WordPress London Meetup #wpldn – 25 May 2017

The #WomenInTech are taking the lead at this months WordPress London Meetup.

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Intro to GlotPress and Translating into British English (en_GB)

In this bite-sized talk, we’ll be going over GlotPress, the plugin used to translate WordPress, exploring what it is and how it can be used for collaborative translation. There will also be a live demonstration of GlotPress, translating a few strings into en_GB (perhaps strings from a plugin/theme developed by an attendee!)

Presented by Annabelle Woodger. Annabelle is a relative newcomer to the WordPress community, but since discovering how welcoming it is, she hasn’t looked back! She originally began translating WordPress into en_GB back in September 2016, quickly demonstrating her abilities and impressing the existing GTE team, becoming a General Translation Editor that same month. A huge language nerd, she is currently learning Japanese (having passed the JLPT N5 in Dec 2016, now working towards N4 for Dec 2017), and reading as much as she can on linguistics and poetry. When not doing language-based activities, you can find her doing photography, being passionate about disability rights, and babbling excitedly about unicorns on Twitter. Follow her @yayannabelle.

Tech support and community management: dealing with the people who use your website.

Communities — from close knit bands of commenters to busy international forums — are fun and engaging but the issues members have with the site and with each other require ongoing attention. In this talk, JJ will discuss the unexpected benefits of hands on tech support, advocate for prioritising interactions with members during the design and development phases and explain her approach to sticky interpersonal situations, including the dark side of empathy and how far to go for the greater good.

Presented by JJ Jay.  JJ got her start in tech support and community management working for Mumsnet and now does those things for brand sites she’s developed for clients. People ask her for advice on how to approach tricky emails more than she ever expected.Follow her @tharsheblows.

Journey from Freelancer to Agency

Who has helped us along the way.  What tools we now use to manage the business.

Presented by Louise Towler. Louise has been building websites for over fifteen years and enjoys helping businesses and organisations make the most of their online web presence and deliver a return on their investment. She started freelancing from her spare room and now runs Indigo Tree with seven employees. Follow her @IndigoTreeSays

Running Order (STC):

18:30 – Arrive for networking and refreshments
19:00 – Opening remarks
19:10 – First speaker – Annabelle Woodger

19:25 – Second speaker – JJ Jay
20:00 – Break
20:15 – Third speaker  – Louise Towler
20:50 – Closing remarks
21:00 – Social

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WordPress London Meetup – May.

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 6:30 PM

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The #WomenInTech are taking the lead at this months WordPress London Meetup.Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.uk  We’re in a new room this month. A130, in the College Building. Access it from the main road, St John Street:—-Intro to GlotPress and Translating into British English (en_GB)In this bite-sized talk, we’ll be going over…

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Getting started

Update 2015-11-09: Note that since this was published four years ago, the technical aspects of translations have changed. Projects in GlotPress do need to be 95+% translated for language packs to be deployed with core, plugins and themes. This post is kept for posterity.

I thought it was time we got started on a “proper” English translation of WordPress so here we are.

The plan for the first version of the translation is to go through GlotPress and remove any translations which don’t change the text and just focus on fixing up the pesky z’s and color’s so that everything is spelt correctly.

en-gb is probably the only translation that will never appear in GlotPress as 100% complete because most of the strings don’t need translation and therefore shouldn’t be translated so I am going through and rejecting any translations which don’t change the string as these will just fill up the translation file unnecessarily and increase the memory usage of WordPress when running the en-gb locale.

If you want to help out then please head over to GlotPress and search for strings which need translating –