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  • Glasgow meetup, November 2018

    For this coming meetup, we will have our first ever Lightning talks by three members of the WordPress Glasgow community. Each talk will last around 10 minutes and there will be plenty of time at the end to ask questions and discuss the topics covered by the talks. TALK #1: “Introduction to the WP_CLI” by…

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  • WordPress London Meetup #wpldn – 30 Nov. 2017

    The final ‘formal’ WordPress London Meetup of 2017.  We’ll be looking at the discovery stage, our favourite plugins & scaling WordPress. Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.uk Winning at Discovery That phase of any project that, if not pinned down and given the attention it needs, can trip us up big time. The Discovery…

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  • WordPress London Meetup #wpldn – 30 March 2017

    If you’ve come away from the excellent WordCamp London this weekend wanting more…then you’re in luck! The team at Beaver Builder have given us a Pro licence for one of the attendees at #wpldn to win this month. Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.uk Plugins Uncovered. We all have our favourite go-to plugins,…

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