Recipe shortcode editor can be used to easily add recipes and other functionality to posts or pages. Just click on the Chef's Hat icon.
  • The shortcode editor is easy to use and will automatically generate the correct shortcode for the recipe you want.
  • Add a nice Recipe Index to any page or post with a simple shortcode.
  • Recipe ingredients (and cuisines, courses, ...) are custom taxonomies and can therefore be used in lots of different widgets, like the Tag Cloud widget you see here.
  • Clicking on the Print Button will allow your visitors to print the recipe in a paper-friendly format without any layout or photos.
  • WP Ultimate Recipe automatically formats your data so it can be picked up by Google Recipe Search and others. Great for SEO!


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WPURP Recipe


  1. Upload the wp-ultimate-recipe directory (directory included) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add recipes using the menu on the left


How does feature X work?

Check out our WP Ultimate Recipe demo website for an overview of all the free and premium features. If you want to see it all in action, take a look at our video lessons.

Do you offer any support?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering awesome support and almost always answer support questions within 24 hours. Send us an email at support@wpultimaterecipe.com whenever you have a question or suggestion!

What is WP Ultimate Recipe Premium?

WP Ultimate Recipe Premium is a paid add-on to the free WP Ultimate Recipe plugin (this one!). You can get started with the free plugin and switch to the Premium version whenever you’re ready without losing any data. Or just keep using the free version forever if you don’t need the advanced features. We will always keep the free version around.

Where can I find more information?



Pointless free version

- In 2019, who uses inline styling for CSS? So there is no tweaking possible with CSS. Granted, you can disable inline styling but then there is zero css in use and it just looks bad and would have to style the whole thing from the start which artificially forces a purchase of the paid version, unless i am missing something here? - Each and every ingredient pointlessly links back to the same page and therefore provides a poor user experience. The only option is the no follow button premium option, again artificially forcing the premium version. - I am frustrated at my time lost setting this all up to then be faced with these features that basically make the free version unusable. It needs a way to remove inline styling without obliterating the formatting and the link for each individual ingredient needs to be removed too. As it is the free version is little more than a teaser. I appreciate you are not a charity but with all of the additional features the premium version offers there would have been a fair chance my client would have opted to purchase it eventually anyway, as it stands we will be forced to look at alternatives.

Buggy Plugin

Buggy plugin, Cannot insert recipe not working while in 'Text Mode' Editor, only works when switched to 'Visual Mode'. conflicts with wp-print while activated ( 404 Error )

Amazing plugin and support

I used this on a lot of client websites. They all love it and it has brought them so many new subscribers and members. Great functionality. A must have for fitness coaches out there.
Read all 71 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WP Ultimate Recipe” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Change log


  • Fix: JavaScript error when using minified assets


  • Improvement: Add delay before opening print dialog
  • Fix: Print var in URL on non-recipe pages
  • Fix: PHP 7.3 compatibility problem with servings changer


  • Fix: Select2 compatibility problem with ACF
  • Fix: Yoast compatibility problem


  • Feature: Recipe block for Gutenberg editor


  • Fix: Recipe notes not saving when using visual editor in 5.0


  • Fix: Taxonomies in Gutenberg


  • Feature: Use Gutenberg editor for the recipe post type
  • Feature: Use embed code for the recipe video
  • Improvement: Include all courses and cuisines in the metadata
  • Improvement: Force JSON-LD for recipe metadata
  • Improvement: WordPress 5.0 Compatibility
  • Fix: WPML Compatibility for random and latest recipe shortcode
  • Fix: Unable to edit keywords on Custom Tags page


  • Disable Gutenberg for the recipe post type for now


  • Feature: Upload recipe video to be used in metadata
  • Improvement: Prevent issues with FontAwesome icons using wrong font
  • Fix: Double saving problem caused by searchable shortcode
  • Fix: Recipe not getting saved if title and content are empty


  • Fix: Blank screen when printing


  • Feature: New keywords tag for Google recipe metadata
  • Improvement: Privacy policy suggestions
  • Improvement: Include JS files instead of using external CDN


  • Improvement: WooCommerce Memberships compatibility
  • Fix: Empty recipe cache (shortcode, meal planner, nutrition facts)


  • Feature: Add recipe metadata to AMP pages
  • Improvement: Site icon on print page


  • Feature: Searchable recipe tags and categories
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Memberships compatibility
  • Fix: PHP 7.2 deprecated function
  • Fix: 404 error when using comment pagination


  • Feature: Adjustable servings in instructions with a shortcode
  • Feature: Setting to opt out of Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Feature: Show taxonomies on recipes admin overview
  • Improvement: Plugin header for translations
  • Improvement: Hide recipe snippets in print version
  • Fix: Mailpoet compatibility problem


  • Feature: AdThrive partner integration
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • Fix: URL to Premium plugin on settings page


  • Feature: Jump to Recipe shortcode
  • Feature: Print Recipe shortcode
  • Improvement: Classes for ingredient and instruction group containers
  • Improvement: Better metadata for recipe times
  • Fix: Prevent Select2 compatibility problems


  • Fix: Problem with the recipe cache after a certain number of recipes


  • Feature: Show most recent recipe with shortcode
  • Improvement: Better performance for displaying random recipe with shortcode
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.7.1 compatibility


  • Feature: Upcoming giveaway surprise


  • Fix: Prevent caching issues in some environments


  • Improvement: Performance boost by not autoloading some options and templates
  • Improvement: Significantly reduced cache size
  • Improvement: Change default to use JSON-LD and Inline Metadata
  • Improvement: Prevent recipe template max-width issues in Firefox
  • Fix: Use AMP template when recipe is included with shortcode


  • Feature: Revisions for recipes
  • Improvement: Support for unicode fraction characters
  • Improvement: Better default RSS Feed template
  • Improvement: Don’t add JSON-LD metadata to RSS feed
  • Fix: Remove HTML and shortcodes from JSON-LD metadata
  • Fix: AJAX https issue with some hosts


  • Feature: Mediavine partner integration
  • Fix: Paragraph issue in print template


  • Feature: Use both JSON-LD and inline metadata at the same time
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.6 compatibility
  • Improvement: Immediately adjust print link on servings change
  • Improvement: Apply content filter on recipe print page
  • Improvement: Immediately adjust print link on servings change
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice when grid plugin is not activated
  • Fix: Issue with resetting cache if it doesn’t exist yet
  • Fix: Prevent template issue with themes using a custom wpautop
  • Fix: Prevent PHP 7 deprecation notices caused by Vafpress
  • Fix: unwanted span elements when using the plain text import highlighter
  • Fix: Issue with quotes in ingredient metadata
  • Fix: Compatibility with latest AMP plugin version
  • Fix: use ratingCount instead of reviewCount for JSON-LD metadata
  • Fix: Issues with HTML entities in the recipe description


  • Feature: Ability to switch between JSON-LD and Inline metadata
  • Improvement: Use secure https for Google Fonts
  • Fix: Issue with decimal character in print template
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice when server_port is not set


  • Feature: Use JSON-LD for recipe metadata
  • Feature: Support for Google AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Improvement: Noindex for recipe print page
  • Improvement: Better check for using prep and cook time metadata
  • Improvement: add min=”1″ attribute to servings changer
  • Improvement: Change decimal character in settings
  • Improvement: Plugin hooks for recipe index shortcode
  • Improvement: Divi Builder compatibility for recipes
  • Improvement: Add fix for Genesis query bug
  • Fix: Sanitize slug for custom taxonomies
  • Fix: Prevent metadata issue when using Jetpack Photon
  • Fix: Prevent conflicts with modals and select2


  • Improvement: Show all recipes in cached list
  • Fix: Printing for those who removed the recipe slug


  • Fix: Problem with older PHP versions


  • Feature: New free recipe template
  • Feature: Change template colors in the free version
  • Feature: Import Recipe from Plain Text
  • Feature: New free Print Template with Image
  • Improvement: Better way of handling new print feature
  • Improvement: Use fractions in recipe servings
  • Improvement: Don’t load any assets in minimal mode
  • Improvement: Plugin hooks for assets to load
  • Improvement: WPML Compatibility
  • Improvement: Various performance improvements for users with a large number of recipes
  • Fix: Prevent the “Changes will be lost” message caused by the searchable recipes feature


  • Fix: Include URL in Pinterest button


  • Improvement: Ability to reset author star rating
  • Fix: Pinterest button problem


  • Improvement: Setting to use the legacy print feature if you’re experiencing issues
  • Fix: No metadata for author rating, Google doesn’t like this anymore


  • Feature: Clean print links for recipes
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress REST API
  • Improvement: use better thumbnails for instruction images
  • Fix: Shortcode editor lightbox problem with some themes


  • Fix: Problem with minified assets


  • Feature: Ability to define an alternate image for the recipe instead of the default featured image
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Setting: Choose alt tag for recipe and instruction images
  • Setting: Ingredient quantities precision after changing servings
  • Fix: Shortcode lightbox problem with some themes


