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How long will the review process take?

This is in the Developer FAQ. It takes anywhere between 1 and 10 days. We attempt to review all plugins within 5 business days of submission, but the process takes as long as it takes, depending on the complexity of your plugin.

What will my plugin URL be?

Your plugin’s URL will be populated based on the value of Plugin Name in your main plugin file (the one with the plugin headers). If you set yours as Plugin Name: Boaty McBoatface then your URL will be and your slug will be boaty-mcboatface for example. If there is an existing plugin with your name, then you will be boaty-mcboatface-2 and so on. It behaves exactly like WordPress post names.

Once your plugin is approved, it cannot be renamed.

I made a mistake in my plugin name. Should I resubmit?

Please don’t! Instead email and we can rename your plugin as long as it’s not approved. Since we check emails first, the odds are we’ll catch it. If we don’t, just email us and explain the mistake. We’ll explain what to do.

Why was I told my plugin name was unacceptable?

This is explained in detail in our detailed plugin guidelines, but currently we give you the chance to rename it during the review process if the plugin name violates the guidelines. Some terms (like “plugin” and “WordPress”) will be removed for you, as those should not be used at all. We get it; you’re a WordPress Plugin.

Regarding the names and trademarks of other companies and plugins, don’t use them at the start of your plugin name. If you’re not Facebook, you shouldn’t submit a plugin that uses facebook¬†as the first term in your slug. “Facebook Like Sharer” (which would be facebook-like-sharer) is not acceptable, but “Like Sharer for Facebook” (which would be like-sharer-for-facebook) would be alright.

Once submitted, your plugin will be manually reviewed for any common errors as well as ensuring it complies with all the guidelines.

Before you can upload a new plugin, please log in.

Even if you’ve submitted a dozen plugins, take the time to refresh your memory with the following information: