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A savvy WordPress plugin empowering businesses, creators, and go-getters to sell Shopify products on any WordPress site.

Display a single buy button or a whole list of products with ease. WP Shopify turns your WordPress site into a powerful eCommerce tool. No need to worry about the checkout or cart experience! WP Shopify creates these for you out of the box with no setup needed. Simple and quick eCommerce.


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WP Shopify Pro

WP Shopify is also available in a Pro version which includes additional shortcodes, PHP Templates, Gutenberg Blocks, Dedicated Live Support, and much more! Take your eCommerce store to the next level today. Learn more




From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for WP Shopify
  3. Activate WP Shopify from your Plugins page
  4. Create a Shopify private app. More info here
  5. Back in WordPress, click on the menu item WP Shopify and begin syncing your Shopify store to WordPress.
  6. We’ve created a guide if you need help during the syncing process


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How does this work?

You can think of WordPress as the frontend and Shopify as the backend. You manage your eCommerce store (add products, change prices, etc) from within Shopify and those changes sync into WordPress. WP Shopify also allows you to sell your products and is bundled with a cart experience using the Shopify Buy Button SDK.

After installing the plugin you connect your Shopify store to WordPress by filling in your Shopify API keys. After syncing, you can display / sell your products in various ways such as:

  1. Using the default pages “yoursite.com/products” and “yoursite.com/collections“
  2. Shortcodes [wps_products] and [wps_collections]

We also save your Shopify products as Custom Post Types enabling you to harness the native power of WordPress.

Doesn’t Shopify already have a WordPress plugin?

Technically yes but it has been discontinued.

Shopify has instead moved attention to their Buy Button which is an open-source library that allows you to embed products with snippets of HTML and JavaScript. The main drawback to this is that Shopify uses iFrames for the embeds which limit the ability for layout customizations.

WP Shopify instead uses a combination of the Buy Button and Shopify API to create an iFrame-free experience. This gives allows you to sync Shopify data directly into WordPress. We also save the products and collections as Custom Post Types which unlocks the native power of WordPress.

Is this SEO friendly?

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we’ve conformed to all the SEO best practices including semantic alt text, Structured Data, and indexable content.

Does this work with third party Shopify apps?

Unfortunately no. We rely on the main Shopify API which doesn’t expose third-party app data. However the functionality found in many of the Shopify apps can be reproduced by other WordPress plugins.

How do I display my products?

Documentation on how to display your products can be found here.

How does the checkout process work?

WP Shopify does not handle any portion of the checkout process. When a customer clicks the checkout button within the cart, they’re redirected to the default Shopify checkout page to finish the process. The checkout page is opened in a new tab.

More information on the Shopify checkout process can be found here.

Does this work with Shopify’s Lite plan?

Absolutely! In fact this is our recommendation if you intend to only sell on WordPress. More information on Shopify’s Lite plan