  • Improvement: Retina version of Pin It button
  • Improvement: Support for Genesis Simple Sidebars
  • Setting: Ignore Recipe IDs for compatibility with content copy plugins
  • Setting: Disable autocomplete for ingredients
  • Setting: Use hyphens for ranges in quantities
  • Fix: Printed ingredient quantities when using decimals in your serving size
  • Fix: Make sure Chicory code is not loaded by default
  • Fix: Recipe image metadata
  • Fix: Embedded media at the end of a recipe post not working
  • Fix: Problem with wrong servings in print version after changing


  • Feature: Yummly partner integration, enable the Yum button in the settings
  • Feature: Tooltip for Print button
  • Improvement: Better metadata for the Recipe Image
  • Improvement: Better way of handling the searchable content
  • Improvement: Output cook and prep time meta when using hours
  • Improvement: New Food Fanatic button
  • Fix: Excerpts on archive pages when there is no post content
  • Fix: Don’t output link color when “Output Inline CSS” is disabled
  • Fix: Shortcode Editor not working properly in some themes
  • Fix: Serve Pinterest button image statically to prevent HTTPS issues


  • Fix: for the previous fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Fix: for the previous fix


  • Fix: Better way of handling the full text search


  • Feature: Full text search for recipes
  • Feature: New partner integration with Chicory
  • Setting: What to use for the recipe image title tag
  • Fix: Password Protection now hides the recipe box as well
  • Fix: Yandex resultPhoto metadata
  • Fix: Usage of Ratings taxonomy


  • Improvement: Plugin works in different directory names
  • Fix: Shortcode Editor button in text editor
  • Fix: Recipe Template compatibility with Twenty Fifteen theme


  • Improvement: Setting to choose the source for the instruction images title tag


  • Feature: Advanced ability to use plugin in minimal mode on certain pages
  • Improvement: Better thumbnails for instruction images
  • Improvement: Possibility to add Yandex resultPhoto meta field
  • Improvement: Memory use of recipe templates
  • Fix: Load Google Fonts over https when necessary


  • Improvement: Better handling of fractions in ingredient quantities
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Term Management Tool
  • Fix: Better schema.org compliance for metadata


  • Feature: BigOven integration
  • Feature: Food Fanatic integration
  • Feature: Support for YARPP
  • Fix: JS error when using the minified assets
  • Fix: PHP Warning on first time activation
  • Fix: White screen on first time activation
  • Fix: Template compatibility with new Twenty Fifteen theme


  • Fix: Problem with template conditions


  • Feature: Ability to chat with us from your Settings or FAQ page
  • Fix: Issue in minified JS file causing problems on some websites


  • Fix: Problem with adjustable servings
  • Fix: Use of non-gzipped minified assets to avoid PHP problems


  • Fix: Bug in minified JS file


  • Feature: Minified JS and CSS assets for improved page load speed
  • Improvement: Better page load speed when using the Custom CSS setting
  • Improvement: New default recipe and print template optimised for RTL languages
  • Improvement: Ability to change sharing buttons language in the settings
  • Improvement: Setting to disable the Recipe Archive page
  • Fix: Issue when using decimal values as the serving size


  • Feature: Compatibility with the Subscribe2 plugin
  • Feature: Compatibility with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin
  • Fix: Recipe Title will take over Post Title when intentionally left blank
  • Fix: Memory issue for shortcode editor when having a large amount of recipes
  • Fix: Improved CPU load should increase site speed


  • Improvement: Serving size doesn’t need to be a number anymore (but still recommended!)
  • Fix: Recipe images alt tag problem
  • Fix: Compatibility problem with some front-end templating tools


  • Feature: New FAQ page with Getting Started information
  • Feature: WPML Configuration file for multilingual support
  • Setting: Output recipes in RSS Feed
  • Improvement: Use alt and title tags as defined by user for instruction and recipe images
  • Improvement: New icon for Shortcode Editor and settings
  • Fix: Issue with saving settings
  • Fix: Recipe Notes styling of hr tag and image alignment
  • Fix: Ability to use strong and italic text in instructions again
  • Fix: Apply shortcodes in print template
  • Fix: Problem with buttons in settings after changing websites


  • Improvement: Show recipe rating in metadata
  • Fix: Title tag for recipe instruction images


  • Fix: All dashes are now treated as ranges for calculations
  • Fix: Recipe box for multipage posts
  • Fix: Recipe_title metadata problem in some cases
  • Fix: Recipe excerpt on archive pages
  • Fix: Correct WPML language when using ajax calls
  • Fix: WPML adjacent posts fix
  • Fix: Instruction images lightbox link
  • Fix: Only hide thumbnails in the loop to not mess with widgets