11 May 2021
I am using wpshopify plugin for my client. it has many issues, I have contacted with customer support team 3 times but did not get any response for months. It seems they have very poor customer support team.
24 April 2021
Great to start when you have a small range of products. Can be better and i guess it will.
11 March 2021
Our goal was to have our Shopify store on the same domain as our WordPress site for SEO purposes. Our web developer suggested we use this app as on paper it looked good. Unfortunately, the app does not work as it should, the product/collection sync would never finish syncing, always get stuck on about 90% and the collection descriptions would not sync over to WP. Also, every time we would sync from Shopify to WordPress the app would duplicate all the products and collections again in WP, so we ended up with 10-20 of the same product/collection which was very confusing and ended up causing listing errors and wasted time in trying to fix. After one manual sync, every product on our store ended up linking/redirecting to the same product. Our web developer ended up having to restore our website (our website was down for hours) and resulted in lost sales and dollars. We paid extra for the "Pro" version with dedicated support through the private slack channel - what a joke - the link for the slack channel goes nowhere and the only way to get in touch with support is through the WP forums. Our web developer emailed the app creator with no reply, and posted a couple of posts on the forums to try and reach support. One post was replied to after days of waiting and the other post about how to access the the dedicated support “private slack channel” has still not been replied to from 7 weeks ago. It became apparent to us that WP Shopify is a one-man band and unfortunately Andrew (the app creator) offers his Pro customers poor support. Over 6 weeks ago we informed by Andrew a patch would be released within a couple of days to fix the issues we were experiencing – the patch was not released within a couple of days or weeks, and to the best of our knowledge, has still not been released. We were left with a crippled e-commerce site and couldn't make any updates for months as we waited for the patch to be released. We made an executive decision to not rely on this hopeless app/support any longer. We removed WP Shopify and setup our Shopify store on a separate domain - which is much more stable and causing us no more unneeded headaches. Do not waste your time and money with this app.
22 February 2021
Wow! I was about to create ads for my travel sites that would bring visitors to my Shopify site and then thought, hmmm, I wonder if anyone has a plugin to create a store on my WordPress site. Sure enough, here it is. It looks so good on my three travel sites that get much more traffic than my new shop. Yay! And support was quick and helpful. And this is with the free plan! I am going to review the premium plan to see if I should upgrade asap.
21 January 2021
I want to thank WPShopify for the excellent support, had a responsive problem on the single product page, they helped twice with custom css and the second try worked, mucho gracias! Carlo
17 December 2020
Moving from a Shopify only site to a WordPress site on which I wanted to integrate products from our Shopify store, I downloaded the Pro version. Set-up was clear and the performance is remarkably quick. I had special needs and got in touch with Andrew the developer. His guidance and support were great and he even finalized the code for me. I'm extremely happy with the plugin's flexibility and even more with the support. Highly recommend it.
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Change Log

Full changelog can be found here


  • Fixed: Bug which caused plugin to only fetch 50 variants or less
  • Fixed: Product thumbnails overlap on mobile
  • Fixed: Removed grey background color on product thumbnails
  • Fixed: Conflict with global wpshopify variable if already exists
  • Fixed: Sync by collections list is now ordered alphabetically
  • Fixed: Missing placeholder product image
  • Fixed: Bug in maybe_get_product_ids() function causing non-indexed array
  • Fixed: Bug causing missing post ids for synced collections
  • Fixed: Radio button styling inside Admin pages
  • Fixed: Removed product thumbnails flicker
  • Fixed: Missing border on variant dropdowns
  • Improved: The plugin will no longer load over 291.8 kB worth of unused JavaScript
  • Improved: You can now decide whether or not to show out of stock variants to the user
  • Improved: Product image and title will now link when set to Modal
  • Improved: Product and Collection posts now use Shopify published date for post_date field
  • Improved: Added Editor to list of user roles that can talk to the WP Shopify API
  • Improved: UX when certain variants are out of stock
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript filter: after.product.thumbnail
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript action: add.checkout.lineItems
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript action: remove.checkout.lineItems
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript filter: default.image.placeholder
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript filter: products.showOutOfStockVariants
  • Dev: Added new PHP filter: wpshopify_flush_permalinks_after_sync


  • Fixed: Bug in collection single page: Argument 'sortKey' on Field 'products' has an invalid value
  • Fixed: Bug causing product thumbnails to flicker during mouseover
  • Dev: Added WordPress 5.6.2 support


  • Fixed: Bug causing add to cart button to break when using maxQuantity
  • Fixed: Bug causing body to scroll when product modal is open


  • Feature: Product details modal (pro only)
  • Fixed: Bug causing Storefront page size selection to fail
  • Fixed: Bug causing nested sortKey in search component
  • Fixed: Bug causing cart.lineItems.maxQuantity to fail when clicking add to cart button continuously
  • Fixed: The “Load cart” plugin setting now works again
  • Fixed: Bug when encoding product handle
  • Updated: Added product thumbnail hover effect
  • Dev: Added new JS Action: after.variants.selection
  • Dev: Added new JS Filter: product.modal.settings


  • Fixed: Bug causing 404 pages when full URLs are incorrectly set
  • Updated: Temporarily removed visual builder references


  • Fixed: Bug in onboarding wizard causing final step to fail