  • Fixed CSS and JS problem on settings page for some users
  • Fixed recipe metadata
  • New hook: wpurp_query_posts_loop_check
  • New hook: wpurp_recipe_content_loop_check


  • Fixed ‘Force CSS Style’ setting for link colors
  • Include translations in external folder if present
  • New RSS feed template
  • Tested WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • New hook: wpurp_check_for_shortcode


  • Translation updates
  • Fix for recipe thumbnail resizing in some themes
  • Fixed metadata
  • Sharing buttons overflow fix
  • Updated VafPress to latest version
  • Improved Recipe Notes styling
  • RTL support on recipe print page
  • New hook: wpurp_query_posts


  • CSS table fix


  • Fixed settings page bug


  • Fixed problems with print version
  • Added multiple plugin hooks
  • Keep fractions after changing serving size


  • Fix for RTL languages


  • Translation fix
  • Recipe Index fix for non-latin letters


  • Language updates
  • Default template will be more consistent in different themes
  • Completely restructured code of the core plugin allows for easier modifications and faster development
  • Clarifications for the correct way of entering ingredients
  • Demo Recipe included to show the correct way of entering recipes
  • Added setting to add Recipe Shortcode Editor to other custom post types
  • Possibility to adjust the mobile breakpoint, based on recipe box width
  • Advanced setting to remove the recipe slug in URLs


  • WordPress 3.9 compatibility (just increased the version number, everthing was already compatible)
  • Language updates
  • Plugin now supports custom fields and publicize shortlinks
  • Fix: Recipes respect the tag now


  • Ability to add custom CSS from the recipe settings
  • Premium: Customize the print template (add your own logo!)
  • Premium: Import plain text recipes (beta version)
  • Premium: Ability to reset User Ratings
  • Premium: Ability to define minimum # votes before sharing the user rating with search engines


  • A couple of bugfixes and added settings


  • Free text field for the recipe times. Not limited to minutes anymore
  • Premium: Extended shortcode options for the Recipe Grid
  • Fix: Media queries
  • Fix: Premium unit conversion works better


  • Recipes now support Jetpack Publicize feature
  • Added French translations
  • Premium: Advanced Unit Conversion settings, many improvements
  • Premium: Redesigned User Menus feature: dynamically change serving size per ingredient, group ingredients, change unit system, …
  • Premium: Only show tags and categories that actually have recipes in the Recipe Grid


  • Fix: Schema.org/Recipe format: added author and fixed whitespaces
  • Fix: Share buttons layout
  • Fix: Migration error
  • Fix: Recipe Notes newlines
  • Premium: Multiselect for recipe grid


  • Fix: Recipe notes newlines work now
  • Fix: AutoSuggest ingredient should hide now
  • Fix: Recipes as posts integration fixes
  • Premium: Convert between Imperial and Metric units
  • Premium: List all recipes by author


  • Recipes as posts fix


  • Various bug fixes


  • Bug fix related to recipes as posts


  • Bug fix for those who disabled recipe sharing


  • Use your recipes just like normal posts
  • Contact support directly from the admin page
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Structure your ingredients and instructions in groups
  • Make your images clickable (use it in combination with a lightbox plugin!)
  • Disable ingredient links
  • Shareable recipes (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Pinterest)


  • Use default WP categories and tags to organize your recipes
  • Added “Passive Time”


  • New admin settings page
  • New shortcode generator when editing posts or pages
  • Various bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility


  • Bug Fixes for Premium version


  • CSS Fixes
  • Thumbnail fixes
  • Recipe display fixes


  • Bugfixes
  • Translatable slugs
  • Fixed print button in Chrome


  • Added recipe notes field
  • Fixed default terms
  • Random recipe shortcode: [ultimate-recipe id=random]


  • Fixes display issue


  • Getting everything ready for the premium version


  • Fixed problems with localization, should work with Codestyling Localization now


  • New instruction images uploader for anyone with WP 3.5 or higher (highly recommended)


  • Fixed printing for IE


  • Fixed print button for recipes that are loaded through ajax


  • New setting allows you to show the full recipe in the archives instead of the excerpt


  • Added ultimate-recipe-index shortcode for showing (wait for it…) a recipe index


  • Had to change version because of technical SVN problem


  • Adjustable recipe servings
  • Fixed bug with instruction photos


  • Fixed css bug
  • Upcoming update will add new features


  • CSS fixes for better compatibility with more themes


  • Possible to enter fractions (or actually just anything) as amounts


  • CSS fixes to ensure compatibility with more themes
  • Fixed image source that pointed to an external source


  • Very first version of this plugin